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Name Day Eugene — the nature, health and fate, the date of the name

Name Day Eugene — the date of the name, career, character and fate

The male name Eugene was born in ancient Greece from the word «noble», then it was pronounced as Eugenios. The name Eugene in the 19th century was very popular; in every country, boys are still called by this name, slightly modifying it: in Armenia — Egan, in Belarus — Yaugen, in Bulgaria — Eugeni, in Hungary — Eugen, in Spain — Eugenio, Latvia — Eugenies, in Germany — Eugen, in Poland — Eugenius, in Romania — Eugen, in Serbia — Eugenia, in Ukraine — Eugen, in France — Eugene, in the Czech Republic — Eugene, in Russia — Eugene.

The diminutive form of the name: Zhenya, Zhenya, Evgey, Zhenka, Zheka, Zhenchik, Genya.

There is a feminine form of the name — Eugene.

According to the church calendar, Eugene celebrates the day of the angel 20 times a year.

Name Day Eugene - the nature, health and fate, the date of the name

Pros: Balanced, kind, noble, intuitive, active.

Cons: Lazy, cynical, unsure.

From early childhood, Eugene grows up very clever, quick-witted and resourceful boy, which constantly surprises others. Early learning to read and count.

He likes to fantasize and invent imaginary worlds. It’s easy to make friends with him thanks to his natural tact.

Often it is indecisive and insecure, it can be lazy. She loves her mother very much, she helps her with housework with pleasure.

At school, Eugene, thanks to his excellent memory, is easily given foreign and humanities. With the exact sciences does not immediately cope. Almost all Eugenia have excellent intuition, which is very helpful to them in life.

He does not like to achieve the same goal for a long time; if it is difficult, he quickly loses interest in it. Possesses excellent artistic kind, loves to perform on stage, sing songs, dance.

With age, Eugene becomes very pleasant in communication, gallant, always come to the aid of his friends. His soul will open only a close friend.

Eugene conceals his lack of confidence behind a mask of indifference. Sometimes it plunges into the inner world to rest from the surrounding.

With age, Eugene becomes so sensitive that it becomes difficult for him to perceive other people’s misfortunes, to watch touching footage of the film. He has high attentiveness, remembers facial features, facial expressions, words of the interlocutor, in a few years he can describe what a person was wearing and what he said.

It has good health, but from the nature of the figure can be both very full and very thin. It does not hurt to do physical exercises and follow the diet, so as not to run yourself.

Name Day Eugene - the nature, health and fate, the date of the name

It can be as an ardent workaholic, and lazy, working carelessly. He is perfectly friendly with technology, he will be an excellent engineer, a programmer.

And also in literature and art, in which he is well versed. Evgeny will be a great actor, journalist, writer, TV host, director.

From early childhood, they are very in love; only a mysterious woman can fall in love with him for a long time. In sex, Eugene is not temperamental, but gentle and sensitive.

At first, she doesn’t see flaws in a woman, for which she is often disappointed later. Avoids aggressive, cheeky, rude women.

Marries a calm, quiet, non-conflict woman. Family man will be exemplary, will help his wife in the household. She can quietly change his wife, but if she finds out about this, he will try to save her marriage to the last.

He loves children very much, pays attention to them, tries to give a good education.

Name Day Eugene - the nature, health and fate, the date of the name

Horoscope named Eugene

Aries — Energetic, generous. Has a great sense of humor, partial to people.

In affairs goes ahead, which is not always correct. Until old age remains vulnerable, it is easy to offend him.

Marries a calm, delicate woman.

Taurus — Patient, charming. In debt does not like to give and share knowledge.

Before the case a hundred times weigh the pros and cons. The marriage will be a faithful husband, not prone to adultery, but jealous.

Gemini — Difficult, inquisitive. Unstable in affairs, able to adapt to difficult situations.

Financial condition will not be able to amass. Can deceive.

Gets along with the domineering woman.

Cancer — Refined, polite. Able to earn big money in an honest way.

Capable of revenge, has a tenacious memory. His wife should spend a lot of time on him.

Leo — Powerful, sincere. He aspires to be everywhere on the first roles, loves a luxurious life, his expenses exceed incomes.

For the sake of his beloved wife will do anything.

Virgo — Frivolous, petty. Until the last moment, it is waiting for its moment and, because of this, it often misses real chances. He loves money and knows how to earn it.

May remain a bachelor because of the picky choice of his wife.

Scales — Timid, balanced. It is difficult to criticize, is able to win the trust of others.

Carefully allocates your budget. Always surrounded by fans, his wife often changes.

Scorpio — Unsure, aggressive. Always dissatisfied with others and himself, it is difficult to please him, easily explodes into an imprudent phrase.

At work easily reach the top of a career. Husband is difficult.

Sagittarius — Impulsive, loving. During his life, he will replace several professions because of his curiosity, he is easy on money, an adventurer.

Will not be a reliable and loyal husband.

Capricorn — Serious, hardworking. You can rely on it in difficult times.

In the profession goes up confidently, knows how to earn money. Will be a reliable and excellent husband.

Aquarius — Insightful, smart. Does not like to show feelings, hates flattery. Choose a profession where you can earn good money without straining.

Family life does not attract him, prefers freedom.

Fish — Sensitive, touchy. He has a very developed intuition that helps him in life.

He prefers to go with the flow of water, he does not reach the heights in his career and does not earn much money. Will be a good husband.

Compatible with female names

  • Planet — Venus.
  • The color of the name is Blue.
  • Season — Winter.
  • Happy day of the week — Thursday.
  • Lucky number — 5.
  • Metal — Gold.
  • Zodiac sign — Pisces.
  • Element — Air.
  • Totem animal — Perlovitsa.
  • Plant — Forget-Me-Not.
  • Linden tree.
  • Mineral mascot — Jasper.

Famous people named Evgeny

  • Yevgeny Mironov — Soviet actor.
  • Yevgeny Yevtushenko — Soviet poet.
  • Evgeni Plushenko — Russian figure skater.
  • Yevgeny Morgunov — Soviet actor.
  • Evgeny Schwartz — Russian playwright.
  • Yevgeny Leonov — Soviet actor.

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