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Meaning of the name Eldar: character, fate, compatibility with names, career

Eldar: what does the name, good and bad traits mean

For many, this name is associated with a famous Soviet director, so not all parents rush to give his son, immediately introducing a funny fat man from “Irony of Fate” or “Garage”. However, the carriers of this name are also successful athletes, musicians, singers.

And besides, this name is very like esoteric and astrologers. And that’s what they can tell about him …

Meaning of the name Eldar: character, fate, compatibility with names, career

Etymology of the given name

  1. Scandinavian version of origin (basic). If we believe that two words have become the root of this name — “warrior” (“arr”) and “fire” (“eldr”), then it means “warrior from fire” or “fire warrior”.
  2. Greek version. This name is a variant of ancient Greek Illiodorus («the gift of the sun»). By the way, it is Christian, so that most of the Eldars receive it at baptism.
  3. Turkic version. This is a variant of the popular Ildar name among the eastern peoples. It is Persian, created from the symbiosis of the words «country» («il») and «host» («gift»). That is, you need to understand him as a “master in his own country”, “ruler”. And if the word “il” is understood as “Illa,” that is, “Allah,” the name receives a transcript “the gift of the Lord.”

The name gives the middle name: Eldarovich (Eldarych), Eldarovna.

For friends and relatives, this guy: Edik, Elik, Darik, Ilya.

In other cultures, it may sound like: Ellar (Denmark), Ildar (Tatarstan, Bashkiria).

What character does it give to its owner?

Positive sides: it is a sensitive person, with a strongly developed intuition. He has an independent, strong temper.

He is not in a hurry to command the others, but he does not allow overruling himself.

He has never been a whiner, does not like to bother friends with his own problems, not conflict. Has a calm temper.

He is completely self-sufficient, that is, this person does not need a company — he is happy and alone with himself.

Weaknesses: Eldar is an idealist, therefore, often cannot assess the tasks assigned to him as far as possible. Through the «rose-colored glasses» he looks at himself.

For example, it may promise something in full confidence that it will cope, and then let everyone down.

Despite the ostentatious coldness, this guy attaches great importance to the opinions of other people. And if everyone in the class or work team starts to criticize his new pants, he will stop wearing them.

Relatives can be offended by the fact that their son, spouse or father does not miss them when they part. Therefore, the carrier name should not tell them about their feelings.

This is how the fate of Eldar changes.

  • Early childhood. This is a very (some say too much) serious little tot. He does not like to argue with his mother, defending his opinion, but if he does not want to wear a hat, he will simply not do it in silence. He likes to be praised, hugged, so he tries on handicrafts, helps his mother … However, if you need to choose between guaranteed praise of parents or a teacher and personal principles, he will choose principles.
  • School. The leaders (despite the strong temper), this boy is not torn. He gets excellent marks, but only on condition that he likes the object. Elik can succeed in technical sciences, but he can also draw or sing well.
  • Youth. He can surprise his peers with an interesting change of character: only yesterday he was persistent and active, and today he doesn’t bother about anything, relating to life with a touch of laziness.
  • Mature years. Despite the seriousness and self-sufficiency, this man cannot be called an absolute introvert. He has excellent manners, a pleasant sense of humor. He enjoys visiting noisy companies, meeting new people and maintaining old relationships. However, he has only a few really close friends; his “natural selection” of friends makes time.

Astrology, esoteric

Meaning of the name Eldar: character, fate, compatibility with names, career

  • Best Zodiac: Capricorn. Of course, Eldar can be called a baby, which appeared in other months — but if you give this name to a baby born from December 22 to January 20, the stars will contribute to it in everything from childhood to old age.
  • Color name: purple.
  • A planet that has a special patronage: Jupiter.
  • The stone in the hands of Edik turns into a talisman: amethyst (that is what you can see in the photo above).
  • Plants: from trees it is a cypress, and from flowers — a tulip.
  • Totem animal: fallow deer.

Angel Day: it does not exist, because this name is not in the holy books of Catholics or Orthodox. However, if you received the name Iliodor at baptism, you can celebrate the name day four times a year.

Namely: June 22, September 2, October 11, December 2 (Orthodox holy calendar).

Here is how this guy comes in different vicissitudes of life:

  • Relations. It often happens that the first wife of this man is a “passing” woman. After parting with her, he creates a marriage a second time, and this time — more successfully.
  • Family. This is not a goal in the life of Eldar. He puts a ring on his finger when an active woman marries him, and this may even be unexpected for Eldar (not to mention his relatives and friends). After visiting the registry office, it turns out that this man is a real homebody. He will be happy to tinker around the house, improving the comfort of his family.
  • Children. He will also try to cope with the baby … True, the Eldar is not a nurse, but a teacher from God. Therefore, a truly smooth relationship with children comes when the latter grow up. Dad becomes for them the best friend and remains to them for life.
  • Job. This is a hardworking person, and not only money acts as his motivation — it is important for him that work brings pleasure. Techniques, literature, and pedagogy can be good directions for him.
  • Disease. In childhood, this boy is very susceptible to allergies, so his parents are forced to follow his diet, vigilantly watching that compassionate grandmothers do not feed the crumbs with forbidden chocolate on the set.

Which woman to meet and which one will break the heart?

Excellent compatibility: Ariadne, Diana (Dina), Jeanne, Camilla, Zarema, Roxana, Susanna, Sati.

The spouse needs to be mentally prepared for the fact that she will have to share Eldar with another “rival” — his career. A woman with a gentle disposition can make him happy (you should not forget that a man does not tolerate pressure on himself, and also endures quarrels painfully).

Unsuccessful marriage: Gell, Bella, Marionella, Christina, Elvira.

Namesakes who glorify the name of the whole country

Meaning of the name Eldar: character, fate, compatibility with names, career

  1. Eldar Ryazanov (1927-2015) — Soviet director, who in our time would be called a cult. He became famous for his comedies «Beware of the car», «The incredible adventures of the Italians …», «The old robbers.» However, no less successfully shot and melodramas («Station for two»), and drama («Dear Elena Sergeevna», «Cruel Romance»).
  2. Eldar Shengelaya (1933) — actor, screenwriter and director from Georgia. He worked in different genres: a fairy tale, comedy, tragicomedy, drama.
  3. Salayev, Eldar Yunis oglu (1933) — an outstanding physicist from Azerbaijan.
  4. Eldar Akhadov (1960) — poet and writer from Russia. He published dozens of poetry collections.
  5. Eldar Nebolsin (1974) — pianist from Russia. Born in Tashkent.
  6. Eldar Dzhangirov (1987) is a jazz pianist. Born in Kyrgyzstan, Tatar by nationality, speaking in the United States, where he emigrated.
  7. Eldar Dalgatov is a modern Russian pop singer. Born in Makhachkala.
  8. Eldar Dzharakhov (1994) is a young singer of rap and hip-hop compositions, a video blogger from Russia. Became famous for the project «Successful Group».

More information about the character and life of Eldar you can get from this video:

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