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Meaning, origin and secret of the name Catherine (Kate): the character and fate of a girl

The value of the name Catherine, the nature and fate of women

The name Catherine (short form — Kate) is of Greek origin and is literally translated as "recalcitrant", "immaculate", "clean". The first mentions of him appeared in 1638 in the Moscow Census. The popularity of the name increased during the birth of the daughter of Tsar Alexei Mikhailovich, whom he called Ekaterina.

The woman celebrates the name once a year: December 7th is the commemoration of the Great Martyr Catherine of Alexandria.

Analogs and diminutive forms of the name: Katyunya, Katka, Kat, Katti, Kotya, Katerina, Katerinka, Katyukha, Katya, Katyusichka, Katyushik, Katrin, Katrina, Katarina, Katel, Katalina, Katrinushka, Rina, Rinusya, Rinka, Katyushka.

The interpretation of this female name is associated with the word "Katharios" (translated from Greek — "bright and pure soul"). Another version of deciphering the meaning of the name Catherine: from the Greek word "catharsis" — "cleansing".

In the western tradition in the name is missing the initial "E" — Katrin, Katrina. Catholics have the male name Katherine.

The name Catherine was especially popular in the last century, as a result, nominal names and stable expressions appeared: ask Katya — set a spanking, caterpillar — get rich, Katya — a doll, Katyusha — a bill of 100 rubles (the portrait of Catherine II was depicted on it).

In the modern world, the name Catherine is among the ten most common female names and is considered majestic and regal. It describes a victorious nature with a strong character.

Meaning, origin and secret of the name Catherine (Kate): the character and fate of a girl

Katya is growing up a calm and sensible child, she loves an active pastime and easily finds a common language with boys and girls of her age. Catherine can not be called conflict and capricious in kind.

She rarely re-reads her parents and conscientiously performs the assignments and duties entrusted to her by her own people.

The girl considers herself more talented and more authoritative than the other guys and becomes a leader in the class. She wants to become a popular person and achieves this by succeeding in her studies and in extracurricular activities.

The girl is intelligent beyond his age and has a wide outlook. The child to the exact sciences and not indifferent to literature and foreign languages. Katya is engaged in music, singing and dancing, winning creative contests and intellectual fights.

Katerina’s freedom should not be limited; she does not accept criticism in her own way. A person who doubts her talents will immediately become her worst enemy.

The girl Catherine is a person of mood. She can be kind, sweet and docile, and in a few minutes she can become an embittered and rude person. Katya does not share toys and sweets with her friends.

If she conceived something, it is impossible to convince her.

Student years of the owner of a similar name are for textbooks. She spends a lot of time preparing for exams.

Katya takes her studies seriously and is engaged with great enthusiasm, as she is sure that without a higher education and knowledge it is impossible to get a prestigious profession.

The nature of girls born at different times of the year:

  1. one. Winter. This is a tough, secretive and silent girl. It is difficult to find an approach to it and win its location. Katya, who was born in the winter, can be prudent and cunning. She is proud and vain.
  2. 2 Autumn. The girl is a demanding and uncompromising nature with a keen sense of justice. Katya, born in the autumn season, is charismatic and feminine, she is a born leader.
  3. 3 Summer. This is a gentle creative person. Summer Catherine loves outdoor activities and intellectual entertainment. In this girl the mind and beauty are combined, she is comprehensively developed and confidently goes through life, easily achieving the desired.
  4. four. Spring. The girl is a miserable, stubborn, but cheerful and restless person. Spring Katerina has many friends, she never sits idle and will find an interesting topic for conversation with any person.

Meaning, origin and secret of the name Catherine (Kate): the character and fate of a girl

Most often, women named Catherine have a beautiful and aristocratic appearance:

  • light skin and blue eyes;
  • blonde hair of medium length, fashionable hairstyle and flawless makeup;
  • regal gait and correct posture;
  • exclusive clothes in romantic or classic style;
  • well-groomed skin and slim figure.

The secret of a woman named Catherine lies in the great enthusiasm and irrepressible energy. These qualities, combined with wisdom, high ambitions and a subtle mind, are the formula for success.

Character, psychological portrait of Catherine and compatibility with male names are presented in the table.

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