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Melissa — the meaning of the name, personality, character traits and fate

Beautiful Melissa — the character and fate of a girl

Name interpretation

Melissa - the meaning of the name, personality, character traits and fate

Other forms of the name: Melly, Mell, Mel, Lissy.

The appearance of the name: Greek.

The ancient Greek translation means «bee». It goes back to ancient Greek mythology, at a time when bees were worshiped by the Greeks as sacred, divine beings, they believed that bees are nymphs. Melissa, being one of the nymphs, became the mother of all bees.

So called the priestesses of Demeter, proceeding from this, the name has other interpretations as “successful” and hardworking.

There is also a version according to which Melissa is the Babylonian goddess of fertility. Although the plausibility in it is small, compared with the previous origin.

Character and personality

As a girl she is very brave, agile and inquisitive, with a constant burden of independence, in short, a child she is not at all simple. However, parents should not hurry with the whip, because if they gain patience, then Melli will grow up a wonderful person.

Is very friendly, has good leadership qualities, from which often becomes the center of attention of others.

Baby is a great helper around the house, especially if this help concerns something new for her. Already at such a young age, she manifests a desire to do everything in the best possible way, despite everything.

And if she wants to get something, she will be happy to do some work for it, without throwing tantrums.

Lissi is a good student, but not all subjects. She is fairly easy to learn and remembers the new information, but with the fact that she is not interested, things are worse — she simply lacks the perseverance to learn a boring subject.

She has a craving for creative tasks and processes, likes to sing and draw, especially sympathizes with dancing, so that if you give the girl proper attention and attention, you can help her to achieve very high results in the future.

Growing up, Mell leaves his character almost unchanged — she appears active, and the ability to lead people is further enhanced, passion and passion appear. She likes to relax with friends, whom she usually has a lot, in various places — from clubs to theaters.

Even if her friends are far away, she will still keep in touch with them.

Melissa - the meaning of the name, personality, character traits and fate

Lissy has a fascination, and harmony follows her. She is ready to share her joyful radiation with everyone, her presence disposes others to calmness.

It personifies light and warmth, affection and tenderness, the girl takes care of her own appearance, sometimes even with a hint of vanity.

Confidence in a girl does not hold, and she easily starts a business of any complexity. However, it is not always possible to bring this matter to its logical conclusion because of its excessive self-confidence, although it will never be shaken.

She is so good that even those who are at odds with her are decent, reliable, incapable of treachery and meanness.

Melly loves independence and personal freedom, she is a responsible, perfectionist, and does not miss a reason to prove it. She shows unprecedented accuracy in life and work, but even so, everyone is not a bore, but rather, on the contrary, it is very interesting to communicate with her.

It is characterized by penetration by the atmosphere in which it is located and develops, intuitively feels it; this skill allows her to escape from time to time to the world of fantasy.

In childhood, her weak immunity can cause many of her parents’ sleepless nights. It is also a pity that such a state often remains in adulthood.

Doctors recommend paying special attention to proper nutrition and the condition of the digestive system.

Work and career

Due to her qualities, Mell is able to succeed in almost any field, for a certain period she is able to do even the most boring and dismal work. But she quickly get tired of it, and she wants something more.

Amusing is the fact that even in her work, the girl is creative, and her decisions are often amazing in their effectiveness.

A woman is capable of becoming a very earnest getter. She knows the price of money, but she herself can be content with little.

Rationalism is in her blood, has a secret love for various adventures, and can become an archaeologist, a mountain climber, or a geologist.

Love and relationships

Melissa - the meaning of the name, personality, character traits and fate

It is quite possible that his betrothed Melli will meet at all not at the bus stop on the way to work, but somewhere far from his native land. Such a romance will thrive and be sure to end with a beautiful wedding.

Melly’s love can be found in hundreds of her states.

She is in no hurry to get married, and comes out only if she loves her chosen one. He, by the way, must have a strong character, and be able to follow him.

She is looking for a reliable support in her husband, and she is ready to shift the entire load of materiality onto his manly shoulders.

In a relationship shows confidence and warmth. Malissa will be very emotional in love, and not able to control her passion.

In the family circle tends to pay more attention to relatives.

Melissa’s Birthday Celebration: July 19

Popular carriers named

  • Melissa Roich, 1980, actress, director, producer, USA.
  • Melisa Carlton, 1978, swimmer, South Africa.
  • Melissa Rivers, 1968, actress, USA.
  • Melissa Forman, radio host.
  • Melissa McKelland, 1979, singer, USA.
  • Melissa George, 1976, actress, Australia.
  • Melissa Gilbert, 1964, USA.
  • Melissa Leo, 1960, actress, USA.
  • Melissa Auf dea Mour, 1972, singer, Canada.
  • Melissa Etheridge, 1961, rock singer.

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