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Meaning of the name Gregory: interpretation, character, fate

The meaning of the name Gregory — character and character, love relationships

From the ancient Greek «Gregorio» — «vigorous», «awake», «sleepless». It is widespread in Russia at the turn of the XIX-XX centuries, less — at the end of the twentieth, is now gaining popularity.

Name options

The name Gregory differs in sound and spelling. In Greece — Grigorus, England — Gregori, Lithuania — Grigalius, Spain — Reyo, Italy — Gregorio.

The Russian version of “Gregory” has a lot of pronunciations: Grisha, Grishunya, Grishatka, Grinyulya, even Mushroom. An adult Gregory will be Greeney, Griego or Gorey.

The name Gregory sounds sound, happy hearing.

The nature and character of Gregory

The power of the name is powerful — according to the origin. Head, activity, impudence, play a cruel joke. Child Gregory is restless, receives comments.

Reluctantly accepts criticism.

Meaning of the name Gregory: interpretation, character, fate

Difficult relationships with authoritarian parents; experiencing a «storm in the soul» closes. He needs a territory, a delineated circle.

Emotionally, Gregory is strong, fast and even angry.

Grisha’s determination, strength of spirit, fervor and maximalism “coexist” with a sensitive soul, vulnerability.

Gregory understands people, without regret, parted with unreliable.

Fate and life choices

Ambition, self-confidence, audacity will provide obstacles and dizzying victories. Over the years, the fervor will be smoothed out.

Without having designated his “I” at school, Grisha will enter the university. The goal will help to gain the reading of special literature on self-improvement, self-education and observation of successful people.

Curiosity and interest will lead to power. Demanding, despotic character distinguishes Gregory, who is endowed with high status.

The path awaits uneasy. To achieve success will have to make incredible efforts.

Overcome pride, insecurity will have a lifetime.

Various characteristics, astrology name

  • Suitable Zodiac Signs — Aquarius, Aries
  • Fatal Planet — Saturn
  • Rock, mineral — granite, jade
  • Color — brown, green
  • Plant — cypress, narcissus
  • Animal Totem — Tiger
  • Lucky number — unit

Day Angel

The name Gregory was borne by many Orthodox and Catholic saints, prominent figures of the spiritual world. According to the church calendar (saints) name-days are celebrated annually more than 50 times.

In honor of Gregory the Theologian on the name of February 7, Gregory the Wonderworker — on November 30.

Career choice, career

Gregory will receive a decent education, is a professional in any field.

Constantly self-educated. An analytical mind, memory and curiosity are good traits for an engineer, designer, psychologist, journalist.

Meaning of the name Gregory: interpretation, character, fate

Rarely will Gregory be a leader, he is not a careerist.

Handle money carefully, avoid illegal enrichment — there is a risk of cheating.

Grigory has good physical data, energy can be used in sports sections: hockey, football, jogging. Classes will balance emotions, support health.

In childhood, often sick colds, tonsillitis, possible heart disease, kidney disease.

You should avoid alcohol, addiction is possible.

Love relationships and compatibility with female names

High requirements to the partner keep from early marriage. Gregory marries when a life credo is formed.

The woman is a rough, irreconcilable Gregory is not a couple. This companion and the second half — the wife, creating comfort, warmth in the house.

Grisha does not tolerate scenes of jealousy, waiting for understanding.

Meaning of the name Gregory: interpretation, character, fate

A good father, a family man, wants to dominate marriage, manage finances.

The best companions will be:

Difficult relationships:

Famous historical figures

  • Gregory the Wonderworker — Bishop, theologian, patron saint of the name
  • Gregory of Pechersk — icon painter
  • Grigory Shelekhov — traveler
  • Grigory Potemkin — Russian Field Marshal, statesman, diplomat
  • Gregory Rasputin — healer, court physician of Tsar Nicholas II
  • Grigory Kozintsev — teacher, film director
  • Grigory Alexandrov — brilliant screenwriter, director, actor
  • Grigory Kotovsky — Soviet military and political leader, commander of the Red Army
  • Grigory Gorin — screenwriter, writer
  • Grigory Oster — childish author of “Bad Advice”
  • Grigory Chukhrai — film director
  • Gregory Perelman — famous mathematician
  • Grigory Leps — singer
  • Grigory Siyatvinda — actor
  • Grigory Gladkov — composer, musician

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