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Meaning of the name Pauline: talismans, angel’s day, character and destiny, love

Fields, Polechka, Polina: the meaning of the name, talismans, fate and character

Realizing that calling Russian (Belarusian, Ukrainian …) children by foreign names is original, but not always appropriate, modern young mothers turned to old native names. For example, in the kindergarten it is increasingly possible to meet Polinka.

What fate do the parents award the girl by writing down this name in her birth certificate?

Meaning of the name Pauline: talismans, angel's day, character and destiny, love

Meaning of this old name

  1. Greek origin: “significant”.
  2. Latin: «small».
  3. French origin: a variant of the name Apollinaria, that is, «belonging to the god Apollo.» The deity was the patron saint of not only the sun, but also the wisdom of the arts, so calling the girl by that name, the parents wanted to give her high intelligence.

Names in other cultures: Polly (English speaking countries), Pauline (France), Paulina (Spain), Paolina (Germany).

Abbreviated form of the name: Polechka, Polinka, Fields, Pusya, Lina.

The character of a person with this name

  • She can communicate with everyone and everyone, knowing how to keep up the conversation on any topic with interest.
  • Will argue themselves hoarse, if her opinion is not considered. She does not know how to compromise; she loves to adhere only to her own opinion. It is not difficult to guess that she considers herself intelligent; as for others, she does not respect everyone (although she does not show her appearance).
  • The man whom she called a friend, she will not betray. Fields does not throw words — if she says that you are a good young man, this is not empty flattery, the girl is really sure of it (and despite the fact that she donates far from everyone with good qualities, this is a really strong compliment on her lips).
  • With household chores, she manages quickly and efficiently, although she does not feel much pleasure from doing cooking.
  • Polina will not gasp and groan over the beautiful landscape, she practices to the depths of the soul. He thinks not with his heart, but with his mind.

Her strengths can be considered the patience and perseverance with which the girl has problems; restraint, dedication. If life does not spoil Polina, she does not grumble, finding joy in the small.

This is a very responsible person.

Her weaknesses: strong self-criticism, fears (most often for no reason), temporary melancholy, thoughtfulness. A girl can sometimes be cold with home or friends.

Polina’s fate

  • At school This is a friendly, flexible baby. Her character is rather restless. She can go to a music club, to draw, she will not refuse to go on children’s holidays. The first fashionistas in the classroom, she will not pass for, but the clothes, haircut will choose modern.
  • Young girl polina loves peer company. Guys may consider her proud, but in reality the girl is not confident in herself. She does not take part in the disputes until they get hooked on her personal convictions — in this case her proprietary perseverance will “turn on” immediately. Girlfriends often trust her with their secrets, ask for help, and Pusya does not refuse, without demanding anything in return. Having bought a new dress and asking Polinka “How are you?”, Be prepared to find out that it is full. The girl always cuts the truth-womb in the eyes. However, in the views on herself she is also uncompromising.
  • Adult Fields can successfully get any position. Her colleagues love. At the same time, she is far from a workaholic, and if the spouse asks to resign and deal only with the house, she will not refuse.

Little magic and astrology

Meaning of the name Pauline: talismans, angel's day, character and destiny, love

  • Color name: all shades of blue.
  • Patron Planet: Saturn.
  • Element: water.
  • The most successful sign of the zodiac: Capricorn.
  • Stone Mascot: ruby (power, passion, power), topaz (protective amulet also symbolizes friendship, purity of soul, prudence) and selenite (modesty, calm).
  • Happy plant: lotus (beauty perfection), poplar (youth), poppy (wealth, fertility, beauty).
  • An animal that favors you on a mental level: a whale (force) and a swan (innocence, dignity).
  • Lucky number: 9.

Name day, that is, angel’s day: January 18 (5).

A sign associated with this day. On the day of Pauline, old women in the villages collected snow lying on the stacks.

It was believed that if you throw him into the well, there will be no drought in the summer, and if you melt and water the patient, he will recover.

Holy church patroness: Rev. Virgin Apollinaria, who performed miracles during her life with her prayers.

What is Polina performing in …

  • … love. Though at first glance you can’t tell, Polina is a very sensual girl. However, sleeping with a friend or a casual acquaintance is not about her, she will wait for love. And she can wait for her chosen one for a long time, as she is discerning in love.
  • … family. She loves children, happily messing with them. She does not forget about his wife. The only thing — for these things Goal can abandon themselves.
  • … career. Choosing a creative business (artist, actress, writer), Polinka will literally live by him. She gets along well with the kids, so she can get a job in school or kindergarten. Not without sympathy, Fields will become a good doctor, a nurse. As a worker she is very conscientious. A businessman, she is unlikely to become, will interfere with her excessive caution.
  • …Health. It is imperfect due to frequent melancholy and nervous breakdowns. Polina quickly gets tired, and if she doesn’t sleep well and rest normally, she will harm herself.

Male Name Compatibility

A strong marriage for Polochka will be with: Arseny, Alexander, Valery, Vissarion, Veniamin, Vitaly, Denis, Epiphanius, Zinovy, Potap, Spiridon, Konstantin, Philo, Naum, Kupriyan, Yuri «The name of his beloved — after all, this may be his church name obtained at baptism).

But with these guys she may not get together: Abraham, Anatoly, Vadim, Kuzma, Karp, Igor, Miron, Prokhor, Parfen, Thomas.

Famous namesakes

Meaning of the name Pauline: talismans, angel's day, character and destiny, love

  • Polina Dashkova (1960) — “Russian Agatha Christie”, the author of detective stories.
  • Polina Gagarina (1987) — singer and composer from Moscow.
  • Polina Kutepova (1971) — Soviet and Russian theater and film actress, star of the film “Pelagia and the White Bulldog” and a dozen others.

Horoscope name

  1. Aries. This choleric, sociable and honest. At work, she does not trust assistants, she “pulls” everything herself. She does not seem to feel the absence of love, but at the same time she is lonely, since she does not trust her boyfriend for all 100. Looking for a kind and patient man, not angry at outbursts of anger — she will be happy with him.
  2. Taurus. Calculating and cautious, non-conflict (until it is touched), she can make a career up to 30 years. Marry late.
  3. Twins. Slightly closed (although she loves communication), she solves her own problems. She trusts men, and they often break her heart.
  4. Crayfish. A hot-tempered egoist, at times rude, non-mercantile, vivid and memorable. They quickly fall in love with her and just as quickly throw her out of her bad temper.
  5. A lion. Smart and business-like, she thinks quickly, completely “turning off” the heart. Not every man will do. A wife will be faithful and reliable.
  6. Virgo. Temperamental, agile, creative. Very independent. The first step in the relationship makes itself; does not like to tighten them, quickly changing men.
  7. Libra. Charming optimist, very successful. In love, the coquette, but impermanent — afraid of the registrar, like fire.
  8. Scorpio. Monopoly, very domineering. Conquer it to yourself — get the treasure.
  9. Sagittarius. Hardworking, with leadership qualities. She has a lot of friends, and only one favorite is the most persistent of fans.
  10. Capricorn. Generous, kind, very fair, a little grumbler. She has few friends. Spouse loves all his life.
  11. Aquarius. Kind, convivial, independent. Falls in love with someone who does not put her in a cage.
  12. Fish. Talented melancholic, thinker, not a practitioner. Waiting for a kind and understanding prince.

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