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Name day in May according to the church calendar

Name day in May according to the church calendar

Believers claim that each of us has an Angel day. Such names are considered the day of the memory of the saint, whose name a person received during the sacrament of Baptism. If you do not know the date of the birthday, it is very easy to determine.

It is enough to refer to the church calendar and find the day of memory of the saint closest to your date of birth, with the same name.

General interpretation

Name days according to the church calendar can be noted several times if an Orthodox person believes in the patronage of several saints with a similar name. If a secular name is not on the list of Orthodox Christians, the priest at Baptism names another name.

The official church calendar for 2018 in Russia is published by the Moscow Patriarchate and can be found on the official website www.calendar.rop.ru. Here you can see the names of the saints, the dates of their memory and the characteristic value of the name.

Name day of the first half of May

From the first to the seventh of May, according to the calendar of saints, the name day is celebrated: Efim, Anton, Felix, Ivan, Victor, Vasily, Tamara, Mikhail, Georgy, Dmitry, Afanasy, Gabriel, Maria, Gregory, Alexander, Isaac, Yakov, Nikolai, Vsevolod, Fedor , Yuri, Valery, Innocent, Leonty, Joseph.

George — this name is translated from Greek as a farmer. Russian interpretation of the name Yuri. Many saints named George became famous for their valor, courage, and perspicacity.

Among them, the more famous is St. George the Victorious, who strikes with his spear a huge serpent. It is to this icon that believers come with a prayer for overcoming life’s difficulties or for successfully passing the tests that fate sends.

Name day in May according to the church calendar

By the nature of George can be uncommunicative, but quite benevolent and open. He sometimes seems modest and shy, but if he needs to show his will and show his merits, he will definitely do it.

This man has a sense of humor, but will not allow jokes and ridicule in his address.

Nikolay — this name is especially revered in the whole Christian world. From Greek, it translates as a national winner. Nicholas the Wonderworker — patron of children left without parents, sailors in distress, innocently convicted, traveling.

Born into a rich Greek family, Nikolai gave his inheritance for the benefit of the needy.

Name day in May according to the church calendar

Nicholas character calm and balanced. People consider it secretive and too independent of the opinions of others.

He is very friendly and feels the pain of others. A person with that name is always responsive and kind to others.

His actions are often inexplicable, but Nicholas always has something to be proud of.

From the eighth to the fifteenth of May, the Day of the Angel is celebrated: Mark, Sergey, Ida, Yaroslav, Nika, Peter, Vasily, Stepan, Glafira, Nikolai, Illarion, Anastasia, Georgy, Semyon, Pavel, Kirill, Anna, Bogdan, Artemy, Arseny, Vitaly , Ignatius (Ignat), Gleb, Boris, David, Tamara, Zoya, Athanasius, Gerasim, Yefim, Makar.

Bogdan — the Orthodox name has the most beautiful meaning of “God’s gift” or “God-given.” This person in all aspires to be a leader.

He is very ambitious and categorical, seeking to develop intellectually and be in the center of events.

Glafira celebrates Angel Day on the ninth of May. In Greek, it means “smooth,” “slim,” “elegant.” She is self-confident and relies on highly developed intuition.

Feelings and emotions are more important for her than social rules and duty.

Glafira is a creative person, looking for inspiration in everything. She will be very successful if she does what she likes and what she is interested in.

What to fear is the pursuit of excellence.

Gleb — means «rock», «lump» and has Slavic roots. This is a very stubborn and thorough man who knows his plans and goals. Of the saints, Gleb Vladimirsky, the patron of the city of Vladimir, is most famous.

Worldly joys were alien to him, distinguished by meekness, humility, and love for the common people.

The owner of this name will always be in authority with others, it is valued for its responsibility, ability to solve complex tasks, to be kind and attentive. This man is very homely, loves family comfort and seeks early to find a family.

Name Day of the second half of May

From the sixteenth to the twenty-third of May, saints with names are mentioned in the church calendar: Nikolay, Timofey, Pavel, Anton, Peter, Tatiana, Kirill, Leonty, Clement, Nikita, Pelageya, Maria, Ivan, Vasily, Denis, Michael, Illarion, Faddey, Stepan, Arseny, Adrian, Gabriel, Heraclius, Renata, Taisiya, Semyon.

Cyril from ancient Greek means «lord,» «sovereign.» And in the countries of the Persian Gulf it is interpreted as the «rising sun».

The main feature is curiosity. He quickly mastered the science, languages.

He is interested in this world in all colors, and he eagerly hurries to meet him.

Saint Cyril, brother of Methodius in the world was revered as a reformer and philosopher. It was he who laid the foundations of the Slavic writing, creating the alphabet.

Of the modern ministers of the church is known Patriarch of All Russia Kirill.

Gabriel means «God’s helper.» Archangel Gabriel informed Mary that she would have a baby.

This name comes from the ancient Greek Gabriel. The character of the owner is very emotional and impulsive.

This man is very sensitive and loving.

He knows how to speak beautifully, be very persuasive and inspire great things. Gabriel is very active, hardworking and able to find his own destination early.

Angela’s day Gabriel celebrates May three times: May third, fifth and twenty-sixth.

Basil is a highly revered name in Christianity. Translated from Greek means «royal», «ruler».

This balanced and discreet boy has ambitious plans. He likes to solve problems, even if they are strangers.

Difficulties for Basil — this is just another experience that is bound to lead to success.

This person possesses intuition, but relies more on his own knowledge. This person is practical, as he is accustomed from an early age to provide for himself and his loved ones.

Self-reliance and entrepreneurial spirit is felt in him since childhood.

Named by Vasya on the church calendar in May, nine times: the first, ninth, twelfth, thirteenth, nineteenth, twenty-second, twenty-third, twenty-sixth and thirty-first. Of the famous saints with this name Vasily Naked or St. Basil.

Name day in May according to the church calendar

Saint Basil was a fool of Moscow, possessing the gift of prophecy. This miraculous power came to him as a teenager. He predicted the death of someone who wanted to order boots for several years.

Even the Ivan the Terrible himself venerated Basil the Blessed, who visited him during his illness before his death.

Who celebrates the day of the angel in the last week of May

From the twenty-fourth to the thirty-first of May, the following mentions were mentioned: Joseph, Alexander, Rostislav, Konstantin, Kirill, Peter, Denis, Fedor, German, Ivan, Vasily, Makar, Georgy, Irina, Efim, Sergey, Marianna, Tikhon, Maxim, Dmitry , Anastasia, Modest, Stepan, Evdokia, Andrei, Leo, Isabella, Pavel, Julia, Julian, Christina, Faina, Athanasius, Nikolai, David.

David in Hebrew means «favorite.» King David ruled over Israel for a long time, was wise and fair. The owner of this name is always restrained, self-sufficient, resilient and perceptive.

He will never live in poverty, because he knows how to quickly find his way and way to make money.

David loves talking to women, but this man is very selective and picky. Children can love more than a spouse, as his father’s instinct is very developed.

David’s Name Day in May three times: the fifteenth, twentieth, thirty-first.

Constantine means constancy, endurance. The Roman emperor Constantine the Great converted to the Christian faith just before his death.

Name day notes the owner of the twenty-fourth of May. By nature, this man is brave, daring and intelligent.

He loves to dominate and skillfully does it.

Herman — from Latin means «true» or «authentic.» He is quick-tempered, irritable, has creative potential, talented and resourceful.

Name day marks the twenty-fifth of May.

This person can be hard to experience their own failures, prone to depression and anxiety. It is difficult for him to focus on the main point if there are a lot of interesting offers.

Herman finds his family in a more mature age, because in his youth he does not feel the need for a spouse and children.

Alexander means “guardian” or “protector”. Named after Alexander in May six times: the third, fourth, twenty-fourth, twenty-sixth, twenty-seventh and twenty-ninth of May.

The owner of the name is capable of great feats and often amazes with its greatness. He becomes an example to others. His focus on the main values ​​of life helps to achieve great victories.

Despite his openness and goodwill, this man will never allow him to invade his personal space.

Fedor — in translation from the Greek «the gift of the divine.» Marked in the calendar calendar in May: the third, fourth, fifth, twenty-fifth, twenty-ninth, thirty-first. Of the saints, Fedor Stratelates and Fedor Tyrone are known.

This name is given to poets, artists, writers.

Fedor is very receptive, loves people, is sociable, prudent. He is often not interested in the material side of life and prefers a modest existence.

Always positive, active and not able to complain about fate.

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