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Meaning of the name Demian: the origin of the name, love and family relationships

Demian name: character, career and love relationships

Demian is a Russian, Latin, Greek name. «Submissive», «endearing», «pacifying». In Russia it was used in the monastic environment and among the peasants.

Similar names in common — Dementy, Demid. Rare name.

Variants of pronunciation: Dema, Demyanushka, Demchik, Dima, Demushka, Demik. In the foreign version: Damon, Damien, Damianos, Damyan, Damian.

Character and fate

In childhood Dyomchik difficult child. Outwardly, cheerful and playful, but very proud.

She adores her family, mom more. Loves affection and acceptance.

In school years, needs praise, approval, rather than good grades. Understanding with teachers enhances the zeal of the child.

In general, the character of Dema is strong, balanced; from an early age, the makings of a leader are felt. Hard character, but often shy, indecisive.

Meaning of the name Demian: the origin of the name, love and family relationships

Conscientious, seasoned, you can rely on him. He tries to please, feels a duty. The principal young man, focused on the details, is selected in the connections.

Dyomik follows the usual way of thinking, loves order and tidiness.

Demian — a comfortable friend, help out and listen, give advice. He is selective in choosing his comrades. Do not forgive betrayal.

Many friends, he is a nice companion. Enjoys the ability to impress, has to itself.

Impressive and impetuous, able to hide flaws, it becomes more balanced.

Positive traits: convivial, witty, passionate. The authority among colleagues and friends is won by its sanity and prudence.

The negative side of Demian: Mocking, mocking, conflict. May show duplicity, narcissist.

He is not accustomed to live in the «mask». So, many Demiani ask to call themselves Dima, hiding and simplifying the real name.

Over time, they become more confident, easier to refer to an unusual name.

In general, the character of a man is diverse, easily addicting, quite sociable. Prefers to keep silent about the lifestyle, incidents, in the personal it is rather secretive.

Loves people to rely on, trust. Very jealous of someone else’s success.

Meaning of the name Demian: the origin of the name, love and family relationships

In unforeseen difficult situations, can show courage and courage. Deme is not indifferent to how others perceive him, creates a certain image and follows him all his life.

Strives for a balance of personal qualities, achieves success in this.

Demian is quite artistic, charm vibes work well in combination with a sense of humor.

He can feel completely happy, in finding mutual understanding with his family and spiritual harmony.

Behind the ostentatious openness and complacency of Demyan, there is an image that he decided to adhere to, all his life he painfully experiences insecurity. A man is prone to a depressive state.

However, it can come out of it, thanks to self-irony and a sense of humor.

Love, family, compatibility

Demian is somewhat difficult in relations with women, he is too picky about choosing a partner. In this case, the calculation is guided: material or career.

In my personal life I am happy if I made a good choice. He is confident that he won the woman forever and irrevocably.

Emotional, not compliant. The marriage is true, but it can also glance at the side.

If changed, returns back — tries to avoid rupture. With many weaknesses, Demian wants his wife to accept him for who he is.

Before and during marriage, he has several love affairs, clarifications and quarrels.

The farm is good, can do a lot about the house, difficult to communicate, conflicts, jealous of the spouse. In public, the gallant gentleman may never take place as a real confidential partner.

Successful marriage: Clara, Larisa, Nadezhda, Anna, Vera, Lyubov, Natalya, Olga, Svetlana.

Secret name

Demian hides a lot in his life. A two-faced man, even his closest people may not know about his extreme vulnerability and vulnerability.

Career and professions

Demyan’s professional preferences are based on several aspects, but it is important for him to have a recognition of merit. Can go on the humanitarian and artistic path: literary activities, journalism, drawing.

There is a lot of potential for design work, cooking craft.

A man will achieve good success working in laboratories, scientific work.

Whatever profession Demian chooses, it is possible to reach heights. Hard work breaks the road.

Do not hesitate to weave intrigue, assign others’ merits, by all means go to the end.

Career ambitions there, likes flattery and praise. A very high probability of success in business, sales and marketing.

Meaning of the name Demian: the origin of the name, love and family relationships

He possesses the gift of communication and persuasion; the work is likely a consulting psychologist, a teacher.

Unwarranted risk should be avoided. In the material sphere more luck than not.

With all the desire to strong health Demian is rare. Unstable psyche, nervous overvoltages lead to diseases of the cardiovascular system.

You should lead a healthy lifestyle, pass medical examination.

The man often does not pay attention to serious symptoms, delays the course of ailments. People around him think that there are no health problems.

Accidents and injuries may occur. You should avoid alcohol, be wary of using drugs.

Astrology Name, Angel Day

  • Heavenly body — Moon, Mercury
  • Zodiac constellation — Scorpio, Cancer, Gemini
  • Rock, silica mineral, opal, heliotrope
  • Hue, color — red, silver, white
  • Plant, tree — apple, sweet clover
  • Animal — grasshopper-cicada

Demian several times a year celebrates the day of the angel:

  • March 8, in honor of Rev. Damian Efigmensky.
  • On July 14 and November 14, the name-day celebrations are held by holy unchastians Cosmas and Damian, the brothers are doctors.
  • December 3 and 10 — Rev. Damyan Yuryegorsky, Kargopol.

Damian (Demian) was the name of several first copyists of ancient Church Slavonic books.

Famous people named Demian

  1. Demian Zakhariev, Soviet engineer
  2. Demian Kudryavtsev, Russian businessman
  3. Demian Poor (pseudonym, real name Efim Pridvorov), Soviet writer
  4. Damon Knight, American Writer
  5. Demian Osyka, Soviet pilot
  6. Damon Albarn, English musician
  7. Demian Turchin, Belarusian athlete
  8. Demian Flees, French ethnographer
  9. Damon Hill, English race car driver
  10. Damon Lindelof, American screenwriter
  11. Damian Grobovsky, Polish fighter

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