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Name Day Denis Church Calendar — Orthodox Angel Day

Angel Day (name day) Denis on the Orthodox Church calendar

If in the Soviet era, only the birthday of a person was celebrated, nowadays it has become relevant to celebrate birthday. This article will help both the bearer of the name Denis and his family, after all, he will tell in detail what kind of saint this boy, boy, man was named after. Remember: if you are a godmother or godfather of a boy, do not forget to buy a personalized icon for him (paper or body)!

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Name Day Denis Church Calendar - Orthodox Angel Day

But when to raise a glass for his health?

About a hundred years ago, a baby was named after the saint, who was revered on the birthday of this child (although of course this did not prevent this child from celebrating his name day several times a year, say, not only in the “winter Nikolai”, but also in the “spring” ).

Nowadays, the name is chosen not by the father, but by the parents themselves, and the holy father already names the child with a church name, either completely congruent with the worldly or in tune with it. So when to celebrate birthday?

If the priest did not specify a specific date, and there are several days in the angel’s day, you need to pick up the date after the first birthday.

Name Day Denis Church Calendar - Orthodox Angel Day

  • January 17. The “angel” of this day is the holy martyr Dionysius the Areopagite. He died in 96 AD, and before that was the first bishop of the Athenian state. Actually, this explains his holy dignity, because he was tortured for Christ’s faith in the dignity of the bishop (if he were not a church person, he would have been called just a martyr). He is also known as a cephalophore or the chief bearer (he was executed by beheading, however, after his death, he stalked around the city, praising the Most High).
  • March 23 Named Dionysius, a martyr (lived in the middle of the 3rd century).
  • March 29. On this day they commemorate the righteous Dionysius (he lived in the second half of the 4th century).
  • May 4th. Martyr Dionysius of Pergis. He is especially honored by men serving in power structures, since this saint was a warrior. He accepted the faith of Christ by seeing the Lord pardon the martyr Theodore.
  • May 19. Martyr Dionysius.
  • May 25th Our day, our Russian saint — Rev. Dionysius of Radonezh, archimandrite of the Trinity-Sergius Lavra (died relatively recently — in 1437). The monk is the rank of saints who became famous for their godly deeds in the monastic dignity.
  • May 31. Martyr Dionysius.
  • June 14th. On this day, another Russian saint is revered — the Abbot of Glushitsky, Rev. Dionysius (appeared before the Lord in 1437). Icon painter, founder of several monasteries.
  • June 16th Martyr Dionysius (lived in the middle of the 3rd century).
  • July 8. Name Day of St. Dionysius of Athos. Often he is remembered along with the name of his brother, Theodosius, who glorified himself by his monastic feat.
  • July 9th. On this day, another worthy person is commemorated, born of the land of our Motherland — Archbishop of Suzdal, Dionysius, known as the saint (retired in 1385).
  • August 17th The martyr Dionysius, also known as the Ephesian youth (lived in the middle of the 3rd century). This martyr is remembered as one of seven youths immured alive in a cave. They slept for 200 years (from the time of persecution of Christians to the time of the triumph of faith), after which they woke up for a few days to reveal to the world the Lord a miracle. Interestingly, in addition to the Christian church, these saints are also revered in Islam.
  • August 31. Priest-martyr Dionysius (lived at the end of the 3rd, possibly at the beginning of the 4th century).
  • 10 September. Angel Day of another Russian saint — the 15th century Pechersk recluse, hieromonk, Rev. Dionysius.
  • 12-th of September. Russian Rev. Dionysius Ostrovsky.
  • September 18th Martyr Dionysius.
  • October 16th On this day, three Saints of Dionysius are venerated at once: the Areopagite (Holy Martyr), the Bishop of Athens, as well as the priest-monk, the Monk of Pechersk the Recluse.
  • October 18th. The name of another holy martyr, Dionysius, Bishop of Alexandria, living in the middle of the 3rd century.
  • 28 of October. Another name of the Suzdal Bishop Dionysius the Bishop.
  • November 4th. Angel Day of the Ephesian youth, the martyr Dionysius.
  • November 14th. Rev. Dionysius of Athos.
  • December 2nd. Martyr Dionysius.
  • 12 December. On this day commemorate the Bishop of Corinth, the martyr Dionysius.
  • December 30th. This is the name of another Dionysius the prelate, the miracle worker of Zakynthos, the Aegina archbishop.

All dates are on a new style!

Church form name and its origin

Name Day Denis Church Calendar - Orthodox Angel Day

Dionysius. This name originated the ancient Greek language.

Even in pre-Christian times, the name meant «dedicated to Dionysus.» It was a deity of vegetation, as well as agriculture (including winemaking, and of course, inspiration, thanks to which he was greatly honored by many theater actors).

What is the fate and character of the carrier of this name?

  1. Early years. As a child, he is an unusually sociable, friendly boy. He doesn’t just adore making friends, he enjoys tinkering with all the living creatures he sees (feeds pigeons, ducks in the park, feeds yard cats and puppies). It will be great if the parents give him a dog, or at least a hamster. Fluffy friend will teach him to take care of someone, as well as responsibility.
  2. School. The boy brings good grades. However, teachers may not like the fact that he does not know how to sit still for a long time in class, after 15 minutes he starts spinning, distracting his comrade on the desk.
  3. Youth. Over time, the guy learns accuracy and perseverance, and these qualities greatly help him in his studies. It often turns out that Denis is unscrupulously lucky (for example, if he buys a lottery ticket, he will suddenly win, if not the top prize, then a large amount — for sure).
  4. Mature years. He is an assiduous, very principled man, not enduring opinions that differ from his own. He may be a collector, collecting something from school to old age. Money is not scattered, as well knows where they come from. His first marriage could fall apart (and perhaps the problem is that he chooses his spouse not with his heart, but with his wallet).

If you are interested not only in the date of the name of Dionysius (in the world of Denis), but also in the trace left by his spiritual namesakes in this world in general and in our religion in particular, we suggest watching a not too long film about a Russian iconographer. The faces created by Dionysius from the Vologda region have survived to the present day, and they are really beautiful. Thanks to this video, you will briefly plunge into the pious Russian Middle Ages, remembering many historical facts and expanding your horizons:

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