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Matvey: meaning, character, name secret, fate for a boy

Matvey — the meaning, origin and mystery of the name, the fate of the boy

In ancient times, the name Matthew was assigned to a long-awaited child in the family. The meaning of the name is “God-given,” “gift of God,” “God’s man.” People believed that the Lord would be merciful to the baby who was so named.

The name Matthew is of Hebrew origin. Matthew Levi is considered to be the patron saint of the name — one of the twelve apostles, the closest disciples of Jesus Christ.

Positive traits of Matthew’s character: morality, commitment, honesty; negative: tediousness, lust for power, excessive conservatism.

Name days according to the church calendar are celebrated on one of the following dates:

  • January 30;
  • 25th of April;
  • June 1st;
  • July 13;
  • August 22, 25, 27;
  • October 11, 13, 18;
  • November 12, 25, 29;
  • December 15th.

Matvey: meaning, character, name secret, fate for a boy

The fate of the child depends not only on behalf of, but also on the education he received in the family, as well as on the time of year in which he was born.

WinterMatvey, born in the winter, is cautious and reserved, devoted to his family and friends. He is hurt, but he will never take revenge for grievances, because he does not like scandals and quarrels
SpringThe spring child is kind and responsive. He is always responsible for his words and adheres to strict moral principles.
SummerSummer Matvey is cheerful and cheerful, life for him is an adventure. Above all, he values ​​his freedom
AutumnThe man, who was born in the fall, is modest, does not like to be in the center of attention. He is devoted to his family, he is surrounded by loved ones with care and love.

In childhood, he diligently behaves and obeys parents in everything. Calm baby almost does not cause troubles to adults. Addressing the child, the parents affectionately call him Matveyka, Matyusha or Motya.

For a boy, friendship is important. He appreciates his comrades and spends a lot of time in their company.

Matvey does not want to make new friends, he prefers to communicate with time-tested people with whom he is associated with common memories.

The type of character of a young man is phlegmatic. He is laconic, restrained and maloemotsionaln.

Due to his inherent prudence, he never takes rash decisions, carefully considering each of his actions. Matvey does not adapt well to changing conditions, so at school, and then at the university, at first, he will feel uncomfortable. During this period, parental support is especially important for him.

Over time, he adapts to the new environment and will enjoy his studies.

Matvey is a benevolent, non-conflicting person who attracts others. The man causes deep respect from his relatives and friends due to his inherent modesty and hard work.

He always confidently defends his position and lives in accordance with his moral principles. The fate of Matthew will turn out well, if he can correctly prioritize his life and direct his subtle mind and energy towards the achievement of truly important goals.

Matvey: meaning, character, name secret, fate for a boy

Matvey is attracted to feminine girls with a patient character. His darling should have diplomacy and tact.

In a marriage with a young man, a woman will feel protected and loved. The spouse will never deceive her and will not break his marriage vows.

He considers betrayal an act that a real man will never commit.

Matvey is patient, he rarely scandals and always listens to the opinion of his wife. It is hard for him to openly express his feelings, so one should not expect romantic acts from him. Matthew is a skillful lover.

In bed, he primarily seeks to please his beloved.

When children are born in a marriage, the man turns into a caring and loving father. He spends a lot of time with his family, giving them his love.

Matvey will find his happiness in marriage with Svetlana, Olga, Maria, Tatiana, Eugenia and Rosa.

Avoid relationships with Tamara, Anna, Karina, Elena and Victoria.

Matvey: meaning, character, name secret, fate for a boy

In childhood, Matthew is often sick. The child is susceptible to diseases of the respiratory system and the spine, so parents often decide to take him to the sports section in order to strengthen the immune system and develop his son’s endurance.

Because of the frequent work in front of the computer, you may experience eye problems.

The calm and balanced nature of a young man helps him to endure stressful situations in life, and the wisdom and fortitude allow you to maintain mental health, which in adulthood has a positive effect on his appearance.

Matvey is hardworking, talented and disciplined, therefore he is highly appreciated by his superiors and respected by his colleagues. He can work in difficult conditions, well copes with monotonous work. High salary is not the main condition for him when choosing a profession, but it is not the last in the list of his priorities.

Matvey will become a talented economist, lawyer, engineer or scientists, if you apply enough strength and show zeal.

A man easily enters the team and quickly finds a common language with his colleagues. He performs his work thoroughly and always brings what he has begun to the end. A man has a keen mind and unconventional thinking — qualities that can be successfully implemented in business.

However, Matvey does not want to occupy a managerial position, since he is not a leader by nature. He prefers to properly perform his duties under the guidance of an experienced boss.

Since childhood, Matthew likes to fix, tinker or design something with his own hands. As he gets older, he does the housework with no less zeal — he ensures that all the appliances in the house work properly and are happy to take care of the family dacha.

A man highly appreciates his friends, so he often spends his free time in their company. He loves to travel, he is inspired by new emotions and impressions.

Matvey prefers active sports: football, tennis, skiing, boxing. Sports allow him to keep fit, give vitality and help relieve emotional stress.

If he wants to relax and unwind from the hustle and bustle, then he spends his weekend at home watching sports or entertainment programs.

The signs and symbols of the name Matvey, as well as their role and influence on a person’s life are shown in the table below:

Sign, Mascot or SymbolInterpretation
Patronizing Planets — Pluto and JupiterPeople who are patronized by Jupiter are successful and successful in life. The planet gives them such qualities of character as wisdom, honesty, generosity and interpersonal skills. Pluto symbolizes destruction and the subsequent rebirth. Possessing a powerful energy, the planet gives a person authority, bordering on cruelty, as well as the ability to empathize and show mercy towards people
Stones-talismans — chiastolite and opalChiastolite is one of the most energetically powerful stones in the esoteric. Jewelry from this mineral protects a person from envious glances, gossip, spoilage and evil eye. Opal brings orderliness to the life of its owner, helps to get rid of distraction, increases concentration and improves coordination of movements.
Colors — red, blue, brown, yellowRed is the color of active, hardworking people prone to adventurism. They succeed on the condition that they prioritize them correctly. The blue color represents wisdom and tranquility. People with “brown” names firmly believe that they are right, ignoring the rational advice of more experienced people. Overconfidence can ruin them. Yellow is the color of intellectuals radiating vital energy. Thanks to their pragmatism and determination, they succeed in realizing themselves in business.
Name number — oneIn numerology, this number represents power, courage and purposefulness. People whose unit is one, have non-standard thinking and developed intuition. They will be able to achieve a lot in life if they overcome the inherent laziness, selfishness and arrogance that destroy their personality.
Animal — scorpionScorpio is a dual symbol, personifying danger, revenge and death on the one hand, and protection from enemies — on the other. The animal has negative energy, giving a person a vengefulness that can be directed against detractors.
Tree nutWalnut tree symbolizes fertility and abundance, helps a person to comprehend the secrets of the world. As a protection against negative energy, you can use a nut rod
Freesia FlowerFlowering freesia symbolizes calm, self-reliance and serenity. The plant helps a person to get rid of fears and gives him courage and courage. The fragrance of the flower causes the production of hormones of happiness — endorphins, increases vitality and improves sleep.
Metal — GoldDecryption — luxury, power and greatness. Gold jewelery gives its owner prudence, wisdom and promotes spiritual growth.

Among the representatives of the name of many prominent personalities, famous throughout the world. They went down in history because of their achievements in the fields of sports, music, cinema and science.

Characteristics of famous people named Matvey are presented in the table:

Matvey Matveyevich GusevThe Russian astronomer, the founder of the journal «Bulletin of Mathematical Sciences» — the first periodical publication in the Russian Empire of a physical and mathematical profile. The author of the scientific work «On the State of the Moon» (1860) in which observational confirmation of the theory of the elongation of the shape of the moon in the direction of the Earth was first presented. The circle of scientific interests of the scientist included the study of the nature of the solar corona and protuberances, the study of the proper motions of stars and the consideration of the issues of taking into account refraction (refraction)
Matvey Petrovich BronsteinSoviet theoretical physicist, doctor of physical and mathematical sciences, professor. He made a great contribution to the creation of the quantum theory of gravity. Author of popular science books «Atoms, electrons and nuclei» and «The structure of matter.» Known for classical works in the field of cosmology, astrophysics, relativistic quantum theory and theory of gravity.
Matvey Isaakovich BlanterOutstanding Soviet songwriter, People’s Artist of the USSR, Hero of Socialist Labor. He has written over 200 songs, including the legendary “Katyusha”, “Spark”, “Migratory Birds Flying,” “My Favorite” and others. His songs were included in the repertoire of one of the most popular performers in the USSR, Lydia Ruslanova, the Soviet poet and bard Bulat Okudzhava, singer Leonid Utesov and others.
Matvey V. ZakharovSoviet military leader, Marshal of the Soviet Union, twice hero of the USSR. Under his leadership, was developed about 20 frontal offensive operations. He successfully proved himself in the Belgorod-Kharkov, Kirovograd, Iasi-Kishinev, Vienna and Prague operations. After the war, he held high military positions
Matvey G. KorobovRussian professional boxer. In amateur status, won the World Cup (2005) and two-time world champion (2005 and 2007). Awarded the honorary sports title of Honored Master of Sports

These people have won worldwide popularity, their achievements serve as inspiration for millions of people.

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