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Michael’s Name Day — character, career and fate, the meaning of the name

Michael’s Name Day — dates of name, career, fate and character

One of the most ancient names, Michael, arose among the Jews, where it was pronounced as Michael, which in Hebrew meant «he who is like God.» Then it spread to the Middle East, from where it went to Greece along with Christianity.

The name Michael came to Kievan Rus along with the rest of the names during the spread of Orthodoxy.

The history of the name Michael and the forms of his pronunciation

In each country, the name Michael is pronounced differently: in Arab countries — Michael, in Armenia — Mikheil, in Belarus — Mikhas, in Hungary — Mihai, in Spain — Miguel, in Italy — Michele, in England — Michael, in Poland — Michal , in Serbia — Mikhailo, in Ukraine — Mykhailo.

The diminutive-tender form of the name: Misha, Misha, Micah, Mishutka, Mishuta, Mikhailo, Mike, Mika, Mikhailushka, Mikhaila, Mihenka.

The day of the angel Michael on the church calendar notes almost more often than all names — 81 times a year.

Michael's Name Day - character, career and fate, the meaning of the name

Pros: Active, sociable, inquisitive, good-natured.

Cons: Touchy, receptive, aggressive, gambling.

Little Misha is growing up a calm, friendly child. He is interested in everything in the world, his parents should, from early childhood, give him to various circles, which he will be happy to attend.

At an early age can put together a good company for games. He loves animals and cares for them with pleasure.

At school, she studies in the middle because of her inability to concentrate on one subject, but with pleasure she performs on stage, sings, likes to draw. There are many friends around him, which, according to adults, are not always suitable, but he will never leave friends, he will always help them out in difficult times.

We need to cultivate tolerance in Michael, the ability to accept criticism, failure.

Adult Michael does not like loneliness, may be addicted to addiction. He needs to control his touchiness, which often leads to trouble.

The child is sick rarely, in adulthood prone to depression, there may be liver and kidney disease due to addiction to alcohol.

A workaholic, has a logical mindset, knows how to make big money and likes to lead. Can reach heights in programming, logistics, construction.

His own business, to which he will give himself everything, will be successful. Colleagues never let you down, get them out of trouble.

Despite the popularity of the female sex life begins late, not always successfully. Due restraint it is difficult to become an experienced lover.

He does not like to say compliments, is afraid to reveal feelings, avoids accidental connections.

In the wife chooses a modest and non-conflict woman. Bright, rude women push him away. Do not forgive betrayal of his wife, if the wife accepts his family life conditions, then he will love her until the end of life.

He loves his children, with pleasure he devotes his free time.

Michael's Name Day - character, career and fate, the meaning of the name

Horoscope named Michael

Aries — Unhappy, controversial. He stubbornly goes to his intended goal, regrets the things he has not done.

Do not stand on ceremony during intercourse, may offend careless phrases. If he is not understood, he can respond with aggression.

Husband will be difficult, prone to conflict and unwillingness to compromise.

Taurus — Risky, impatient. Despite his stubbornness and love of risk, he is a calm and sensible person. A workaholic can make a fortune for himself.

Marries a calm and reliable woman.

Gemini — Romantic, dreamy. Aggressively responds to criticism of his own, because of failures may become uncertain. He does not like to work, expenses often exceed revenues.

A wife is looking for a woman mother who will take care of her husband.

Cancer — Gentle, workaholic. From parents does not soon go into an independent life.

Because of the failures in life can fall into a long depression. Loves to work and knows how to make money.

Marries a woman with whom he will feel safe and comfortable.

Leo — Emotional, overbearing. For the sake of loved ones is capable of a great feat, to sacrifice the latter.

A little naive, can fall for the bait of ill-wishers. She loves excitement. In the work often takes leadership positions.

His wife should be a housewife and do everything for her husband.

Virgo — Logical, charming. He loves order in everything, which he demands from others. Avoids noisy companies, from early childhood, save money to feel independence.

In love, Monogamous, marries once and for all, from his wife requires complete subordination to himself.

Scales — Balanced, timid. Trying to stay away from noisy companies and dangerous places.

Avoids responsibility, does not like to make decisions. Able to communicate, convince, discuss.

His wife will change.

Scorpio — Temperamental, cruel. The contradictory personality, who has many friends and enemies, is not alien to the ups and downs of life. He tries to always be aware of everything, keep his hand on the pulse.

There are several marriages in his life because of his complex nature.

Sagittarius — Good-natured, lucky. In gambling, he is lucky, does not know how to keep his mouth shut, because of which he clashes into conflicts.

He does not like monotonous work, seeks to take a leadership chair. The second marriage is more successful than the first.

Capricorn — Vicious, ambitious. Persistently goes to the target, a workaholic.

Strives for financial well-being, respects traditions, does not like to communicate. Wife will choose a long and carefully because of the inability to express feelings.

Aquarius — Restrained, calm. Does not raise the voice and does not get involved in conflicts.

His life is haunted by loss, serious illness. For all my life I will change several professions, there will not be financial stability.

Can not become a reliable husband.

Pisces — Restless, sensual. Thanks to well-developed intuition, makes the right decisions.

It is subject to frequent stresses and depressions, it does not tolerate criticism, is dependent on the surrounding opinion, goes with the flow. In marriage, he is reliable.

Compatible with female names

Michael's Name Day - character, career and fate, the meaning of the name

  • Planet — Saturn.
  • The color of the name is Turquoise.
  • Season — Summer.
  • Happy day of the week — Friday.
  • Lucky number is 8.
  • Metal — Tin.
  • Libra.
  • Element — Fire.
  • Totem animal — Bear.
  • Plant — Strawberries.
  • Linden tree.
  • Mineral mascot — Jasper.

Famous people named Michael

  • Mikhail Isakovsky is a Russian poet.
  • Mikhail Zharov is a Russian actor.
  • Mikhail Gerasimov is a Russian anthropologist.
  • Mikhail Larionov is a Russian painter.
  • Mikhail Fedorovich — Russian Tsar.

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