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Name Day Anton on the church calendar of Orthodox and Catholic calendar

Angel’s Day, Anton Church Calendar

The name Anton is of ancient Greek origin and means to compete, compete, clash, clash. The church form of the name Anthony has Roman roots and is considered a derivative of Antonius.

The names of Antonio on the Orthodox calendar are celebrated 48 times a year. These dates are associated with Anthony, who left a big mark in the history of the Christian church and equated with the saints.

Days of the Angel Anthony

  • January: 2, 12, 21, 30 — Anton Smirnitsky, Metropolitan of Voronezh, Egyptian Antonuan, Rev. Anthony of Novgorod, Krasnokholmsky Antony, Chernozersky, Dymsky;
  • February: 1.18, 23, 25 — Patriarch of Constantinople, Iversky, Archbishop Anthony of Novgorod, Anthony of Athens;

Name Day Anton on the church calendar of Orthodox and Catholic calendar

  • March: 14, 10, 5 — Antonuan Korzh, St. Anton the Holy Martyr, Anthony of Valaam, Anthony the hierodeacon;
  • April: 27 — the holy martyr Anthony of Lithuania (Vilensky);
  • May: 01, 18, 20, 25 — Anton Medvedev — the Monk of the Sergius Lavra, the vicar of Antonuan Iversky, the Great Martyr Antonioan of Karelia, Rev. Anton;
  • June: 20, 01 — Rev. Kensky Antonwan; Belgorod Bishop Anton Pankeev;
  • July: 4, 8, 7, 16, 19, 23, 26 — Anton Pechersky, Igumen from Novgorod Anton Leohnovsky, Anthony the Martyr from Rome, Antony of Nikopol;
  • August: 13, 16, 20, 22, 25 — Hieromonk of St. Nicholas Monastery in Belgorod, the Holy Martyr Anthony, Anthony of Novgorod, Anthony the Roman, Optina, Rev. Anthony;
  • September — 15 — Pechersky Antonuan;
  • October — 7, 16, 23, 26, 30 — Bishop Anton of Monemvasia, the governor of the Sergius Lavra, the Monk Antunuan, Anthony Chkondidsky, hegumen Novgorod Anthony;
  • November — 8, 22, 24 — Anthony of Vologda Bishop, Anthony of Aramaic, martyr Anthony New;
  • December — 14, 20 — Priest-martyr Priest Anton Popov, Rev. hieromonk Siysky.

General characteristics of the name Anthony

Anton is a very controversial person. His life often consists of ups and downs, as he constantly rushes into battle, being in eternal search for his own destiny.

He is sympathetic, prone to self-sacrifice, kind and sincere to others.

This person values ​​his freedom very much, a noisy company will prefer a quiet solitude, where he will have the opportunity to be alone with his thoughts. In difficult life circumstances, Anton may withdraw into himself, but this does not mean that he is ready to surrender and go with the flow.

He just needs time to think and make the right decision.

Anton will never get involved in frivolous adventures, even if it promises to receive large monetary gains. The actions and actions of Anthony are always adequate, consistent with his exact calculations.

Career choice and career

Anton does not have a pronounced leadership qualities, but is able to influence the opinions of others. In the company of friends Tosh prefers to listen than to speak.

But if required by others, it is able to give valuable and wise advice.

Anthony is able to successfully realize himself in the profession, but in the event that he likes his activities, and he is interested in a positive result of his work. A series of failures for this strong man will not be a reason for depression.

Most likely, he will accept this with another useful experience and will draw certain conclusions.

This man is brave, inquisitive. He is often not satisfied with the current state of affairs, and he is constantly looking for a balance of spiritual harmony and material well-being. Sometimes it can be influenced by both good and bad.

With friends is always decent and honest.

Love and health

Personal life, like fate in general, is not always calm and safe. This temperamental man in his youth is very hot, impulsive and in love.

Such traits lead to the fact that Anton often chooses the wrong women and quickly becomes disillusioned with them. Therefore, with age, it becomes distrustful of beautiful young ladies.

To create a family, Antonio will approach responsibly and seriously, but a successful marriage will most likely be from the second or third attempt. The chosen one must be of a gentle disposition, not mercantile, kind and loyal.

Anton — nature is very hot-tempered and sometimes emotionally unbalanced. He often gets too close to complex situations, deeply experiencing problems.

At such moments, he is prone to rash actions, which he deeply regrets.

Anton should pay attention to his psycho-emotional state of health, learn to control the attacks of anger, jealousy, rage. Otherwise, acts against the background of spiritual experiences can lead to irreversible consequences.

With age, the character of Anton is changing. He becomes wiser, calmer and more rational.

Perhaps after forty years, he will begin to use his emotional intelligence, controlling his behavior and influencing the lifestyle of others.

The fate of the Orthodox name in the history of the church

Anthony Pechersky — one of the first patrons and founders of Russian monasticism, the creator of the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra, the Trinity-Ilyinsky Monastery, the Chernigov caves. The worldly name of this man is Antip. He was born in Chernigov in 983.

Being a deeply pious and believing man, Antip dreamed of visiting the holy places in Palestine, where Jesus Christ lived and preached.

Name Day Anton on the church calendar of Orthodox and Catholic calendar

Having gone on a pilgrimage trip, Antip accepted monasticism in Athos and remained to live on the territory of the Esfigmen monastery, where he settled in a cave with a view of the sea. His Orthodox name became Anthony.

After several years of secluded monastic life, the abbot of the monastery ordered Antony to return to Russian soil and spread the faith in Christ there. After returning to Kiev, Anthony began to possess the gift of prophecy and healing.

His fame spread throughout the Russian land, and people began to settle at his cave on Berestovaya Hill, and students and followers appeared. This was the beginning of the formation of the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra.

There were so many followers of Antonio and believers that they were no longer placed in a cave for prayers. So the wooden church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary appeared.

After the conflict with Prince Izyaslav, Anthony left Kiev and began to live in Chernigov under the protection of Prince Svyatoslav. He also led a recluse life, digging a cave in the Boldiny mountains.

Of food, he allowed himself only dry bread and water, exhausted himself with physical labor and prayers for all the living. The relics of the saint are under a bushel in the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra.

People believe in the miraculous power of relics, praying for icons in anticipation of the grace of God.

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