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Meaning, origin and mystery of the name Roman, the fate of the boy

The novel is a beautiful manly name that belongs to a confident man with a subtle mind. Characteristics of the name depends on the time of year in which the child was born.

Winter Romance is quick-tempered, prone to committing impulsive acts. He never forgets the offense inflicted on him and sometimes pushes people away with his despotic character. Spring child is endowed with a soft compliant character.

He prefers to peacefully «go with the flow,» trusting fate.

A novel born in the summer is the soul of the company. Friends love him for his sincerity and respect for his dedication and hard work.

Autumn Romance is a realist. He soberly looks at life and prefers to achieve everything with his work, without relying on someone else’s help.

The history of the origin of the name goes back to the foundation of one of the most ancient cities — Rome. According to legend, one of the founders of the city was Romulus, on whose behalf the name «Roman» was later transformed.

The meaning of the name from the Latin language is translated as «Roman.» Some researchers attribute Greek roots to it.

The novel from the Greek language means «strong», «strong».

Derived on behalf of: Roma, Romchik, Romulya, Romagna, Chamomile.

Middle name: Romanovich, Romanovna.

Patron saints: Rev. Roman Sladkopevets, deacon Roman of Caesarea, Prince Ryazansky Roman Olegovich.

According to the church calendar, Angel Day (name days) is celebrated several times a year, depending on the date of birth of the child:

  • January 18;
  • February 11 and 16;
  • March 2 and 29;
  • May 5 and 15;
  • June 1 and 13;
  • August 1, 6, 11, 15, 23;
  • September 24;
  • October 8 and 14;
  • the 13th of November;
  • December 1 and 10

Meaning, origin and mystery of the name Roman, the fate of the boy

The description of the character of the novel is important to trace from childhood. It is during this period that the personality of the child is formed.

In early childhood, the baby pleases parents with its affectionate and active character. He never sits still, he prefers to communicate with people and learn about the world around him.

Thanks to sociability he easily manages to make friends. He treats his parents with due respect. He does not allow himself to argue with them and act contrary to their opinion.

Determination and diligence help him to learn successfully. The student is often praised by the teacher, forcing his parents to be proud of their child.

The secret of the name lies in the fact that the young man is very much under the influence of others. It is important to ensure that he does not get into bad company.

In the period of adolescence, Roman possesses such qualities as attentiveness, sociability, dreaminess and romance. Relatives should help him unleash potential and find his place in life.

With their faith and support, he will be able to achieve great success.

In adulthood, a man is hardworking and inquisitive. His subtle mind and sense of humor attract people to him who feel comfortable in his company.

The novel loves justice, so it is always ready to extend a helping hand to a person who has fallen prey to someone else’s negligence, deceit or betrayal.

Meaning, origin and mystery of the name Roman, the fate of the boy

The novel is an attractive and charming young man, not deprived of female attention. In his youth, his relationship with the opposite sex is driven by passion.

He is a skilled and experienced lover. Sex is one of the highest pleasures in his life. A man often gets romance because he finds it difficult to be faithful to one girl.

Keeping him close to him is not easy, he obeys only his desires and rarely thinks about the feelings of women with whom he has loving relationships.

Despite the reputation of the conqueror of women’s hearts, inside he feels the need for love. For him, the age and appearance of the chosen one is unimportant, he appreciates only the sincerity of her feelings for him.

With a girl whom Roman truly loves, he will be tender and courteous. A man honors family values, responsibly relates to marriage vows. For his wife and children, he is the support and support in everything.

He gladly helps his beloved to do housework and spends a lot of time with his children.

Favorable compatibility with female names to build a strong family: Aurora, Angelica, Valeria, Christina, Maria, Marina, Nelly, Julia.

Unfavorable compatibility: Arina, Galina, Evgenia, Ksenia, Nadezhda, Oksana, Olga, Elvira.

Meaning, origin and mystery of the name Roman, the fate of the boy

In childhood, the boy is often worried about respiratory diseases. In a more mature age, he may be disturbed by unpleasant symptoms caused by diseases of the internal organs.

Especially close attention should be paid to the state of the stomach and gallbladder.

It is recommended to undergo a regular medical examination in order to promptly identify health problems and begin their treatment.

To keep Roman’s health strong, he should spend more time outdoors, play sports and limit the use of junk food.

Romana is attracted to professions related to constant communication with people. It is also important for him to be able to constantly learn something new and switch from one class to another.

Monotonous work he does not like. However, he will do an excellent job with monotonous work if he has an incentive in the form of high wages or the possibility of moving up the career ladder.

Since childhood, he dreams of becoming a firefighter, police officer or architect. Also, the young man will show himself well in the role of a bank employee, manager or administrator. The opportunity to open his own business does not seem attractive to him.

He prefers to diligently carry out his duties without imposing a great responsibility on himself.

Colleagues love Roman for his sociability and responsiveness, and the authorities appreciate his high professionalism. For men, it is important to purchase their own housing and car, to be able to constantly travel, go to theaters and restaurants.

Therefore, he will not accept low wages. The main incentive to work for him is a decent remuneration for his work.

The novel is an inquisitive person. From early childhood, he was attracted to distant countries, dreams of which do not leave him at a more mature age.

He loves to travel and with great pleasure learns the previously unknown. A fun trip in a fun company is something that can make him truly happy.

Another side of his character — the love of art. He enthusiastically visits museums and theaters, enjoys music and follows the development of cinema.

The hobby of a child, which can later grow into an occupation of his whole life, is martial arts. The young man trains hard to achieve success in sports.

If he feels the support of his family, he will be able to reach great heights.

Signs and symbols of the name Roman, as well as their interpretation are given in the table:

Sign, symbol or mascotDecryption
Stone Mascot — AmethystAmethyst — a symbol of love, wisdom and spiritual strength. Our ancestors believed that the stone protects its owner from negative thoughts and protects him from the difficulties of life. In ancient Rome, it was believed that amethyst brings good luck and treats nervous disorders
Color — purpleThis color indicates hot temper and stubbornness. The merits of a person’s character include responsibility and loyalty to their principles.
Name number — onePeople whose unit is a unit have a pronounced individuality. This quality often leads to the fact that a person becomes arrogant and selfish — he develops the idea of ​​his own uniqueness. The main obstacle to achieving success for him is laziness. If you manage to overcome it, new perspectives will open before the person.
Patron of the planet — Mercury and SaturnMercury in astrology is a symbol of curiosity and thirst for travel. The planet gives people such qualities as energy, agility and sociability. Saturn is a symbol of justice and wisdom. The strengths of the character of the owners of the name — commitment, honesty, perseverance and self-discipline. Disadvantages: prudence, sharpness and severity
Natural element — FirePeople of the element of Fire often commit rash acts, obeying fleeting impulses. They treat life easily and are not afraid to take risks. Despite their cruelty, they are unable to take offense at the person who caused them evil for a long time. Their vindictiveness flares up as quickly as it fades away.
Animal — doeIn the East, the graceful doe is a symbol of longevity, power and wealth
Tree — CypressIn China, cypress is revered as a symbol of happiness and universal well-being.
Flower — VioletA gentle flower personifies the qualities of character that a person hides deep in his heart — loyalty, vulnerability and kindness. They are intended only for the closest and dearest people.
Metal — GoldGold is a symbol of power and wealth. It gives a person the ability to adapt to new conditions to his advantage. Gold also personifies the loyalty and dedication of a person to his second half.
Auspicious Day — SaturdayOn this day, fate favors man. All his ventures will be successful. The efforts made to achieve the desired goal will soon pay off.

Among the representatives of the name are many men whose life is an example of courage, determination and courage. These are military figures, sportsmen, businessmen, theater and film actors, musicians, etc.

Famous representatives of the name Roman:

Roman Isidorovich KondratenkoLieutenant-General, hero of the defense of Port Arthur. Under his leadership, hand grenades, mortars, anti-personnel mines, etc. were created and applied during the fighting. Roman Isidorovich inspired the soldiers by his personal example and inspired them with faith in the victory over the Japanese army. A street in St. Petersburg is named in his honor.
Roman Lazarevich CarmenSoviet film director, photographer, writer and publicist. Conducted filming during the Great Patriotic War, as part of the delegation from the Soviet Union attended the Nuremberg trials, shot documentaries in Vietnam, China, India, Indonesia. He has many awards and titles, among them: the Hero of Socialist Labor, People’s Artist of the USSR, is a knight of the Order of the Red Star and the Order of Labor, etc.
Roman Romanovich VredenRussian and Soviet doctor, author of the first Russian-language guide to orthopedics. They were offered new methods of surgery for the treatment of hernia, and also developed methods for the treatment of orthopedic diseases and deformities
Roman Abramovich AbramovichOne of the most successful Russian entrepreneurs. From 2001 to 2008, he served as governor of the Chukotka Autonomous Region. In 2006 he was awarded the Order of Honor for his contribution to the development of the Chukotka Autonomous Region. His name is annually included in the lists of the largest international publications that evaluate the most outstanding incomes of businessmen.
Roman Sergeyevich KostomarovIllustrious Russian figure skater, Olympic champion of 2006, two-time world champion, three-time European champion. Awarded the Order of Friendship for his contribution to the development of sport and high sporting achievements.

These people have reached great heights, their biographies serve as inspiration for millions of people around the world.

The story of one of our readers Alina R .:

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However, I decided that I still needed personal help. Sometimes it seems that the matter is in you, all the failures are only a consequence of bad energy, the evil eye or some other evil force.

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