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Maria: the meaning and origin of the name, the nature and fate of the girl

Maria: the meaning and origin of the name, character traits, fate, horoscope

The name Maria was extremely popular in Tsarist Russia. At the turn of the XIX-XX centuries. they named every fifth newborn baby, but after the October Revolution, it abruptly went out of fashion.

Interest has revived in recent decades. Today, the name Maria takes the 4th place in the ranking of the most sought after in the post-Soviet space.

As the phonosemantic analysis shows, the name gives the impression of something good and safe. These characteristics fully correspond to the bearer of the name, which is the personification of reliability, decency, femininity.

This calm and serious girl is really very emotional, sentimental, kind and sensitive. Thanks to inextinguishable optimism, diligence and hard work, she always achieves her goals and succeeds in life.

The magic symbols and talismans include:



Diamond, sapphire, garnet, carnelian

Significant years of life

In numerology, the symbol of the name is the number 4, which personifies strength, stability, reliability. Powerful energy gives the owner of the name endurance, rationality, prudence. The girl is distinguished by conservatism, does not like change, prefers to go along the trodden path.

A person born under the influence of four, devoid of imagination, it may seem tedious and boring. His goals are achieved through diligence, hard work, perseverance and firm character.

Among the shortcomings can be identified pettiness and pedantry.

Since the full form of the name consists of 5 letters, this indicates humanitarian inclinations and the deep inner world of Mary. She is a pleasant companion who conquers men with her integrity and harmony.

Prefers to build relationships with the opposite sex on the basis of mutual respect.

The spelling of the name:

  • M — tolerance and loyalty to human weaknesses and shortcomings, the desire for self-development, curiosity.
  • A — leadership skills, activity, dedication.
  • P — the ability to delve into the essence of the matter, to get to the truth. Patience and pliability manifest as long as someone does not touch the self-esteem of the owner of the name.
  • And — spirituality, a subtle sense of harmony, straightness, which borders on tactlessness.
  • I — self-esteem, ambition, selfishness.

Maria: the meaning and origin of the name, the nature and fate of the girl

The name Mary is derived from the Hebrew Mariam. Linguists who study the mystery and origin of the name, differed in opinions regarding its exact translation, so at the moment there are several options depending on the root of the name:

  • “Mirim” — “bitterness”;
  • “Mrim” — “beloved, desired”;
  • «Mara» — «refuse, resist.»

In Christianity, the meaning of the name — «Mrs.» Such an interpretation is given for a reason, because Mary was the name of the mother of Jesus Christ.

In Islam, the Virgin Mary is known as Maryam, so the name is widely used in the Muslim world.

Common name variants: Masha, Mashunya, Marika, Manya, Marusya, Marichka, Musya, Masya, Mashuta. Short addresses Mary, Mara, Mia, Maya, Marika, Manon are independent names.

The full form of Mary is a church variant, mentioned in the calendar, and also often used when creating two-part names: Marie-Antoinette, Anna-Maria.

Varieties of the name in the West:

  • England, USA: Mariot, Marilyn, Mariah;
  • Germany: Marichen, Marike, Mitzel;
  • Spain: Marita, Marianela, Maritan;
  • Italy: Mariella, Marioun, Mariolla;
  • France: Marion, Mariel, Manon, Mariette;
  • Greece: Marigula;
  • Romania: Maritza;
  • Poland: Maroussia;
  • Norway: Mia;
  • Sweden: Maya, Mian.

Starting from the XIV century and to this day, Maria is the only name in Germany that can be used as a male. Among the carriers of the name: composer Carl Maria von Weber, writer Erich Maria Remarque, poet Rainer Maria Rilke.

Among the famous women who glorified the name of Maria: Nobel Prize winner Sklodovskaya-Curie, Russian tennis players Sharapova, Kirilenko, opera singer Kallas, actresses Yermolova, Mironova, Shukshina, Poroshina, a doctor and teacher Montessori.

Maria: the meaning and origin of the name, the nature and fate of the girl

The name Mary appeared on the territory of Russia with the advent of Christianity in the X-XI centuries. and quickly gained popularity among the higher strata of society. In the history there are many royal persons who wore this name both in Russia and abroad: Princess Romanova, Queen of France Medici, Queen of Scotland Maria I, Queen of England Tudor.

Soon the name Maria became common among all social strata; to this day, its popularity has not faded.

Although in Christianity the name is directly associated with the Virgin Mary, the mother of Jesus Christ, the Mother of God is not the patroness of only the owners of the given name, since she protects all of humanity and all people regardless of name and gender. For this reason, the particular patron saint is chosen according to the date of birth of the child in accordance with the church calendar.

Angel Day can either coincide with a birthday, or be the nearest date after the birthday.

Dates of the name of the church calendar:

  • January: 8, 12, 31;
  • February: 8, 19.25;
  • March: 2, 20, 21;
  • April: 2,14,17, 21, 25;
  • May: 10, 17;
  • June: 5, 11, 15, 17, 20, 22, 24.25;
  • July: 17, 25;
  • August: 4, 18, 22, 24, 28;
  • September: 8, 21, 28;
  • October: 2, 11, 21;
  • November: 11, 15;
  • December: 15

Signs associated with the name:

  • On the Nativity of the Virgin, September 21, on the harvest festival in the huts, the fire was renewed: the old one was put out and the new one was lit.
  • If on April 14, at Mary of Egypt, there was a big spill, then a lot of grass grew.

Maria: the meaning and origin of the name, the nature and fate of the girl

Powerful energy of the name gives its owner strong-willed and strong character, responsibility and purposefulness. Despite the visible advantages, Masha is not endowed with special talents and does not like to learn, therefore parents need to motivate her from a childhood to the need for higher education.

Useful to visit all kinds of circles. If a girl finds herself in any field or activity, she will do everything possible and impossible to become better and be able to succeed more than anyone else.

This will help her diligence and diligence, which is often absent in more capable and talented children, who usually do not have to put any effort.

Little Masha is a calm, quiet and kind child. She loves to nurse with children, cares for brothers and sisters, helps her mother with the housework, has a close spiritual connection with her father. In kindergarten, he quickly finds a common language with his peers, loves outdoor games, dancing and singing.

She loves to play “daughter-mothers”, since from childhood she has the need to take care of someone. Sometimes it is stubborn and capricious, wants parents to indulge her whims.

Masha does not show much interest in learning, does not have special talents and abilities. She loves the exact sciences.

The performance of a girl directly depends on her upbringing and motivation. Being responsible and executive, can not remain among the lagging students.

For diligence and good behavior, teachers love her.

Relations with classmates develop well, because the bearer of the name is sincere, honest, has a keen sense of justice, is capable of sympathy and empathy. Usually, Masha has several close friends, whom she is very jealous of other classmates.

The only negative nature of the character is that the girl does not take criticism at all, is very offended and loses herself for long. He does not tolerate unfair treatment of himself, worries about any minor remarks.

Young Maria is a gentle, trusting, sincere girl, in whom there is not a drop of aggression. She is always ready to help those in need, support, listen, give practical advice.

Sometimes her kindness is used for mercenary purposes, it is subjugated to her will. However, the owner of the name, if necessary, is able to stand up for themselves and fight back in time.

Masha is very upset because of injustice, but does not lose hope of finding true friends.

The characteristics of her character and behavior are directly dependent on her upbringing and habitat: she can be an open and sociable girl, or too sullen and complex. Sometimes her desire to succeed in school and to please her parents with excellent marks leads to the fact that she is too deep into the educational process and becomes a “zauchka”, which causes a negative from classmates or classmates.

Adult Mary is a hardworking, emotional, open and active woman. Being a perfectionist by nature, she strives to be the best in everything: in work and in love. Knows exactly what he wants from life, slowly but surely moving towards his goal.

The spirit of freedom and the thirst for adventure do not allow her to sit still: a woman is constantly in motion, striving for something and undertaking something. She dreams of living in prosperity, this is the main reason for her workaholism.

Mary is merciful to others, capable of sympathy and empathy, will always come to the aid in difficult times. She is very sentimental and takes to heart the failures of both her own and those close to her. Despite the strong-willed character, it is difficult to call the owner of the name a fighter.

Failure she experiences inside herself, but outwardly she keeps calm and equanimity.

Sometimes Maria can be stubborn, quick-tempered, calculating, but she is incapable of meanness and treachery. Despite the complex nature, the people around her still know that she has a good heart.

In this case, the owner of the owner does not have a name, because she does not tolerate a number of rivals and wants all male attention to be focused only on her.

Maria is a man of controversial character, but her essential virtue is honesty and conscientiousness. In any situation, the owner of the name shows nobility. She is not inclined to achieve goals by dishonest means and weave intrigues behind her back.

For this, people love and appreciate her.

The information presented in the table will allow you to better know the character and characteristics of Mary:



He has an analytical mind, draws attention to minor details, knows that the little things are a whole

Not bad developed, but Mary never uses it. Prefers to act, guided by common sense. Realist who stands firm on the ground

Too strict moral principles make the owner of the name a benchmark of decency, but they complicate her and those around her. But it is for high morality that Mary is respected, they know that she is incapable of base actions.

Prefers loneliness. Internal experiences, inability to throw out the accumulated emotions sometimes lead to nervous breakdowns.

However, this happens only in extremely difficult life situations. In general, the girl’s psyche is strong and steady.

Kindness, decency, ability to sympathy and empathy, reliability, constancy, activity, philanthropy, purposefulness, sincerity

Vulnerability, sensitivity, frown, gloom, negative perception of criticism

Maria’s main passion is sports: athletics, running, tennis, etc. It is in this area that she can achieve the best results. She devotes all her free time to children in whom she loves souls.

Even if as long as she does not have a child, she will surely find an opportunity to babysit with other people’s children.

In general, the owner of the name has good health. In childhood there is a predisposition to infectious and colds.

Vulnerabilities — cardiovascular system, stomach. Because of the tendency to be overweight, Mary should follow a diet, keep to a proper diet, adhere to the daily regimen, play more sports in the open air.

In old age, the risk of stroke increases, there are problems with blood pressure.

In relation to men, Maria shows some hidden aggression, especially in adulthood after a series of disappointments. She coolly chooses the right candidate for the hand and heart.

He does not pay attention to his material wealth, is guided by the dictates of his heart, therefore he marries for love.

Conflicts in relationships arise because of the authoritarian and somewhat despotic character of the owner of the name, who immediately tries to remake the chosen one for herself and subordinate to her will. Many men do not withstand such pressure and leave, while others agree with Masha’s leadership and submit.

Maria will be happily married to Alexander, Maxim, Ivan, Mikhail, Daniel, Dmitry, Andrey, Kirill, Yegor, Vladimir, Yaroslav, Nikolai, Konstantin, Pavel, Peter, Igor, Anton, Ruslan, Oleg. Unsuccessful alliance with Eugene, Makar, Grigory, Denis, Artem, Nikita, Ilya, Alexei, Roman, Sergey, Vladislav.

Maria can surely be called the keeper of the hearth. She perfectly knows how to manage the household, maintains cleanliness and comfort in the house, cooks tasty food, receives guests in a big way, likes to be engaged in the arrangement of life.

Households are always fed and dressed with a needle. In the first place, the owner of the name are children, in which she does not like the soul.

Her husband sometimes lacks her attention and compassion.

The main role in the family belongs to Maria, therefore, only she makes responsible decisions. The spouse is the “formal” owner of the house and is completely subordinate to the wife.

The owner of the name can sometimes listen to his advice, but the last word still remains for her. Strangely enough, but such a distribution of duties often suits Masha’s husband (she at one time chose the most suitable candidate).

Family discord in the family is rare, because the woman knows how to find a «middle ground» and does not bring the conflict situation to the boiling point.

Maria is not one of those girls who can go to bed with a man on the first date. She looks at the gentleman, weighs the pros and cons.

Sex is a source of pleasure for her, akin to eating or relaxing, but is not a priority in a relationship. Being not too sensual woman, she can relax and open as much as possible only in the hands of a loving and beloved man, with whom she has close emotional contact.

It is difficult to call Mary a career woman, if that was her will, she would definitely devote her life to family and raising children. However, it can be perfectly realized in a profession related to communicating with people. The owner of the name is important to feel that it is beneficial and does the right thing.

In any team, she will be able to find a common language with colleagues, and thanks to her diligence and diligence she will show brilliant results.

Best profession for Mary:

  • teacher;
  • educator;
  • medical worker;
  • law enforcement officer;
  • Social worker;
  • psychologist.

Despite diligence and perseverance, Mary does not have enough determination to start her own business. It is difficult for her to manage her work process, to distribute her duties, therefore she alone cannot cope with her work.

But in tandem with a reliable business partner, she can very well succeed. The main driving force will be its desire for a secure life and material enrichment.

Good compatibility in business relationships with Vasily, Yuri, Vyacheslav, Anton, Mark, Lev, Pavel, Konstantin, Arseny, Fedor, Yaroslav, Yegor, Danila, Mikhail, Kirill, Grigory, Timur, Stepan, Alexander, Vadim, Sergey, Nikolai. Lack of mutual understanding with Vladislav, Alexey, Ilya, Nikita, Artem.

The time of the birth of the owner of the name has a direct impact on the characteristics of character and fate.

Spring Mary — a girl who charges others with energy and positive, even in the worst can see something good. This is a cheerful, peace-loving person, who may seem weakly and windy, but in reality she is rather purposeful, knows exactly what she wants from life, knows how to stand up for herself. Her life is full of adventures, new discoveries, bright impressions.

Maria herself is open to the world and generous with emotions.

The girl, born in March, more capricious and wayward, especially in childhood. It is difficult for parents to cope with it, because it inadequately responds to punishment, it does not tolerate raising its voice to it.

In moments of despair, he withdraws into himself. May Masha is rather lazy and absent-minded.

The summer owner of the name is a sensitive, vulnerable and sentimental person who takes everything close to her heart. Hates quarrels, conflicts and gossip.

Touchy, often closes in on herself. She avoids clarifying the relationship in every possible way, if she has to take part in a dispute, she will definitely lose it.

It is easier for a girl to agree with someone else’s point of view and concede, rather than bring the situation to a boiling point. In love, shows caution, restraint. Often makes concessions and compromises with the chosen one.

This behavior sometimes leads to the fact that it becomes a tool in the hands of unscrupulous people.

Mary, born in the fall, is particularly suspicious and takes any minor troubles to heart. For any job suited responsibly and seriously, calculates every step in advance so as not to make mistakes.

This approach allows her to achieve success in the professional sphere and personal life.

The owner of the name wants to marry once and for all life, and therefore is looking for a reliable and loyal elect, who shares her views and life values. Because of betrayal, he acts in the same way with a partner out of revenge.

Usually he is happy in his personal life, because he knows how to choose the most decent and worthy of the many candidates.

Winter Mary — the standard of femininity and good breeding. She always does everything according to the rules, tries to live in accordance with moral and ethical principles.

Distinguished by honesty and decency. At the same time it is rather restrained on emotions, very closed and silent.

At school, the teachers do not hear the words from Masha, and in adulthood, the girl rarely speaks to the point.

In family life, he is inferior to the chosen one in everything, he believes that the husband is always right, and his wife’s lot is to obey and obey. The perfect spouse for any man.

Character traits and fate vary somewhat depending on the belonging to one or another sign of the zodiac. Astrological characteristics will allow to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the owner of the name, to make a more accurate psychological portrait:

Zodiac sign


This is a cheerful, impulsive, forever young at heart girl who knows how to truly enjoy life. Of the shortcomings of character can be identified inconsistency, which manifests itself in work and in personal life. Enjoys attention in men, but in love windy

Purposeful, active, determined person with a strong-willed character. Thanks to the punching qualities, he achieves excellent career success and often occupies management positions. In her youth, she has no time for privacy, so she usually marries in adulthood.

Sociability, openness, sincerity, objectivity — the main traits of the character of the owner of the name. She does not think of life without communication, does not tolerate loneliness.

She is more concerned with spiritual values ​​than material wealth. Prefers delicate and courteous men

This shy girl gives the impression of a quiet and calm person who is happy with her life. In fact, in her soul, a volcano of passions and emotions boils.

She is afraid to attract attention, agrees with the majority opinion. It is difficult for her to establish a personal life, since men simply do not notice her

Because of excessive self-confidence, a woman is often considered arrogant, although in reality she is sensitive and sympathetic towards others, is distinguished by her gullibility. Knows exactly what he wants from life, goes to the goal, does not exchange on trifles. Because of the desire for leadership, it is difficult for her to establish a personal life.

This is a cautious, cautious girl who always speaks only on business. Able to suppress and hide emotions, therefore, gives the impression of a cold and closed person. In love, the owner of the name is capable of deep feelings

Thanks to diplomatic abilities, the owner of the name is able to avoid conflicts and smooth sharp corners. The main features of her character: peace loving, accommodating, pliability. Pays attention only to educated and intelligent men.

This is a hard-working, obstinate woman with a huge inner potential. She easily adapts to others, can agree with the opinions of others, but does not always act in her own way. Sexuality and sensuality make it especially attractive in the eyes of men.

This purposeful, adventurous girl always achieves goals. He likes to demonstrate his superiority, which spoils relations with others. Men are attracted to her strong and obstinate character, but not everyone can win her heart and keep close

Independence, stubbornness — the main character traits of the girl, which prevent to build harmonious relationships with others. The owner of the name always remains with her opinion, refuses any help, she likes to solve the problems of her friends and relatives

Extraordinary, creative person with a peculiar vision of the world. It is full of unrealizable plans and ideas, but it is impossible to convince her of the impossibility of their implementation. It is difficult for her to find a chosen one with the same outlook, therefore her personal life is difficult

This is a vulnerable, sensitive and very touchy girl who is upset about any trifle. Thanks to dedication always achieves the desired. It is difficult to converge with people, dreams of a cavalier with the same fine mental organization and rich inner world

The story of one of our readers Alina R .:

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However, I decided that I still needed personal help. Sometimes it seems that the matter is in you, all the failures are only a consequence of bad energy, the evil eye or some other evil force.

But who will help in a difficult life situation, when it seems that all life is rolling down the slope and passing by you. It is difficult to be happy working as a cashier for 26 thousand rubles, when I had to give 11 for renting an apartment. It was my surprise when my whole life suddenly changed for the better overnight.

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