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Name Day Alexei: the fate and days of remembrance of the church calendar

Name Alexei: the day of the angel according to the church calendar, the days of the name day according to the church code

Name days — this is the day of memory of the holy defender, with whose name the person was baptized. All, without exception, Orthodox Christians have their heavenly patron.

It is believed that the Lord gave us two angels: the guardian angel (keeps from harm and evil) and the holy angel of the name that prays for our soul.

Angels see our earthly sojourn, diseases, problems and weaknesses, pray to God for our salvation, know our deeds and hear our prayers of repentance. They see the sufferings of people and despondency, they do not cease to intercede for God before us.

A saint with whose name a person lives is a role model. This model must strive to be worthy of it.

It is worth knowing the life story of his patron.

When they are going to baptize a child, they choose the day of the saint they like and hold a church ceremony on this date.

Church form name

The Greek name appears to be “protect” and “reflect.” Church form — Alexy.

In Russia, children began to be called this name en masse, in honor of Tsar Alexei Mikhailovich, father of Peter the Great I.

In other countries, it has different variants of pronunciation: Oleksey, Alex, Alexis, Alexius, Lyaksay, Aleksio.

Ordinary, Russian circulation is diverse: Alyoshka, Leshka, Lekia, Leka, Lyokha, Lyoka, Alekseyka, Lyoshenka, Alyoshenka.

The name Alexis was called monarchs, church leaders of various ranks, military leaders and nobles.

Alexey’s character: high life

Aleshenka is a home child, very attached to his family, modest. Fairly strong character and kindness, non-conflict — these traits will forever remain essential for his character.

A distinctive feature of Alexei is a certain isolation, unsociation, closeness from people.

Waiting for understanding and sympathy from parents and teachers, does not tolerate an imperative tone. The boy is rather indecisive, does not like to be in the center of attention.

Participates in public life, but without much enthusiasm.

Alyosha lives at a leisurely, measured pace, sharp turns of fate knock him off track. Some laziness prevents his ambitious plans from coming true, but natural stubbornness will avoid stagnation in affairs.

Name Day Alexei: the fate and days of remembrance of the church calendar

Alexey is a cheerful, innate conciliator who rejects violence and hostility. This is a champion of justice, it is impossible to «keep a heel.»

He justifies the value of his name and is a true protector of the family and the environment.

Inadequately perceives criticism and comments, it is characterized by some difficulty in accepting reality. He is looking for an excuse, can find it in alcohol or retreat.

A man has an excellent memory, curiosity, trust him.

Physically strong, although tired quickly. Often has some kind of external or mental defect.

Marries a bright, attractive woman. For him, important qualities in a partner are: loyalty, sincerity, cleanliness.

Aleksey often creates one marriage in life, waiting for understanding and care from his wife. He is able to give pleasure to the second half, a very sensual person.

She endures treachery, can «lay hands on herself.»

In a successful relationship, flexible and loyal, the real head of the family. She adores children, teaches them to be wealthy in life and not to repeat his mistakes.

Professions for a man are obedient to everything, if he is really passionate about business. This creative person, a talented artist, designer or fashion designer, can become a writer.

He is fascinated by his inner world, does not tolerate someone else’s impact on his life.

Alesha is fascinated by nature, he loves hunting, fishing, hiking, living in the countryside.

Most Famous Revered Righteous

After the death of pious and blameless people, a considerable number of them were canonized by the church.

Name Day Alexei: the fate and days of remembrance of the church calendar

  1. Rev. Alexy was born in a senatorial family in Rome. His humane father, a rare piety man, daily fed travelers and suffering, lonely people. The good spouses, after a long time, have had offspring, their son was born. The boy was brought up in love and received a good education, he got married when he reached the age of majority. But, leaving the young woman at home on his wedding night, he leaves his father’s house. He dressed in rags and labored at the temple of the Most Holy Theotokos in the city of Edessa (Syria). Alexia tasted only water and some bread. The family sent to look for his son, however, the envoys did not recognize Alex, passing by. Seventeen years he spent in the church parish. He secretly left the city when they began to read him, asked for accommodation from his father, presenting himself as a beggar. The father did not see his son in him and he lived incognito for seventeen years in his home, sharing a modest meal with other guests. Before his death, taking a scroll, he described his life. When the voice of the Divine announced to all about where the man of God lives, he departed into another world. Relatives warmly mourned the body of a loved one. Those who were suffering approached the body, which radiated radiance and were cured of diseases. The late Roman emperor and pontiff carried the venerable Alexis with reverence. The venerable saint is very revered on Russian soil.
  2. Alexy of Constantinople is a holy martyr who was tortured for icons. He came from a distinguished family, was an educated person. In Byzantium began the persecution of icon painters, and the destruction of icons, the persecution of Christians. Alexy, having witnessed the tearing down of the icon of Jesus Christ from the gates of the church, dropped the ladder on which the defiler stood. He died, and the believers, together with Alexius, were thrown into prison and cruelly tortured. He spent about a year in the dungeons, being subjected to endless torture. He was recognized by the church as a martyr. A little less than one hundred and forty years later, the body of the monk was discovered completely intact.
  3. Holy Alexis Mechev, born in the middle of the nineteenth century, was dissuaded from the medical path by his mother. He studied at the Moscow Theological Seminary, served as a psalm reader, steadfastly and meekly enduring rough treatment from the priest. All his life was a simple man, even finding a dignity. He opened the parish school, his sermons were clear to the common parishioner. I became a witness of how on the eve of the Great October Revolution a tear rolled from the eyes of the Virgin Mary. He died in 1923, and after ten years at reburial, the body was incorruptible. Canonized in 2000.

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