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Meaning of the name Diana: character, mythology, talismans, fate

Dina, Dinochka, Diana: character and fate, which endows this name, its meaning and amulets

If you are a little addicted to Roman mythology, then you know that this name was borne by the beautiful goddess of hunting, who was worshiped in ancient Rome. But only?

How did the name Diana come to our country, where is it still popular, and most importantly — how can it reward its owner?

Meaning of the name Diana: character, mythology, talismans, fate

What does this name mean and from what language did it come?

It is known that the ancient Greeks and Romans had the same gods, but with different names (the cunning Romans simply “copied” to themselves the sacred part of the Hellenic culture). Thus the Greek Artemis — a maiden with a spear and an owl on her shoulder, the virgin goddess of the hunt and the moon — was named Diana.

Translated from Latin, it stands for «divine.»

Interestingly, people studying Slavic mythology claim: our ancestors also had a virgin goddess of the hunt, and she was called Devan. Although, most likely, if it was so, then also as a cultural borrowing.

Relatives and friends may also call Diana this way: Dina, Dinochka, Diana, Diana, Diya, Didi and even Anna. And when they are angry with her, they will say: Dink.

In other countries, this name may sound like: Dziana (Belarus), Diana (English-speaking countries, as well as Greece), Diane (France), Dinara (Middle Eastern countries).

What character is different Dean?

She considers her weak features: conservatism to the depths of the soul, in an unfamiliar environment, the girl is lost. Becoming the boss, Dina can be a real «devil in Prada.»

As for the merits, they are much more. These are: emotional sensitivity, hardness of character, tendency to self-control, ardor.

Inside Diana, a small volcano of boiling vital force is always burning. The girl respects herself and her opinion, and, although she treats others with understanding, she will not be offended.

In addition, she is a passionate person and her husband will be very lucky.

What fate awaits the bearer of this name?

  1. Childhood. She is very direct, obedient and kind. Often, he drags the killed little sparrows into the house, does not regret his toys, generously presenting friends. She is also responsive and open, for which she has to pay more than once, because unfortunately, the world consists not only of good people (and children as well).
  2. School years. Starting to analyze what is happening in this life, she learns to show firmness, and not only with respect to selfish friends — parents also get from the keen Dinka. She studies well, especially in mathematics and other exact sciences. However, he does not experience the ecstasy from gaining knowledge.
  3. Youth. Over time, the girl retires into herself, hiding an ardent temper under strong armor. She still remains kind, but only with trusted friends and relatives. But a stranger can decide that in front of him — the Snow Queen, whose finger in her mouth do not put.
  4. Mature years. “Big” Dina is a rather mercantile person. Many do not forgive her for this, forgetting that the people themselves have made her so It is not worth offending this adult lady — she will not forget this. And don’t be fooled by her smiles — Diana perfectly learned to manage her face and can always play kindness, friendliness and even affection if she needs it.

Talismans, totems and astrology

Meaning of the name Diana: character, mythology, talismans, fate

  • Taurus is considered to be the ideal zodiac sign for Diana (so if you have a girl from April 21 to May 20, be sure to note this name for yourself).
  • The planet that patronizes the girl is the moon.
  • Astrologers believe that in the girl’s life there will be three important milestones, radically changing her fate. These are certain time periods, namely: the 16th, 27th and 49th year of her life.
  • The color that will bring Dinochka luck — pale yellow.
  • Jewelry is better to buy with a stone selenite. He, by the way, is not only in terms of energy, but also in color gamut is ideally suited to the bearer of the name.
  • Happy plant: lily of the valley and oak.
  • Totem animal: red deer.

The bearer of this name does not celebrate the name day (that is, the day of the angel), since she does not have a patron saint in either the Orthodox or the Catholic tradition. When baptized, Diana can give a church name (it can be both consonant or not) — the day of this angel will be celebrated by a girl.

Most often, the priest advises to choose the name Anna or Daria.

This is what Diana performs in …

  • … friendship. She is considered a good friend, although many of her friends eventually begin to think that Diana decides to call them only when she needs something from them.
  • … family life. She is a good mother and wife, but having screamed at work, she can often take off her anger on her relatives who have fallen under her feet. Therefore, Dianam boss recommended to cool down after a nervous working day, and only then return to his family nest.
  • … career. In her team, she quickly becomes a leader, often for a couple with a leadership position. The head woman is considered demanding, sometimes noisy, but fair.
  • …Health. In childhood she is very painful, especially her «love» ARVI. Astrologers say: health «morning» Dian stronger than the «evening» (that is, born after dinner, in the evening or at night).

With which man (name) will she be happy?

A girl can create a strong family with: Gleb, Vadim, Dmitry, Danil, Egor, Leo, Nikolai, Edward.

These guys will have a rather complicated relationship: Izyaslav, Irakli and Ruslan will not fully appreciate the character, Diana’s “chameleon”.

And these guys are not created for marriage with the «divine»: Anton, Alexander, Oleg, Yaroslav.

Namesakes that the whole world recognized

Meaning of the name Diana: character, mythology, talismans, fate

  1. Diana Spencer, also called Lady Di (1961-1997), is one of the most famous British women in history. Former wife of Prince Charles, Princess of Wales.
  2. Diana Ross (1944) — famous American singer.
  3. Diana Arbenina (1974) — Russian rock singer, former soloist of the Night Snipers group. Born in Belarus.
  4. Diana Petrynenko (1930) — Ukrainian chamber, opera singer, teacher.
  5. Diana Gurtskaya (1978) is a popular singer, Russian public figure. Born in Georgia.
  6. Diana Savelieva (1979) — singer of Gypsy romances from Russia. This is her we can see in the painting “Tabornaya dance” by N. Bessonov.
  7. Diana Taouler (1946) — British figure skater, winner of European and world championships.
  8. Diane Lane (1962) — actress from the USA, star of the films «Judge Dredd» 1995, «Man of Steel», «Trumbo».
  9. Diana Kovalchuk (1982) — Ukrainian top model, whose photos appeared on the covers of world fashion magazines; For a long time she lived and worked in France.

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