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Name Day in May: how to name a boy, a girl according to the church calendar

For a child born in May, the church calendar offers a large list of names. It is believed that the saint, in whose name the baby is named, will protect a person throughout his life.

Practically every day of the last month of spring is a day of remembrance of at least one saint, some days are several at once, therefore, choosing a name for a newborn May should not cause difficulties for parents.

According to church rules, parents must choose a name for their child based on the date of birth.

Most often they look at what saint is commemorated on the day the baby is born. If there is no suitable name on that day, you can search for it in the calendar date associated with the eighth or fortieth day after the birth of the child.

In exceptional cases, the baby can be called in honor of the saint, especially revered in the family.

When choosing it is worth paying attention to whether the name is harmoniously combined with the patronymic and surname.

Name Day in May: how to name a boy, a girl according to the church calendar

In May there are various male and female names: ancient and modern, Russian and foreign origin. There are those who are practically unknown in our country or have long been forgotten.

Usually in the church calendar there are more male names. This is due to the fact that in the history of Christianity, men played a more prominent role than women.

For a newborn girl, you can choose an analogue of a male name corresponding to her birthday. A girl born on May 3, on the day of remembrance of St. Alexander Oshevensky, a Russian Christian ascetic, is supposed to be called Alexandra — then this particular saint will be considered her patron.

Name Day in May: how to name a boy, a girl according to the church calendar

Parents who adhere to Orthodox traditions can easily pick a name for their son if he was born in May. There are rare and currently popular names for the boy in this month’s calendar:

  • Alexander, Anton, Andrey, Pavel, Denis, Nikolay, Dmitry are the most actual names in the last decades;
  • Kasyan, Leonty — rare names;
  • Makar, Peter, Leo, Semyon, Fedor, Ivan, Gabriel — the names that were recently considered obsolete, but are now becoming popular.

Name Day in May: how to name a boy, a girl according to the church calendar

For girls born in May, the following common female names are recommended:

In the calendar there are now rare names:

Named in May (angel days) is celebrated by boys and girls with the following names:


Male names

Female names

01. 05Anton, Vasily, Vissarion, Victor, Efim, Ivan, Kuzma, FelixTamara, Louise02. 05Victor, Georgy, Ivan, Nikifor, SemyonMatron, Sandra03. 05Alexander, Gabriel, Gregory, Nikolai, Stanislav, FedorVioletta, John, Irma, Magdalena, Martha, Susanna (Suzanne)04. 05Alexander, Alexey, Denis, Ivan, Maxim, Nikolay, Fedor, Yakov—05. 05Vitaly, Vsevolod, Gabriel, Dmitry, Klim, Ostap, Ostap, Plato, Fedor—06. 05Anatoly, Athanasius, Valery, George, IvanAlexandra, Valeria, Olesya07. 05Alexey, Valentin, Innokenty, Leonty, Luka, Nikolay, Sawa, Sergey, ThomasElizabeth, Suzanne08. 05Vasily, Mark, SergeyVictoria09. 05Vasily, Ivan, Nestor, Nikolay, Peter, StepanMatrona, Glafira, Teresa10. 05George, Ivan, IllarionAnastasia, Maria, Taisia11. 05Vitaly, Kirill, Maxim—12. 05Artem, Bogdan, Vasily, Philemon—13. 05Klim, Maxim, Nikita, JacobInessa14. 05Yeremey, Efim, Ignat, MakarTamara, Nina, Ustinia15. 05Boris, Gleb, David, Michael, RomanZoya, Berta, Madeleine16. 05Nikolay, Pavel, PeterJulia, Uliana (Juliana)17. 05Anton, Ivan, KirillMaria, Pelagia, Tatiana18. 05Adrian, JacobArina, Irina, Sandra19. 05Vasily, Denis, Ivan, Illarion, Sawa—20. 05Anton, David, IvanCaroline21. 05Adrian, Arseny, Ivan, Nikifor—22. 05Nikolay, SemyonElina (Elena)23. 05Vasily, KirillTaisiya, Renata24. 05Constantine, MichaelJohn’s25. 05Herman, Denis, Ivan—26. 05Alexander, Vasily, Gabriel, GeorgeArina, Elina, Glyceria, Renata, Taisiya27. 05Alexander, IvanEleanor ella28. 05Dmitry, Ignat—29. 05AlexanderAlina30. 05Nikifor, Nikolay, StepanAvdotya, Evdokia, Euphrosyne, John31. 05Denis, Heraclius, Leo, Makar, Pavel, PeterFaina, Christina, Matryona, Ulyana, Alexander, Olesya, Claudia, Julia, Camilla, Isabella

The names of the saints for each date can be seen in the Svyattsy — the list of saints revered in the Orthodox Church.

Patron saints of boys born in May, and the meaning of names:

NameOrigin and meaningPatron saint
AdrianRoman generic name — «come from the Adriatic»The Monk Adrian of Monza, the Monk Adrian of Volokolamsk, the Monk Adrian of Ondrusovsk (the acquisition of relics)
AlexanderFrom ancient Greek — «protector»Venerable Alexander Oshevensky, Venerable Alexander Sinaisky, Holy Martyr Alexander of Tiverian, Martyr Alexander of Rome, Holy Martyr Alexander of Jerusalem
AlexeyFrom ancient Greek — «guarding»Rev. Alexy of Pechersk, Prelate Alexy, Metropolitan of Moscow and All Russia Wonderworker (gaining relics)
AnatolyFrom ancient Greek — «Oriental dawn»Martyr Anatoly
AntonFrom ancient Greek — “entering the battle”Rev. Anthony of Karelia, Martyr Anthony
ArsenyFrom ancient Greek — «courageous»Saint Arseny Archbishop of Suzdal, Venerable Arseny the Great, Venerable Arseny of Pechersk, Venerable Arseny of Novgorod
ArtemFrom ancient Greek — “healthy, safe”Martyr Artem Kizic
AthanasiusFrom ancient Greek — «immortal»Monk Athanasius of Meteora, Martyr Athanasius the Magus, Saint Athanasius the Great of Alexandria, Saint Athanasius the Patriarch Tsaregradsky, Saint Athanasius Lubensky, Saint Athanasius the Bishop of Corinth, Saint Athanasius the Bishop of Christianopols
BorisFrom the ancient Slavic — «a glorious prince in a fight»Blessed Prince Boris in Holy Baptism Roman
ValentineLatin — “strong”Martyr Valentine
VasiliyFrom ancient Greek — «regal»Martyr Basil the Bishop of Amasia, Saint Basil the Bishop of Zaholmsky, the Martyr Basil, the Righteous Vasily Mangazeysky (transfer of relics)
VictorFrom Latin — «winner»Martyr Victor
VsevolodFrom ancient Russian — «all-powerful»Blessed Prince Vsevolod (transfer of relics)
VitaliFrom Latin — «full of vitality»Venerable Vitaly of Alexandria, the martyr Vitaly of Kerkir
GabrielC Hebrew — «manly»Blessed Prince Gabriel (Vsevolod of Pskov) (transfer of the relics), the martyr infant Gabriel of Belostok (transfer of the relics)
George / EgorFrom ancient Greek — «cultivating the earth»St. George the Confessor, Bishop of Antioch of Pisidia, the Great Martyr George the Victorious, the Martyr George of Ptolomaidsky, Blessed George Shenkursky, St. George the Confessor, Bishop of Mytilene
HermannFrom Latin — «brotherly, close»St. Herman, Patriarch of Constantinople
GlebFrom Old Norse — «the favorite of the gods»Blessed Prince Gleb in David’s holy baptism (transfer of relics)
GregoryFrom ancient Greek — «awake»St. Gregory of Sinai, Patriarch of Antioch
DavidFrom Hebrew — «beloved»Blessed Prince Gleb in David’s holy baptism (transfer of relics)
DenisFrom ancient Greek — «belonging to the god DionysusMartyr Dionysius of Perga, Rev. Dionysius of Radonezh
DmitriyFrom ancient Greek — «owned by Demeter»The Passion-Bearer Blessed Tsarevich Dimitry of Uglich and Moscow
YefimFrom ancient Greek — «pious»St. Euthymius, martyr Euthymius of Athos, righteous Euthymius
IvanFrom Hebrew — «the mercy of God»Rev. John the Old Cave, Rev. John Hegumen Kafarov, Martyr John Valah, John the New, Rev. John Zedaznius, Apostle and Evangelist John the Theologian, Martyr John the Bulgar
IgnatFrom Latin — «fiery»St. Ignatius (Bryanchaninov) Bishop of Stavropol, Martyr Ignatius of Athos
InnocentLatin for «innocent»Righteous Innocent
KirillFrom ancient Greek — «sovereign»St. Cyril Bishop of Turov, Rev. Cyril Alfanov (Sokolnitsky) Novgorod (transfer of relics), Equal to the Apostles Cyril (and Equal to the Apostles Methodius, Archbishop of Moravia) Teacher of Slovenia
KlimLatin — “humane”Apostle Clement, Rev. Clement the Songwriter, Rev. Clement Alfanov (Sokolnitsky) Novgorodsky (transfer of relics)
KonstantinFrom Latin — «permanent resistant»St. Martyr Constantine of Ammor
KuzmaFrom ancient Greek — «the universe, the cosmos»St. Cosmas Bishop of Chalcedon
a lionFrom ancient Greek — «lion»Martyr Leo
MakarFrom ancient Greek — «blissful»Priest-Martyr Macarius Metropolitan of Kiev, Rev. Martyr Makarii Archimandrite Kanevsky Pereyaslavsky, the Monk Makarii Hegumen Glushitsky, St. Macarius Bishop
MaksimFrom Latin — «the greatest»Martyr Maxim of Asia
MarkFrom Latin — «hammer»Apostle and Evangelist Mark

Saint Mark of Crete

MichaelFrom Hebrew — «who is like God»Blessed and Equal Apostles Tsar Boris, in holy baptism MichaelNikitaFrom ancient Greek — «winner»Saint Nikita, reclusive Pechersk, Bishop of Novgorod (finding relics), Reverend Nikita Alfanov (Sokolnitsky) NovgorodNikolaiFrom ancient Greek — «the winner of nations»Martyr Nicholas of Magnesia, St. Nicholas Archbishop of the World of Lycian Wonderworker (transfer of relics from the World of Lycian to the Bar), Martyr Nicholas Vuneni, St. Nicholas Mystic Patriarch of ConstantinoplePaulFrom Latin — «small, junior»Martyr Pavel VilenskyPeterFrom ancient Greek — «rock, stone»Rev. Peter the Wonderworker Bishop of Argos, Martyr Peter of VeronaNovelFrom Latin — «Roman, Roman»Blessed Prince Boris in Holy Baptism Roman (transfer of relics)SawaFrom Aramaic — «old man»Martyr Savva Stratilat, Rev. Savva of PecherskSemyonFrom ancient Greek — «the one whom God heard»Apostle and Sacred Martyr Simeon akin to the Lord, Rev. Simeon the New Stylite of CiliciaStepanFrom ancient Greek — “crown diadem”Sainted Stephen of Velikopermsky, Rev. Stephen Hegumen of Pechersk, Bishop of Vladimir and Volyn, Sainted Stephen Patriarch of ConstantinopleFedorFrom ancient Greek — “the gift of God”The Monk Theodore the Trichinus, the Martyr Theodore of Pergis, the Bishop of AnastasiupolskyFelixFrom Latin — «happy»Rev. Felix of KareliaThomasFrom Hebrew — «twin»Blessed Thomas of Christ for the foolishJacobFrom Hebrew — «following»Venerable Jacob Stromynsky, Apostle James Jacob Zebedee, Venerable Jacob Zheleznoborovsky (finding relics), St. Jacob Bishop

Patron saints of girls born in May, and the meaning of the names:

NameOrigin and meaningPatron saint
AvdotyaFrom ancient Greek — «goodwill»Venerable Evdokia, in the Euphrosinia nuns, Grand Duchess of Moscow
AlexandraFrom ancient Greek — «defender»The martyr Tsarina Alexandra, the martyr Alexandra Ankirskaya, maiden
AnastasiaFrom ancient Greek — «resurrected»Righteous Anastasia
ArinaFrom ancient Greek — «peaceful»Great Martyr Irina, righteous Irina spouse of St. George the Confessor
ValeriaFrom Latin — “strong, strong, healthy”Martyr Valeria of Rome
GlafiraFrom ancient Greek — «elegant»Righteous Virgin Glafira
EvdokiaFrom ancient Greek — «goodwill»St. Evdokia Grand Duchess of Moscow
ElizabethFrom Hebrew — «worshiping God»Rev. Elizabeth the Miracle
ZoeFrom ancient Greek — «cheerful»Martyr Zoya the Roman
IsabelFrom Hebrew — “oath to God”Rev. Elizabeth the Miracle
IrinaFrom ancient Greek — “liking, peaceful”Great Martyr Irina wife of St. George the Confessor
ClaudiaFrom Latin — «lame»Martyr Claudius of Ancyra
Christina, ChristinaFrom ancient Greek — «follower of Christ»Holy Martyr Christina of Tire
MariaFrom Hebrew — «Miserable, Beloved»Equal to the apostles Mary Magdalene, the Myrrh-Bearer (transfer of the relics to Constantinople)
MattressFrom Latin — «Honorable Lady, Mother of the Family»Martyr Deva Matrona
PelagiaFrom ancient Greek — «sea»Martyr Pelagia of Tarsis
SandraFrom ancient Greek — «defender of the people»Martyr Alexander of Rome
TaisiyaFrom ancient Greek — «wise»Righteous Taisia ​​of Egypt
TamaraFrom Hebrew — «date tree»Blessed Queen Tamara of Georgia
FainaFrom ancient Greek — «bright, radiant»The Virgin Martyr Faina of Ancyra
YuliyaFrom ancient Greek — «curly»Martyr the Virgin Iulia Ankirskaya

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