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Name Day Larisa — meaning, dates, fate, character and family

Name Day Larisa — dates, love, fate and character

The ancient Greek name Larissa has several meanings: “seagull”, “sweet”; from Latin, Larissa is translated as “guardian-spirit”. In the world, this name is not very common.

The diminutive form of the name: Lara, Larochka, Lariska, Larka, Larisochka, Larik.

According to the church calendar, Larissa marks the day of the angel on April 8th on the day of the martyress Larisa Gotfskaya.

  • Depending on the time of year of birth, Larisa’s character is different:
  • Winter — Kind, vulnerable, naive, sacrificial.
  • Spring — Unbalanced, domineering, independent, attractive.
  • Summer — Temperamental, self-serving, sociable, intelligent.
  • Autumn — Working, purposeful, secretive, unshakable.

Name Day Larisa - meaning, dates, fate, character and family

Little Larisochka is growing up as a sensitive and compassionate girl, strongly attached to her parents. Strongly worried when parents quarrel. She is happy to help parents with household chores and look after younger siblings.

Among peers trying not to stand out, behaves quietly and modestly. Does not like to lend their toys, things.

She likes to dress and spin in front of the mirror, admiring herself.

In school years, the character of Larisa begins to change in a bold direction. Studying well thanks to its tenacious memory. In high school, her performance will depend on which company Larisa is spinning and what she enjoys.

Here, parents will have to watch her daughter and in time to warn her against possible mistakes, so as not to ruin her life. Larisa poorly endures her own failures, digests them for a long time, closes in from others.

It is necessary to conduct trustful conversations with her, to teach her to treat her own failures more easily.

As an adult, to hide her vulnerability, Larisa becomes cynical and caustic, which repels people from herself. And suspiciousness and anxiety Larissa hides behind a mask of frivolity.

Larisa, if you do not touch her, remains a pleasant person to communicate. Can go on deception and intrigue, to achieve their.

He tries to avoid a noisy society, where she is uncomfortable.

Larisa before her peers begins to crawl and walk, but is prone to frequent whims and nervous breakdowns. In childhood, often sick colds, it is better to give to the sport to strengthen the body.

Parents should watch out for their behavior, because their daughter Larissa often learns from them nervousness and hot temper.

At work, Larissa is famous for her hard work, diligence and meticulousness. Maintains discipline and works on time.

With colleagues maintains a smooth relationship. If Larisa is praised and promoted, then she will produce better results. It will make an excellent teacher, scholar, journalist, writer, translator.

May become a famous actress. Larisa rarely changes her profession.

Due to the demanding attitude of Larisa towards men, she is not lucky in love. Therefore prefers fleeting, non-binding, novels.

In the intimate terms, Larissa is not a passionate person, but she knows how to deliver the highest pleasure to her man.

With age, Larisa becomes softer, the later she gets married, the higher the likelihood that her marriage will be happy and strong. At an older age, Larisa spends more time at home, not at her career.

It will leave a very caring mother who will take care of her children even when they no longer need it. She needs to pacify her child custody so as not to prevent them from growing up as individuals.

Her husband can forgive everything except adultery.

Name Day Larisa - meaning, dates, fate, character and family

Horoscope named Larissa

Aries — Powerful, selfish. Often makes mistakes in life.

Pleasant to communicate, can not sympathize. Prefers fleeting novels.

Taurus — Tough, courageous. There is no task that she can not overcome.

Deprived of sentimentality, the world looks soberly. Men admire her, but do not dare to approach.

Gemini — Sociable, restless. He has an excellent sense of humor, can discuss any topic, is interested in everything.

Changes men like gloves.

Cancer — Changeable, active. Mood changes several times a day, is sensitive to criticism, loves when it is praised.

Often it is lazy.

Leo — Devotional, authoritarian. Its location is difficult to win, who succeeded, so it will become a faithful and reliable friend.

Once she betrayed her, she would not let her in any more.

Virgo — Sensitive, unsure. She hides her insecurity behind the mask of a strong and fatal woman.

He has many talents, but because of his uncertainty he cannot realize them.

Scales — Refined, in love. If you love crazy, you can forget about work and hobbies.

Possesses an excellent sense of humor, is able to support any conversation.

Scorpio — Strong, incredulous. Her life is like a roller coaster, which prevents her from becoming happy.

His strong and domineering character can overwhelm others that they do not like.

Sagittarius — Favorite, sociable. May charm anyone, loves to travel.

The husbands will choose a similar man with whom he will be happy.

Capricorn — Persistent, patient. No obstacle will stop her on the way to the goal.

You can rely on it in any situation, never fails and will not throw in trouble.

Aquarius — Calm, positive. Does not like to show emotions, has a rational thinking.

Everything in advance calculates. Her only flaw is the gullibility, because of which she suffers.

Pisces — Compassionate, vulnerable. May share the latter, in case of danger turns into a predator.

She needs to learn to listen to her intuition.

Male Name Compatibility

  • Planet — the sun.
  • The color of the name is Orange.
  • Season — Spring.
  • Happy day of the week — Wednesday.
  • Lucky number is 8.
  • Metal — Tin.
  • Zodiac sign — Aries.
  • Element — Air.
  • Totem animal — Baran.
  • Plant — Hawthorn Flower.
  • Tree — Hawthorn.
  • Mineral Talisman — Aventurine.

Famous people named Larisa

  • Larisa Udovichenko — Russian artist.
  • Larisa Sakhyanova is a Buryat ballerina.
  • Larisa Guzeeva — Russian actress.
  • Larisa Lazutina — Russian skier.
  • Larisa Oleinik is an American actress.
  • Larisa Popugaeva — Soviet geologist.

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