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Meaning, origin of the name, character and fate of Agatha

The meaning of the name Agatha — character and fate

The Russian name Agatha is derived from the Greek name Agathos. In ancient Greece, this name, as a rule, was given to kind, bright and, along with this, stubborn, girls.

To this day, it is believed that the owners of this melodious name are calm, friendly, at the same time, logical and fairly solid women.

Meaning, origin of the name, character and fate of Agatha

Name options

This name is widespread in Europe. There are such options as Agatha, Aggie, Agi, Agueda, Agathe.

In Russia Agatya is affectionately called Agafya, Agafyushka, Aga, Agasha, Gassia.

Agasha is kind, patient, she loves to be the soul of the company. She knows what she wants, and she needs no one to achieve her goals — she is independent, in and of itself, and in a state of harmony with the world and with herself.

Agatha is open to everything new, she likes to engage in self-development from a young age. She is observant and attentive.

Despite the openness to the world, Aga, as a rule, focuses exclusively on itself: on its sensations from interacting with the world.

Agafiam is hard to show such strong emotions as joy or grief, chaos can reign in her soul, however she will never give the impression that something hurts her. At the same time, Agata is a woman who is hospitable and strives to create a family hearth, since childhood she has dreamed of building her own nest.

As a rule, in her childhood, Agata is a quiet girl who tries to avoid noisy collective games, she likes calm and loneliness, she does not like to go to kindergarten.

However, as soon as the girl begins to study at school, a miraculous reincarnation of the first ringleader takes place. The school reveals the potential of a cheerful, sociable person. Agatha prefers the company of girls to the company of boys, in which she can easily become a leader.

At the same time, it can be quite difficult for a girl to share her hidden things with other people, despite the sociability shown. She is one of those people who have a wide circle of communication, but prefer to trust the closest.

Agate is easy to learn, since logical and analytical thinking is perfectly developed by the bearers of a given name. Therefore, adult Agafya is a cold-minded girl with strong ambitions and a clear understanding of what she wants and how to get it.

She is a true leader, a defender of justice, she likes to protect weak people and animals.

In love, women with the name Agatha are usually extremely lucky. She knows how to give love and receive it in return.

She feels happiness, creating home comfort, engaged in the preparation of culinary masterpieces, raising children.


The color of Agafya’s aura is purple, it symbolizes the leadership principle, well-developed intuition and the desire for power.

The planet affecting Agatha is Uranus. Thanks to the connection with this planet, Agatha has a love of changes, innovations, and the ability to listen to his own inner voice.

The sign of the zodiac name is Aquarius. Women who are under the auspices of this sign are distinguished by inner calm and restraint.

Meaning, origin of the name, character and fate of Agatha

Day Angel

Name Day Agafia celebrates 4 times a year, according to the calendar of the Sretensky Monastery:

Meaning, origin of the name, character and fate of Agatha

Aspects of life

Thanks to advanced leadership skills, Agatha is able to build a successful career in politics and business. She knows how to manage people and motivate them to follow her.

Agafye is a pleasure to engage in self-development, thanks to which she can master almost any profession.

The bearers of this beautiful name have the ability to attract the attention of men with their unrestrained energy and vitality. However, the relationship of a woman with this name with a man can “stumble” about Agafya’s jealousy.

She loves to control everything, and the man is no exception. Therefore, the choice of the right choice is what Agasha is ready to spend many years carefully searching for her ideal.

The man she believes will be the happiest man in the world.

Agatha is usually from birth has good health, excellent immunity. However, in adolescence, disorders of the gastrointestinal tract may be observed, and in adulthood, Agafya may experience varicose veins and hormonal disorders.

Compatibility with other names

Women with the name Agatha are more likely to be compatible with men bearing the names: Maxim, Arseny, Mikhail, Nikolai, Andrei.

Agatha can become excellent friends with Anastasia, Maria, Anna, Varvara.

Famous carriers named

Women who bore the name of Agatha and left their mark on the story:

  • Agathia of Palermo and Agatha Aquileica — fought for the faith of Christ in the 3rd century;
  • Agatha Christie — a brilliant British writer (1891-1976);
  • Agatha Barbara — state, public figure, president of Malta (1923-2002);
  • Agata Mutseniece — Russian-Lithuanian model and actress (1989 — present).

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