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Marina’s Name Day in the Church Calendar of Christians

Marina Angel’s Day in the Church Calendar

From the foam of the sea, as if divine Venus, the ancient Latins had the beautiful name Marina, whose angel’s day is celebrated three times a year:

  • 29.12. — Marin of Rome.
  • 13.03. — prep. Virgin Mary of Macedon (Beria).
  • 30.07. — vmts. Marina Antiochskaya.

Most often, attention is paid to the last two dates associated with women. The lexical meaning of the word originates from Marinus — sea. The church form of the name coincides with the mundane: Marina.

There is a Greek variant — Pelagia, which is extremely rare.

Marina's Name Day in the Church Calendar of Christians

Characteristics of women

As the wave of the ocean is unpredictable, so a girl named Marina can be gentle, quivering, and can show her power in an instant. Often inherent pride, arrogance. Always gives an account of his words, never throws them to the wind.

In more mature age she is relaxed, intelligent. Aims for attention from others.

An active social circle consists of several trusted friends. If someone helps her, then this will be remembered all her life, will repay good for good.

The woman is hardworking, does not think herself idle. For their responsibilities suited responsibly.

He likes classes in addition to the main profession, which devotes even free time. Often reaches good results.

Her professionalism is appreciated by her superiors and colleagues. She is consulted, set as an example to others.

Marries a well-known boyfriend, often a classmate or fellow student. He should be calm temper, reasonably reasonable. Spouse does not change, the same requires of its second half.

Does not allow the family to have conflicts. If something does not like in the actions of the household tries to explain it in a peaceful way.

A person has a bright destiny, but not always his best qualities can be seen from the first time.

The older Marinochka, the more enchantment. She draws men with her charms. There is no shortage of fans.

Both in marriage and in relations she needs constant attention, otherwise the girl will be depressed, her character will deteriorate, there will be a depressed mood.

The saints are patrons of the marina

According to some sources and the church calendar of holy women with the given name are two. About them in more detail below.

Marina Beriy (Macedonian)

Name Day Marina Church Calendar of Christians

According to the Orthodox canon, birthdays are held on the day of worship of a maiden from Macedonia. The righteous woman lived at the turn of the century (4-5 AD). For the sake of the Lord, the girl renounced worldly life, refused all joys, decided to remain chaste and meek until the end of her days.

She sought to accomplish the spiritual, in the prayers and glorifications of God.

As soon as the girl was 18 years old, she left her home, having decided to lead a reclusive life. Together with his sister, a like-minded person, settling outside the city limits in a squalid dugout (cave), they lived for about half a century.

The food served as bread and water. 28.02. the day of the angel is celebrated in memory of the reverend virgin hermit Beriy in the old style.

Marina of Antioch martyr

Once a baby girl was left without a mother. She was brought up by a Christian nurse who was hired by her father. While still quite young, a twelve-year-old girl from a nanny learns about piety, decides to be baptized, carries it out.

The enraged parent curses his child, denying her.

When the persecution of Christians began, the turn came to the girl. The saint was summoned to the governor for interrogation.

However, the head unexpectedly for all fell in love with a beautiful woman, suggested that she become his wife. The only condition for marriage to a high-ranking person was renunciation of the faith.

The young Christian did not accept such a compromise and refused. For this, it was decided to subject her to torture and torment.

The righteous steadfastly endured all physical suffering, served as an example for the population of the Syrian city. Then many people began to accept faith in Christ.

It was decided to bring the Virgin to cruel execution, but the Most High did not allow long suffering, Saint Marina died.

On the day of the angel, Marish can be pleased with a gift, which is primarily associated with beauty, aesthetic pleasure. Perfectly fit ticket to a concert, theatrical production, an exhibition of paintings, photographs.

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