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Meaning of the name Love, character and destiny of a girl, woman

Love is a beautiful female name of ancient Greek origin. The peak of its popularity falls on the years 50-60 of the XX century.

Nowadays, parents rarely call their daughters by that name. Love is a confident girl with a strong character.

Surrounding admires her wisdom and vitality, hiding behind a soft feminine appearance.

Among the representatives of this name are many successful talented personalities whose achievements serve as an example for many generations: Honored Master of Sports of the USSR, a partisan of World War II Love Kulakova, talented actress Lyubov Polishchuk, opera singer Lyubov Kazarnovskaya and other women who glorified her name to the world.

The history of the name dates back to the period of the existence of ancient Greece. The interpretation and interpretation of the meaning of the name are associated with the Greek «Agape», which means «love». Agape personifies Christian love and mercy.

For a long time this word was nominal, no one dared to call his daughter that way. Interest in him appeared during the reign of Empress Elizabeth Petrovna.

The patron saint of the name is Roman Love, a martyr who suffered for her faith.

According to the church calendar, the name day Love marks September 30th.

The short form of the name: Lyuba, Lyubochka, Lyubonka, Lyubasha, Lyubusha.

Meaning of the name Love, character and destiny of a girl, woman

In childhood, the representative of this name is surrounded by the attention of loving relatives who pamper her. She is affectionate and sociable, often smiles and laughs loudly and infectiously.

Peers willingly accept Luba in their company — they are attracted by the kindness and cheerfulness of the girl.

In adolescence, visual appeal and charm help her to seek the attention of guys, whom she sometimes uses to her advantage. Love easily meets peers, but does not seek to make friends with them. Behind the pretty appearance of the girl hides an extraordinary personality with a subtle mind and strong character.

Not everyone can understand her, so in her social circle she allows only the closest and loyal people to her.

Lyuba controls emotions and tries not to lose her temper. She hides part of her feelings, not wanting to show her weaknesses to others. It is very important for a woman to have a personal space in a relationship.

She does not like to be constantly in public and attract a lot of attention. Love will achieve much in life if her relatives support her and sincerely believe in her success.

Positive traits:

  • kindness;
  • sociability;
  • hard work;
  • diligence.

Negative traits:

Meaning of the name Love, character and destiny of a girl, woman

Love is always surrounded by fans. Men are attracted to her cheerfulness and sociability.

She dreams of meeting a reliable and loyal companion who truly loves her and makes her happy.

In a marriage between spouses, difficulties may arise due to Luba’s categorical nature and her inability to compromise. Marriage will help her pacify these qualities and teach her to listen to the opinions and advice of her beloved person.

The girl will be happy next to a calm confident man who can understand her extraordinary personality and put up with some of its shortcomings.

Love is sexy and feminine, but it reveals these qualities only with a man whom she truly loves. Intimate life with her husband gives her pleasure.

She seeks to please her beloved and make him happy.

Love is not a good housewife. She prefers to spend her free time with her family, rather than preparing meals and cleaning the apartment.

He spends a lot of time with his children, seeks to fully develop their personalities, — leads them to creative and sports sections.

Lyubov has favorable compatibility with the names: Alexey, Gleb, Victor, Gennady. Avoid relationships recommended by Igor, Yuri, Vasily and Boris.

Meaning of the name Love, character and destiny of a girl, woman

From early childhood, parents should pay much attention to the health of their daughter, as she is prone to infectious and viral diseases. Many representatives of the name in question have bronchial diseases, which are aggravated by poor ecology in large cities. Therefore, if the parents have the opportunity, in the summer of Love, doctors recommend sending out of town to the country or to the sea.

Fresh air improves the functioning of the upper respiratory tract and strengthens the child’s immunity.

In adulthood, gynecological diseases may occur. Especially should be wary of menstrual disorders.

With age, the representatives of this name deteriorate vision and disrupt the bowels. Maintaining an active lifestyle and regular medical examinations will help prevent health problems.

Love since childhood tends to independence. She is ambitious, puts a lot of effort to succeed and make her parents proud.

The bright creative personality of the girl is reflected in her profession. She will be able to realize herself in art, law, science and pedagogy. Among the representatives of the name in question lot talented designers, journalists and managers.

Whatever field of activity Lyuba chooses, in any case, she will demonstrate her high professionalism.

The potential of Love will be revealed if it fully devotes itself to the beloved work and does not begin to waste its energy on secondary tasks.

In business, the girl will be able to reach great heights thanks to hard work and dedication. She is not afraid of difficulties and never shies away from responsibility; therefore, subordinates and business partners sincerely respect her and are willing to cooperate.

Love loves to care for herself, so in her free time she likes to visit beauty salons.

The girl is interested in art, music, needlework. One of her main hobbies is flowers.

She grows indoor plants and tenderly cares for them.

Weekend woman prefers to spend, going on a shopping trip or for a walk with friends. In warm weather, she likes to go out on the nature and organize picnics.

The perfect vacation in her mind is traveling abroad. Love attracts new cities and countries — their unique color and energy.

Travel inspires and spiritually enriches her personality.

The signs and symbols of the name Love, as well as their interpretation and influence on fate and character are shown in the table.

Sign, symbol or mascotValue in the fate of women
Patron Planet — SaturnThe planet in esotericism symbolizes such qualities of a person as responsibility, discipline and diligence. Saturn endows man with endurance, endurance and tolerance. Under her influence, the owner of the name reaches great heights. The negative qualities of character inherent in people who are patronized by Saturn — prudence and selfishness
Happy colors — blue and blueBlue is the color of virtue and loyalty. He pacifies the anger of man and helps him find harmony with the outside world. Blue color symbolizes love, honesty and hope. In Buddhism, he personifies wisdom and tranquility, and in Judaism — mercy
Totem plant — lindenLinden — a symbol of femininity, gentleness and conjugal love. The talisman made from linden protects its possessor from the evil eye and the influence of negative energy. Also, the charm relieves stress and saves the energy of its owner.
Totem animal — praying mantisThe mantis bestows on man optimism and fearlessness. In pursuing a goal, such a person thinks through his moves a few steps ahead. The positive qualities of the character of people whose totem animals is a mantis are a sharp mind, pragmatic and foresight
Stone mascot — lapis lazuliLazurite clears the aura of its owner from negative energy and helps him to gain clarity in thoughts. The talisman also increases self-reliance and contributes to the formation of individuality. The stone is recommended to wear for migraines, insomnia and nervous disorders.
Name number — 6In the numerology of the name corresponds to the six. People with this number are smart, reliable and reasonable. In a relationship with the opposite sex, they are romantic dreamers. Passion and love are integral parts of their lives. Despite their kindness and love for people, they are sometimes vindictive and can not forgive the offense for a long time.

Amulets should be constantly carried with them so that they protect their owner and help him cope with life difficulties.

Characteristics of the owner of the name Love, depending on the sign of the zodiac presented in the table.

Zodiac signCharacteristic
AriesShe is an energetic, cheerful girl who charges others with her optimism. She is confident and decisive, never giving up in front of difficulties. Sometimes, to achieve their goals, forced to show rigidity. A happy relationship will build with a man who is ready to obey her will
TaurusA woman is sociable and hardworking, a little conservative in her views. The main goal, which she seeks to achieve, is gaining financial independence from parents and spouse. She works long and hard to realize her plans. In life, gives his heart only to one man whom he loves passionately and devotedly.
TwinsThe girl born under this sign, the soul of the company. She has an amazing ability to adapt to any situation and easily find a common language with others. Due to its diplomacy, Gemini can solve any problem. They are in love, they can "twist" two novels at the same time without shame and remorse
CrayfishThis is a hardworking and responsible girl with a kind heart. She is vulnerable, so sometimes the comments of others are frustrating her, but she tries not to show her pain. To please her is not easy, others often complain about her whims. Having met a suitable man, Love will become a devoted and caring wife.
a lionPurposefulness and ambitiousness are key traits of the character of this sign. The lioness does not allow anyone to interfere in their lives, prefers to make all decisions on their own. He finds satisfaction in his favorite work, he considers idleness a waste of time. His man will faithfully love all his life and entrust him with all the secrets of his heart
VirgoLuba, born under this sign of the zodiac, is a persistent and determined person who does not leave anything halfway through and completes any business. Surrounding people consider it mercantile and secretive, but upon close acquaintance they open up a sincere girl, capable of deep feelings. She will build her happiness in marriage with an intelligent and determined young man who will take over her cares.
LibraThis is a balanced personality, but sometimes it shows hesitancy. Before making a responsible decision, she ponders over the consequences for a long time and weighs all the pros and cons. The purpose of its existence is to achieve harmony in life. Libra Girl will sincerely love a man who will accept the weaknesses of her character
ScorpioPassionate temperamental nature because of its bright nature often becomes the object of envy of others. On the way to achieving power Scorpios will have to go a difficult path. Scorpions ’brutality and stinginess repel pugs from them, so they will find their happiness in a relationship with a determined man who is always used to achieving his goals.
SagittariusSincere and honest girl always openly expresses her thoughts. She strongly believes that a person can achieve everything in life if she puts enough effort. She is attracted to men who are close to her in nature. Next to them, she feels a surge of strength and inspiration. Together with her beloved she will be able to conquer a lot of heights.
CapricornThis is a cautious woman who carefully thinks about each step. She is hardworking, often spends too much time at work, neglecting rest. In relationships with a man, respect and mutual understanding are important to her. She will never love a man who puts herself above her and neglects the opinion of the chosen one
AquariusLove born under this sign is a vulnerable woman with a highly developed intuition. She will be able to overcome innate shyness if she learns to trust her feelings. Aquarius loves loyally and passionately, but can not always express their emotions. A girl will be happy married to a man who will accept her gift and help her uncover the secrets of her personality.
FishThis is a perfectionist with a deep inner world, striving to achieve the ideal in everything. She listens to the opinions of others and is very upset if she hears criticism. Fish will always come to the rescue and never turn away from the person in trouble. For the sake of the beloved, they are ready to go at all and expect from him return loyalty.

It is important to remember that a person’s character is greatly influenced not only by his name and zodiac sign, but also by the environment in which he grew up. Parenting is the basis, the forming personality, its individuality and uniqueness.

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