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Meaning, the origin of the name Isabella — the nature and fate

The value of the name Isabella — compatibility in relationships, characteristics

The name Isabella is derived from the Occitan name Isabeu, which is one of the forms of the common name Elizabeth and is translated as «beauty.» There is also a view that the name Isabella is a Hebrew name meaning «divine.» This name is most popular in European countries — Spain, France.

Women named by this name are distinguished by a rather obstinate, lively and wayward character.

Meaning, the origin of the name Isabella - the nature and fate

Affectionately Isabella is called Belle, Bella, Isa, Squirrel, Isa. This name is especially popular in Spain, there exist such variations of the name as Isabella, Ishibel, Isavella, Isabel.

The most powerful and pronounced qualities of Isabella are generosity and inner strength. This woman has a sharp mind and well-developed logic, she knows how to think outside the box.

It is hard to push it psychologically, as it is resistant to this kind of effect.

Also in Isabella combined in Spanish temperamental features: impulsivity, irascibility. She is very unpredictable, people find it difficult to explain the sudden changes in her mood. Because of her impetuousness, Isabella is sometimes not easy to establish contact with people — she is poorly able to control herself.

In controversial situations, she tries not to defend herself, but to attack, such women are said to be killed in one word, if they are touched for living.

Little Isabella is a bold, fearless girl who, at times, shocks her parents with her hooligan antics. In it, seemingly incompatible features — feminine coquettishness and rebelliousness get along in an incredible way.

Isabella is restless, so it is difficult for her to learn, much more exciting for her is to organize a collective absenteeism of lessons.

Since childhood, the girl, named Belle, is selfish — her own interests are almost always higher than anyone else. That is why Isabella’s parents should try to inculcate respect and non-indifference to others from the very childhood.

Formed a young girl Isabel — a femme fatale, conquering her charm. She naturally possesses amazing taste and always knows how to present herself in a favorable light. With the passage of life, the violent temper of the girl accompanies her, over the years she becomes only more temperate.

Her behavior is highly dependent on self-perception when being with a certain person. If she is comfortable, she turns off her selfishness and stubbornness and communicates easily.

By older adults, Bella increasingly prefers loneliness to noisy companies, chooses friends more carefully. Adult Isabella is a strong and confident woman, ready to overcome any difficulties.

She prefers to keep her feelings, including love, with herself. Despite her unpredictability and impulsiveness, Belle is a hardworking person with clear leadership and organizational skills that help her succeed in her career.

The owners of this name are stubborn and organized, they know how to focus on work and work on the result. A woman with such a bright name is not difficult to take the position of a demanding, strict boss, a formal leader. If in childhood Bella’s girl develops her creative abilities, in the future she may well work as an actress, a writer, a fashion designer, a singer.

She is a very talented and versatile person.

Isabella’s Angel Day falls on:

Aspects of life

Since the girls, named after Isabel, are distinguished by their sensuality and passion, they soon learn what love is. Men are drawn to him with incredible strength.

Isabella likes serious, intelligent, unapproachable representatives of the stronger sex. She is not attracted to beautiful men, for her it does not matter.

Much more important is the inner core, calm male confidence and the ability to take responsibility for their woman.

Women with the name of Bell are able to analyze the experience of past relationships and not to step on the same rake. Often, the owners of this name become the wives of foreigners.

Such a love for foreign novels is explained by Isabella’s addiction to adventure, new sensations. Making love for Bella is a whole art, she seeks to work on her love skills.

Belle also finds her destiny in the family. Household responsibilities and raising children for her are the joys of life, not routine.

However, she will hardly ever be ready to sacrifice her career for the family. It is very important for her to feel her own demand and to be realized.

Thanks to her persistent, desperate temperament and ability to bring things to the end, she is able to easily fly up the career ladder. She easily copes with the role of a manager, knows how to find the right approaches to employees.

Isabella loves and knows how to work, she is stress-resistant, demanding of herself and her subordinates.

Nature, as a rule, gives Isabella good health. However, it can be susceptible to allergies and intestinal problems.

She should carefully monitor her diet.

Compatibility with other names

Isabella can build a happy relationship with men bearing such names as Harry, Robert, Daniel, Edward, Askold. Tenuous relations are possible with Albert, Vilen, Maximilian.


The color of Isabella’s aura is dark blue, it symbolizes loyalty, devotion, constancy.

The planet that affects Isabella is the Moon. This planet is responsible for emotionality and instincts.

The sign of the zodiac name — Cancer, which speaks of loyalty and devotion to family life.

Stone amulet — sapphire. Patronizing plant — tulip.

The patron animal is a zebra.

Meaning, the origin of the name Isabella - the nature and fate

Famous carriers named

Famous women named Isabella:

  • Isabella I of Castile — Queen of Castile and Leon (1451-1504)
  • Isabella of Aragon and Castile — Queen of Portugal (1470-1498)
  • Isabella of Jerusalem — Queen of Jerusalem (1172-1205)
  • Isabella Rossellini — Italian film actress and model (1952 — present)

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