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Meaning of the name Anna: character, fate, career

We reveal the character and fate of the name of Anna through its meaning

This is the name of a Hebrew origin, its main meaning is God’s mercy. It is often found in the Bible. The girl, who was given the name Anya, really becomes a real gift from heaven, a grace for her parents: as a rule, she is kind, careful, serious, attentive and very hardworking.

Anna is distinguished by purposefulness and always respects the opinions of others, rarely goes to conflicts.

In other languages ​​and cultures

This ancient name is widespread throughout the world: it is in all European languages. Its sound is very similar: for example, the British call the “mercy of God” Ann or Nancy, the Italians, the Germans, the Poles — Anna, in Romanian and Bulgarian this name sounds like Ana. The Baltic nations use the name Anna, the Dutch and the people of Israel — Hannah.

In Italian there are beautiful diminutive forms of the name — Annette and Anita, in Czech — Ancha or Anina, in Armenian — Anush.

Name options in Russian

A shortened version of the name — it sounds gentle and beautiful: Anya, Nyusha, Anyuta. There are diminutive forms that sound more vigorous: for example, Anka, Nyura, Nyurka.

All these forms of the name retain its original character, but have some nuances. This means that the girl who was called Nyura since childhood will differ in energy from the girl who was most often called Annie or Ann.

Meaning of the name Anna: character, fate, career

Almost all the girls named Anya have a very strong will, even if at first glance they look like tender pupae. The external image can be any (although most often it is exemplary positive), but Anna’s inner core will always be very serious.

She will always know what she needs from life, what she wants to come to and will achieve this.

It is impossible to say that for the sake of this she is ready to “go over the heads”: not at all, Anna is often very compassionate and almost always takes into account the interests of others. But she will never forget what she needs in life, will not get confused, will not lose her individuality and will not submit to another’s opinion.

She has a well-built line of her own, and she will stick to it without losing respect for other people’s opinions.

For Anna, the key concept is a sense of duty. She is incredibly altruistic, for the sake of friends is ready to do a lot.

The main negative features are some hysteria, sacrifice, anguish, constant dissatisfaction with others and themselves, the search for difficult ways.

Anushka will always be a good housewife, everything in her house will be clean and tidy. Similarly, in business — Anna will be able to climb the highest steps of a career, if so desired.

Unfortunately, the fate of a girl named Anya is not often very happy. Anyuta would have chosen the way of life more difficult for her to check her character, her will, how strong she is.

Alas, a heightened sense of duty sometimes makes her fate rather winding: Anya seeks to help all her relatives and friends, struggles with injustice, sometimes forgetting about herself. However, she will never listen to the advice of friends, even the most intelligent, she will always do her own way.

However, in the period of life’s difficulties, she never loses optimism: the feeling that for her the harder, the more interesting.

Meaning of the name Anna: character, fate, career

additional characteristics

The name corresponds to pink and beige and blue; its totem animals are hare and lynx. The planet that patronizes the name is Proserpina, a small mysterious celestial body located beyond the orbit of Pluto.

The talisman from the world of minerals and precious stones is ruby.

Anna’s birthday is celebrated often enough — this is because there have been many great saints named Anna during the history of Christianity, and each saint is commemorated separately. You can choose the patron saint among the extensive list and celebrate your birthday in any month of the year.

Annushka best suited husband named Arseny. Arkady, Alexey.

Experts believe that the male names Leo, George, Stanislav and Sergey do not correspond to our heroine in their energy.

Famous personalities named Anna

Among the girls named Anna there are many famous personalities: for example, sportswomen, business women, actresses. Purposefulness helps to achieve sports success: tennis player Anna Kournikova is widely known.

Among the contemporary actresses and top models are Anna Semenovich Anne Hathaway, among the singers are Annie Lenox and Anna Sedokova.

Meaning of the name Anna: character, fate, career

Among the brilliant actresses of the past — Italian Anna Magnani and Frenchwoman Annie Girardot. Among the great women of the past are such gorgeous clever and beautiful women as ballerina Anna Pavlova, singer Anna German, poetess Anna Akhmatova.

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