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Meaning of the name Gleb: compatibility with women, character, luck, fate

What does the name Gleb mean — the formation of character, fate from birth to mature years

This name is the perfect solution for a couple who chooses what to call a son. On the one hand, one is rare, and on the other — worthy. Still, it was worn by both Russian princes, and modern rockers, directors, inventors!

It remains only to figure out whether it brings good energy and whether it will be able to “program” the child with good fate.

Meaning of the name Gleb: compatibility with women, character, luck, fate

From what language did the name come to us, how does it translate

Like many old Russian names, this name has the main version of the origin — Scandinavian. However, linguists have a couple more interesting theories about other languages.

Consider them all.

  1. Scandinavian version. Since Russia went through an active trade route «from the Varangians to the Greeks,» that is, from the Baltic Sea to Byzantium, the Vikings on these lands appeared more than often. They traded here and hired to serve — so what can I say, even the founder of the Rurik dynasty was a Varangian. So many families had Scandinavian names — and among them Gottlieb, the “favorite of the gods” (the Vikings were pagans, like the Russians of those times). Later this name was reduced and began to sound like Gleb.
  2. Slavic version number 1. The name comes from the Russian word «lump».
  3. Slavic version number 2. The name comes from the word «Gleb», which meant «land», «field».

Want to speak to the guy affectionately, speak: Glebchik, Glebushka, Glebych, Glebik, Glebunya.

This name gives the middle name: Glebovich (Glebych), Glebovna.

Secrets of the nature of the carrier of this name

Strong sides of character: Gleb has a strong inner core. He is very economic and practical, friendly to friends (and even random acquaintances). At work, not vain.

From childhood, he can decide who he wants to become, and go all the way to this goal. This is a very serious man, and so he may seem already in three years old.

When other guys are constantly sitting at the computers, he can gladly hammer nails or repair furniture, like dad.
Weak sides: he can be stubborn and self-willed. Often these men are conservative, hard to lift.

Familiar can celebrate too serious disposition of the guy — he would have at least a little smile, a sense of humor!

  • The first years of childhood: kindergarten, junior classes. As already mentioned, this is a real “little adult”. When others rush around the room, and they are not seated at the table with handicrafts — Gleb is happy to start making something. He is very kind, often asking his parents to buy him a puppy or at least a hamster. He is a real little knight, he will never leave a friend in trouble. If he believes that he is right, he will argue himself hoarse, even with adults. He is serious, but not in games — he likes to run and shout, like all boys do.
  • School age. He studies well. It has the best marks in a foreign language, as well as exact sciences. Only the closest friends of Glebka know that he loves and what does not, with emotions he does not share with friends and strangers. He likes to communicate with many people, he is not conflicted, but he has only 2-3 real friends.
  • Youth. He is calm and a little bit dirty. If friends try to force him to make a hasty, rash decision, most likely they will fail. He rarely promises anything, but if he has already given his word, he will surely keep him.
  • Mature age. A serious man who behaves with dignity, almost always grows to the head. With subordinates he is strict but fair. He sincerely believes that “men are on top,” so it’s extremely difficult for a woman to make a career in his company (office).

Astrology and esoteric

  • Best Zodiac sign: Cancer (period of birth from June 22 to July 22).
  • Planet Name: Moon.
  • The color of the name Gleb: light shades of blue.
  • A stone that is ideally suited for the energy of this name: moonstone.
  • Patrons among the plant world: clover and apple trees.
  • Totem from the animal world: it is an insect, a grasshopper.

Day Angel, that is, the name day: August 6, among Orthodox, July 24, among Catholics. This day is dedicated to the Russian Holy Martyrs, brothers-princes Boris and Gleb.

Gleb’s behavior in different life situations

Meaning of the name Gleb: compatibility with women, character, luck, fate

  • Love. It is very difficult to fall in love with this phlegm — the guy is not being led by typical female tricks such as coquetry or brand clothes. But if he gives his heart to a girl, she will be pleasantly impressed — it turns out that a very hot temperament is found in this quiet pool! From his mistress, the guy is waiting for sincere feelings, as well as refined lovemaking. And not only in his youth, but also in a very respectable age!
  • Family. To offer a hand and a heart to the first girl that came across is not about Glebka. This guy is very picky chooses a future partner in life, realizing that marriage is not for one year. He is a husband whose knives are always ground, all the nails and good machinery are crammed. He loves children. Raises them strictly, but fairly. He does not quarrel with the mother-in-law, does not drink — just a miracle, not a husband!
  • Career. A man will master any specialty, so long as she allows him to earn. The main thing for him is not career achievements, but stability and a complete wallet. He does not accept risk at all (and in vain, in his business some of his share is necessary).
  • Health. As a rule, since childhood it is good. If you start driving him to swimming, boxing, aikido and other active sports from an early age, as well as instill a love for movement in a guy, he will be sick a little even in adulthood.

With which woman to start a family (compatibility by name)

Long-term relationships that can either break off or become a family: Alexandra, Olga, Lyubov, Svetlana, Sonya, Tatyana, Uliana.

Relationships doomed to failure: Anastasia, Elena, Evgenia (this is the ideal lover for Glebka, but for a short time), Catherine, Julia.

Namesakes that made the whole world admire themselves

Meaning of the name Gleb: compatibility with women, character, luck, fate

  1. Princes Boris and Gleb, children of the baptist of Russia Vladimir. They were killed by their brother, Svyatopolkom (the descendants later gave him the nickname Damned). Both brothers were named among the first Russian saints.
  2. Gleb Uspensky (1843-1902) — Russian writer, democrat and revolutionary.
  3. Gleb Panfilov (1934) — Soviet director, screenwriter. It is to him that we should be grateful for the films “In the First Circle”, “Guilty Without Guilt”. Business card director can be called the adaptation of the novels of Russian classics.
  4. Gleb Samoilov (1970) — Russian rock musician, former frontman of the cult band Agatha Christie.
  5. Gleb Matveychuk (1981) — Russian singer, composer, film and theater actor.
  6. Gleb Strizhenov (1925-1985) — Soviet film and theater actor. He starred in the films «Red and Black», «Garage», «Tehran-43».
  7. Gleb Kotelnikov (1872-1944) — scientist, inventor from the USSR. Created the first knapsack parachute for aviation.
  8. Gleb Lozino-Lozinsky (1910-2001) — Doctor of Technical Sciences from the USSR, developer of space technology. Born in Kiev, worked in Moscow. Winner of many awards (including Stalin’s), Hero of Labor.
  9. Gleb Krzhizhanovsky (1872-1959) — academician, political figure.
  10. Gleb Zheglov — the cult hero of the novel «The era of mercy», written by the brothers Weiners. Interestingly, in the book he was a rather controversial character, but thanks to the talented acting game and the charisma of Vladimir Vysotsky, who played this hero in the film “The Meeting Place Cannot Be Changed,” became one of the most popular heroes of the USSR in the late 1970s and early 80s.

You can learn about other well-known carriers of the name, as well as additional qualities of a person named Gleb, from this video:

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