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Maxim’s Name Day — fate, family and character, the meaning of the name

Name days of Maxim — career, character and fate, name dates

The male name of Maxim was born from the ancient Roman word “maximus” meaning as “majestic”. This name is sometimes called women.

In some countries, the name Maxim is pronounced differently: in Spain — Maximo, in Germany — Maximilian, in France — Maxim.

The diminutive form of the name: Maksik, Max, Masya, Maksimka, Maksimushka, Masik.

According to the church calendar, Maxim Day of the Angel celebrates 34 times a year.

Maxim's Name Day - fate, family and character, the meaning of the name

Pros: Intelligence, interpersonal skills, sociability, diplomacy, goodwill.

Cons: Dependence, suspiciousness, ambition, pride, frivolity.

Little Maxim grows up obedient and independent boy, not delivering any worries to his parents. Already at an early age he knows how to manipulate adults in order to get what they want from them.

But remains a modest and quiet boy, does not seek to be a leader in companies. If you have conceived it, then you definitely want to translate it into reality.

Not afraid to play alone, loves to collect, enjoys creativity. Easy start dating.

Thanks to a good memory, learning Maxim is easy. He is making great strides in the exact sciences.

Some shyness prevents him from revealing himself in his work, but later, not without the help of influential people, he copes with this problem. Maxim must learn to get along with other people’s opinions, and not require them to accept his own, not always true, opinion.

In a transitional age, Maxim is often imprudent, getting into trouble, from which he goes dry. Often happens the participant of fights, conflicts.

In Maxim’s life there are several ups and downs, both at work and in personal terms. If something can not be achieved, it can fall into a long depression. As an adult, Maxim seeks to occupy a significant place in life, to achieve financial well-being.

Able to endear people to themselves with the help of charm and ability to conduct a dialogue. Surrounds himself with helpful people who can benefit from it.

It seems that he has friends in any professional field.

Maxim is prone to frequent bouts of depression, from which he cannot get out without help. If he does not cure him, various chronic diseases will stick to his body.

He has a tendency to smoke, alcohol and drug addiction.

Maxim's Name Day - fate, family and character, the meaning of the name

Maxim rarely occupies leadership positions due to lack of penetration. Lives one day, without thinking about tomorrow.

Will be able to achieve success in the profession that truly loves and understands. He is able to communicate, convince, compromise, he will be an excellent diplomat, lawyer, lawyer, journalist, teacher.

But he will not become a successful businessman or entrepreneur.

Maxim is a very loving person, he knows how to look after women beautifully, give them gifts, drive to restaurants. Easily changes women.

Early sexual life begins, it is important for him that his partner admire him, praise his data. He is not interested in meeting modest, quiet girls, he chooses strong, powerful ones.

Usually, Maxim marries a strong, uncontrollable woman who will not let him get bored, will be able to become a support to her husband, he will be able to direct him in the right direction. All family problems in their family will have to be solved by the wife.

Despite his frivolity and amorousness, Maxim will be able to become an excellent husband and father, but he will periodically cheat on his wife.

Maxim's Name Day - fate, family and character, the meaning of the name

Horoscope named Maxim

Aries — Active, conceited. It is easy to bring out of himself, does not tolerate monotony in life. It is impossible to argue him, things often do not finish it to the end.

Job chooses risky. He will endure a very patient wife.

Taurus — Patient, hard. He loves the monotonous and boring life, gets used to the new with difficulty. He knows how to save money, does not like to spend it.

Husband will be reliable, faithful.

Gemini — Adventurer, easy-going. Has a great sense of humor, can lie. Spending more than earning.

Avoids physical labor. Can marry and divorce several times.

Cancer — Romantic, vulnerable. He believes only in good, he needs the support of others. Regret for not done.

In the work reaches a high level due to performance. Marries a rich woman.

Leo — Ambitious, balanced. Choosing a job where they pay more can become a gamer. Can not calculate and plan their steps in advance.

Live with a wise wife who knows how to manage it.

Virgo — Hidden, uncommunicative. Prefers loneliness, does not believe in mysticism. At work easily reaches heights.

He does not waste money, he hardly decides to buy. She can be alone if she does not find a suitable wife.

Scales — Friendly, empathetic. Avoid liability due to self-doubt. It works well in a team.

He does not value money, he spends it easily. Marries a strong-willed woman.

Scorpio — Idealist, hardworking. It may be uncertain, but tries not to show it. Lives by its standards.

It makes a lot of money and spends it easily. In the family, he is jealous and distrustful, but caring.

Sagittarius — Changeable, rectilinear. He tries to achieve a high position in work, loves a luxurious life and beautiful women.

His wife will not be faithful.

Capricorn — Unsociable, punctual. He will choose one job and slowly make his way upstairs, he loves money and knows how to earn it.

Marries once and for all.

Aquarius — Stubborn, principled. Does not like emotion, tries not to annoy others with his behavior, he is well versed in psychology. May change a lot of professions.

Family life with him is difficult.

Pisces — Intuitive, smart. He knows his own worth, knows how to manipulate people.

Does not think about tomorrow, does not seek to build a career. Love, his wife will not be true.

Compatible with female names

  • Planet — Pluto.
  • The color of the name is Raspberry.
  • Season — Winter.
  • Happy day of the week — Saturday.
  • Lucky number — 7.
  • Metal — Mercury.
  • Zodiac sign — Capricorn.
  • Element — Water.
  • Totem animal — Mink.
  • Plant — Fuchsia.
  • Tree — Ash.
  • Mineral mascot — Amethyst.

Famous men named Maxim

  • Maxim the Confessor is a Byzantine theologian.
  • Max Planck is a German physicist.
  • Maxim Dunaevsky — Soviet composer.
  • Maxim Vorobiev — Russian artist.

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