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Murat — as a boy and a man live with that name

The mystery of the name Murat — prepared for the future, characterization and relationships

In the name of Murat, the story begins with the Arabic language. In translation, it means “desire”, as well as “intention” or “goal”.

In the history of the Ottoman Empire ruled famous sultans named Murat. There is also a variant of the pronunciation of Murad. Both options are correct.

Although the name Murad has its own history. In Turkey, there is the Murad River in the Armenian Highlands — the main tributary of the Euphrates.

From these names came the names Muratov and Muradov.

What are the forms of the name

  • Full name — Murat or Murad
  • Abbreviated — Mura, Murik.
  • Patronymic — Muratovna and Muratovich.
  • Murat is written in English and other languages ​​using the Latin alphabet.
  • In the Orthodox and Catholic faith this name is not.

Murat - as a boy and a man live with that name

Little Muratik is an obedient child set as an example. He is very sociable, will easily find a common language with any person, even with an adult, even with a child.

Murat is a responsive little boy. He loves animals and drags them home, pitying every stray kitten and puppy.

Unscrupulous guys often use his kindness. He must be taught to distinguish such situations from those when a person really needs help.

Murata can be called a gifted child. He studies well.

He prefers extracurricular life. With passion and sports can achieve there the desired results.

It will also successfully cope with classes in the theater studio, in the radio circle. Teachers love and appreciate him, pinning his hopes on him.

An adult Murat is a brave, confident man. Not devoid of vanity, but within reasonable limits, which is only good for him. He solves all his problems and problems with a businesslike approach.

Can even agree with a man with whom no one could find a common language. Murat does not give words to the wind and does not give empty promises.

For these qualities he is greatly appreciated by friends and relatives.

Murat has a heightened sense of justice and strong willed qualities. He will certainly intervene in the defense of a weak person.

He is absolutely a man without conflict. He always acts as he needs, he knows how to be right.

No one can influence him.

Murat seeks to become a successful and significant person. His determination and hard work will help him in this.

In his head is always full of new plans and ideas. Murat has a great sense of humor, can laugh at himself.

Murat’s health is simply heroic. However, it is worth being careful with domestic injuries and injuries in extreme sports.

Murat - as a boy and a man live with that name

Murat is a reliable person and will easily perform the hardest work. In the team he is respected and appreciated. He is especially diligent and responsible.

For his mentality and character more suitable technical profession, related to the exact sciences. Become a first-class programmer, designer, engineer. It will be successful in business, especially in the field of construction.

In this area, he will wait for success.

Due to his vanity and vanity, he will reach the heights in any sphere and industry. It can also become a successful director, journalist, prosecutor.

Family and marriage

Murat is a charming man with his oriental beauty. Like many Oriental men, he is emotional.

Given that his name means “desire,” in love he is especially sensual. His chosen one should be not so much beautiful as attentive and educated in good family traditions.

Thanks to intuition, he can easily please his beloved woman.

Murat is just a role model. He is the perfect husband and father of his children.

He is especially patient and non-conflicting. She adores his wife and children, showing all her care, tenderness and affection.

Shows a special love for his daughters.

All family problems, as befits a real man, decides on his own, calmly and rationally. For his wife, he is a stone wall.

She, in turn, should provide the home with a reliable and loyal rear. He was used to being at home cozy, comfortable, warm and sated.

Astrological characteristics

  • Planet — the moon.
  • Zodiac sign — Cancer.
  • Totem animal — Fallow deer.
  • The color of the name is Silver.
  • Plant — Waterlily.
  • Stone — Selenite.

Murat - as a boy and a man live with that name

Famous men — carriers named Murat

Nowadays Murats are known:

  • Famous performer, composer, singer Murat Nasyrov. He was the owner of various music awards in the field of popular music.
  • Performer, musician Murat Tkhagaletov. His hit “Give you back the money” won popularity among many Russians and not only.

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