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Meaning, origin and mystery of the name Valeria, character and fate of the girl

Name Valery is derived from the male name Valery. Like all representatives of the names that have a masculine, the girls he named have strong character traits inherent in the opposite sex.

Valeria is very purposeful and extremely strong-willed ladies. With the bearer of such a name it is not necessary to enter into conflicts, because the cunning of the woman and the courage of this girl’s men predetermine her victory in any dispute.

Valeria does not succumb to difficulties, she is a born fighter who never gives up.

Name of Valery girls called since ancient times. The origin and meaning of the name is associated with the Latin «valeo» — healthy. From the Greek and Roman, its interpretation is read as «hardy», «strong», «strong.»

In the Orthodox calendar, the history of this name begins with Valeria of Caesarea, who was one of the first to adopt Christianity and devote her life to serving the Lord. In Catholicism there are also mentions of the holy martyrs Valeria, so the girl can celebrate the name day according to several dates.

According to the church calendar in Christianity, the day of the angel of this woman is associated with Valeria of Caesarea — June 20. Adherents of other religions can choose for themselves another time of celebration in accordance with the date that is closest to the birthday.

For Valeria, the following values, signs, dates, days and symbols are happy and patronizing:

Patron PlanetsMercury, Pluto
Patron saintWater
Patron saint constellationsLeo, Scorpio
Patron saintsMartyrs: Valeria Afrikanskaya, Valeria Milanskaya, Valeria Caesarea, Valeria Limozhskaya
Day AngelMarch 31, April 23, 28, May 6, June 6, 7, 20, December 9
StonesPomegranate, Emerald, Malachite
MetalsSilver, aluminum
TreesCherry, Chestnut
ColorsPurple yellow
Totem animalHorse
TalismansScarab beetle, lizard
Lucky number in numerologyeight
Important years of life18, 19, 20, 27, 30, 34, 38, 44, 50, 63, 67
Good day of the weekTuesday

The girls named Valeria are often called Lerames in the family circle. A shortened version of the name is sometimes recorded in official documents — Valerie, but in Russia this is not accepted, therefore the full spelling is most often used.

Valechka, Lerik, Lerusya — these options are used as petulants, but you should not abuse such abbreviations, since the sound of the name has a great influence on the character of a person. In order to use all the advantages inherent in the name, parents should teach their daughter to represent their full name from an early age.

Meaning, origin and mystery of the name Valeria, character and fate of the girl

An important aspect in Valeria’s life is the influencing constellation. Without this, it is difficult to give a complete transcript of the character of a woman.

This girl always attracts the attention of others, but the characteristic behavior in relationships with people depends largely on her zodiac sign.

Characteristic of Valeria on a horoscope:

Zodiac sign and date of birthCharacteristic of Valeria
Aries (21. 03 — 19. 04)The influence of this constellation is expressed in the stubbornness and intractability of the woman. This lady will never make concessions. If she decided something, then it is impossible to convince her
Taurus (20. 04 — 20. 05)This is a hardworking and sensible girl. Valeria-Taurus has a heightened sense of responsibility, so you can always rely on her and in everything
Gemini (21. 05 — 21. 06)Valeria Gemini is a rather controversial person. With this lady, people easily find a common language, but you should not trust her. This girl’s plans change several times a day, she is unreliable and frivolous
Cancer (22. 06 — 22. 07)This is a born wife and mother. For this woman, the family is the most important value. From a young age, Valeria-Rak wants to get married and devote her life to housekeeping, caring for her husband and raising children
Leo (23. 07 — 22. 08)The constellation of Leo gives the girl a special charisma, she is extremely attractive to the male, but to win her heart is not so easy. This Valeria does not tolerate weak and insecure people.
Virgo (23. 08 — 22. 09)Born under this constellation is different realistic world views. This woman is practical and prudent. She is not typical dreaminess and romance
Scales (23. 09 — 23. 10)The constellation of oscillating Libra reduces the determination inherent in Valerie. The lady of this sign often suffers from self-doubt. As partners, she should choose a strong and strong-willed man who will take responsibility for her decisions.
Scorpio (24. 10 — 22. 11)This is a born warrior. For the Scorpio girl, there are no insurmountable obstacles, she always finds the right path to success, ruthlessly eliminating rivals
Sagittarius (23. 11 — 21. 12)The charming lady-Sagittarius is always in the center of attention, but this zodiac sign adversely affects the character of purposeful Valeria. This woman does not know how to achieve what she wants, as with any problem she turns away from the chosen path.
Capricorn (22. 12 — 19. 01)The influence of Capricorn adds lady pessimism. The inherent cheerfulness of a girl fades in this combination, so Valeria-Capricorn often falls into depression. It is hard to live with her, she is sullen and cynical, but she cannot be accused of being infantile. The intelligence and wisdom of such a lady can only be envied
Aquarius (20. 01 — 18. 02)The windiness and charm of Aquarius give the lightness of a serious and thorough Valeria. With this girl you can hardly get bored, but in important matters you should not rely on her. Aquarius woman is not distinguished by loyalty and reliability, she can unintentionally betray a person by changing the course by accident
Fish (19. 02 — 20. 03)Sweet and tender Pisces are sensitive and suspicious. This Valeria goes with the flow, but very often takes her to the world of fantasy. She tends to idealize people, so she is often disappointed in them.

Meaning, origin and mystery of the name Valeria, character and fate of the girl

Valeria’s life path is thorny and changeable, but fate is favorable to her. This lady is able to adapt to life circumstances, therefore she easily goes through ups and downs. The secret of this woman in her strength, the distinctive features of Valeria are:

It is difficult to ruffle, but if someone succeeds, then he gets what he deserves. Valeria is rather restrained and tactful, but in moments of anger, this woman changes beyond recognition.

The rage of this lady negates all the norms of morality and ethics, incorporated in it from childhood. However, few people are confronted with the rigidity of a girl, in everyday life she is sweet and friendly.

She has many friends and friends who sincerely love and appreciate her.

Meaning, origin and mystery of the name Valeria, character and fate of the girl

Early childhood is the most important stage in the development of the personality of Valeria. The baby is rather capricious and self-willed, but she perfectly perceives the teachings of the parents. At the age of 3 to 5 years old she doesn’t need to repeat the instructions 10 times, she grasps everything on the fly.

Valeria requires greater attention, so parents should play with her more often, otherwise the girl will begin to commit unseemly acts to attract adults to communicate with her.

She has no problems with peers, Valeria is not torn into leaders, but she cannot be called an outcast either. This is a friendly and sweet girl who knows how to make friends and play calmly with the guys. However, Lera is quite selfish, so she is unlikely to share her toys with anyone.

Wean her from greed is useless, but you can teach the baby the art of compromise. This girl is very calculating, so she is happy to let her doll play in exchange for a chocolate bar.

From an early age, Valeria feels her femininity and attractiveness. She loves to dress up and loves to show off in front of the public.

This girl is eager to admire her talents, which can perfectly manifest in active activities. She will definitely achieve high results in her creative work, so parents need to pay attention to her preferences and write Lera into classes:

You should not force Valeria to draw or play the piano, this girl is restless, she will suffer from a lack of mobility during such studies. She can develop in such areas only of her own will, Lera categorically rejects any coercion.

Adolescence Valeria passes smoothly. This girl does not cause any particular problems to her parents, but Lera herself is going through this period painfully. Changes in appearance cause her a lot of inconvenience and often turn into complexes.

Social assessment is very important for Valeria, so she tries to look bright and beautiful, and if she finds a pimple on her face, she can refuse to attend school.

Boys, she begins to be interested quite early, but behaves with them squeezed and constrained. Lera rarely enters into intimate relations with them before marriage, since her moral concepts are laid down very deeply. She devotes much of her youth to study, she is rarely seen in a noisy group of peer friends.

Usually, Valeria chooses his girlfriend as a serious girl, with whom she maintains relations all her life.

Lera is responsive and responsible, if the parents ask her to perform some task, then she will do everything. However, to teach this girl to order is very difficult. Chaos always reigns in her room, as accuracy is unusual for her.

Material values ​​for her are secondary, therefore, Valeria will tell her that she has no time to do the cleaning because she is preparing for her lessons, when she reproaches her negligence.

Lera is learning well, the intellectual and spiritual development of this girl can only be envied. She has an excellent memory, so she learns most of the educational material from lessons, and in her spare time she studies additional information on subjects in order to show off knowledge and get high marks.

Valeria gets married rather late, because education and career are considered the most important components of her life. She will never devote herself to the family, as she needs achievements and public recognition of her merits.

Even if Lera meets a life partner in her youth, she first finishes her studies, and only then thinks about marriage.

By mature age, Valeria acquires a truly feminine charm. Crowds of fans are circling around her, but this lady makes excessive demands on men.

Her chosen one is only an accomplished and self-confident cavalier. This woman often connects her life with a man who is much older than her, as she is attracted by his experience and wisdom.

She has a logical, masculine mindset, so she likes to communicate with members of the opposite sex. Valeria rarely gives in to emotions and does not like when someone with her raises her voice or falls into hysterics.

In her close social circle, she allows only reserved and balanced people. She gets along well with those around her, but always keeps her distance, keeping her personal space.

Lera does not climb into other people’s affairs, she very reluctantly helps people who ask her about something. This woman does not like to take on someone’s problems, but also prefers to solve her own problems.

It is difficult to get close to her, but if someone succeeds, then in the person of Valeria, a person finds a faithful and loyal friend and ally. She does not throw words to the wind, so she always keeps her promises. You can safely rely on this lady in any business, but you should not deceive her.

Intuition is highly developed among those named by this name, this woman instantly recognizes a lie. Valeria does not forgive betrayal, having lost her trust once, it is already impossible to restore him.

Thanks to intuition, this girl often avoids unpleasant situations. The older she gets, the more she learns to trust her feelings.

This woman unmistakably predicts the outcome of any business or relationship, so you can turn to her for advice.

Characteristic of Valeria in various aspects:

Health and psycheThis woman has a stable psyche and excellent health. However, Valerie has a tendency to be overweight, so they have to restrict themselves all their lives in the diet. The energy of this lady should find a way out in active activities, otherwise she would be threatened with osteochondrosis, headaches and other diseases associated with neurology.

Valeria does not seek leadership positions, she does not know how to manage people, but in the chosen profession she always reaches significant heights. She is close to the creative directions where she can show off her talents.

Often these women become actresses, singers, leading various events. They are bored with everyday activities.

Each Valeria dreams of dizzying highs that will bring her public recognition. Even if this woman chooses the profession of a kindergarten teacher, then she will be the best entertaining master whom parents and leaders will praise and respect.

HobbiesDespite the raging streams of energy, Valeria does not like sports. She hardly forces herself to swim, run, do fitness, but does it to keep in shape. Lera devotes her free time to reading and various types of needlework, she loves to cook, but does it all at will.LoveValerie’s love relationship is extremely successful. She is not prone to short intrigues, so she behaves seriously with men. This lady likes to flirt, but if the gentleman goes beyond what is permitted, she immediately shows all its severity and rigidity. It is unlikely that someone will be able to twist with her romance without commitment. This woman in each partner looks out for her future husband, and if a man is not suitable for marriage, Lera will not even look in his direction. In love, she does not go on about the feelings, but love this woman knows how. This woman envelops her chosen one with caress, care and tenderness. This is a very honest and loyal woman, she never changes her man, but she will not tolerate infidelity either.MarriageIn marriage, Lera is revealed, next to her beloved, she manifests all the positive qualities. This is a good housewife and a wonderful mother. She knows how to manage money, so her husband does not have to worry because of female extravagance. Coziness and peace reign in this woman’s home, but she will never get along with an overly tidy man who finds fault with the mess. This lady does not know how to organize the space in accordance with generally accepted standards, but this does not mean that a warm blanket lying around the chair lies there just like that — it was Valeria who put it there on purpose so that her husband would wrap himself up when she aired the apartment.SexSexuality of this woman comes through in every gesture. The girl is passionate and temperamental, but she gives her sensuality only to those who are affectionate and gentle with her. It can not be called a hypocrite, but in sex it is quite conservative. She needs to offer experiments in bed very carefully, otherwise Valeria will show her coldness and detachment. She does not like hard sex, the intimate sphere of her life is directly related to feelings in a relationship, therefore the manifestation of rudeness is unacceptable for her

When determining the compatibility should take into account the characteristics of the male name. The best thing about Valeria is to form alliances with carriers of the following names:

Man’s nameRelationship characteristics
AlexanderWith this man, Lera is confident in the future. In such an alliance, disagreements rarely arise, because partners resolve issues at ease, finding compromises.
AnatolyPowerful and responsible Anatoly is perfect for the role of a husband for this woman. Peace and harmony reign in this pair
ArtemArtem bravely tolerates a woman’s temper, so it’s impossible to quarrel with him. This union is based on mutual respect, in which a man forgives his beloved all her whims
BogdanBogdan and Valeria make up the perfect match. They have common interests and goals in life, so they confidently go through life together
ValeryMutual understanding in this union arises on an intuitive level. The consonance of the names of partners positively affects their life together.
VyacheslavWith this man, the woman has to take the lead in the relationship, but it does not demean the merits of Vyacheslav. These beloved rarely quarrel, but even after quarrels they reconcile themselves very soon.
MaksimThe union of this couple is based on insane love. Maxim and Valery are attracted to each other’s sexual attraction, but in other spheres of life they find much in common.
OlegWith Oleg, the girl shows all her femininity. This man becomes a strong support for a girl who appreciates the reliability of a partner.
SergeiThis union is unstable in material terms, but both partners develop spiritually here and attain harmony on an emotional level.

Valeria is not recommended to establish a serious relationship with the carriers of the following names:

Man’s nameRelationship characteristics
AlbertThis man is too powerful and independent. He puts pressure on the chosen one with his authoritarianism and demands submission, giving nothing in return
AndrewIt’s quite difficult to get along with Andrei Leray. He is no less selfish than she is, therefore conflicts constantly flare up in the union
EugeneThe carrier of this name is weak in character, for the powerful and strong lady he is not very attractive. Even if these partners love each other, a woman will soon get bored and leave her lover
MarkIn this alliance, the hostility of two opposing personalities is often manifested. These men and women cannot get along, they do not find a common language, they misunderstand each other and constantly quarrel.
SvyatoslavSvyatoslav does not cause the girl respect. He is soft and pliable, and this woman needs a strong and domineering man whom she cannot crush and drive under his heel.

Valery’s name is quite popular, so many ladies-stars glorified him in various activities.

Valeria ZaklunnayaTheater and film actress
Valeria TsvetaevaBallet dancer, sister of the famous poetess Marina Tsvetaeva
Valeria KozlovaRussian singer, actress
Valeria BarsovaOpera singer
Valeria KudryavtsevaTV presenter
Valeria LanskayaSinger, film and theater actress
Valeria KondraTV presenter, pop singer
Valeria GerasimovaRussian Soviet writer
Valeria SavinykhRussian tennis player
Valeria SokolovaModel

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