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Margarita: the origin, meaning and mystery of the name, character and fate of the girl

Margarita: the meaning and origin of the name, nature and fate

The meaning of the name Margarita — "pearl". The origin is Greek.

Epithet "margaritos" used when they mentioned the goddess Aphrodite, patronized sailors. There is another interpretation — from the Indian language the name translates as "brave".

According to the church calendar, its owner celebrates four times a year: September 14, December 15, February 8 and July 30.

Margarita is distinguished not only by dazzling beauty, but also by cunning, stubbornness and selfishness. This woman is accustomed to live by her own rules and will not adapt to anyone.

She is uncompromising and adamant in her decisions, hardly finds a common language with others and is intolerant of others’ shortcomings.

Abbreviated female name Margaret sounds like Rita or Margot. Diminutive form: Margoshenka, Margush Margushonok, Margot, Daisy, Margaritik, Ritusik, Ritusichka, Ritok, Ritka, Ritulechka, Magri, Rituyla, Rita, Margaritochka, Margot, Ritunya, Margaritushka, Marga, Mara, Greta, Marge.

Depending on the country, the pronunciation of the name Margarita also changes:

  • England — Margaret;
  • Germany to Margarete;
  • France — Marguerite;
  • Portugal — Margarida;
  • Hungary — Margit;
  • Poland — Malgorzata;
  • Czech Republic — Marketa;
  • Scotland — Mayret.

Margarita: the origin, meaning and mystery of the name, character and fate of the girl

Famous women named Margarita:

  1. 1. Writers and poetess — Mitchell, Pushkin, Hemlin, Atwood, Agashina.
  2. 2. Singers — Vojtez, Rita Ora, Dakota, Suvorov, Sukhankina, Pozoyan.
  3. 3. Actresses — Terekhova, Weimer, Heyworth, Leviev, Volodin, Zhigunov, Simonov.
  4. 4. Athletes — Aliychuk, Mamun, Drobyazko.

Thatcher — the first and only woman who became minister of Great Britain, Tudor — the Scottish queen, Provence — the queen of France, Angouleme — the French princess, Margarita de Valois — the famous "Queen Margo", daughter of Catherine de Medici and Henry II.

Margarita: the origin, meaning and mystery of the name, character and fate of the girl

Margarita of Antioch is the patroness of all women bearing this name. She was a righteous Christian.

Born in the ancient city of Antioch, which is located in modern Turkey. It was in this place that people who preached Christianity came to be called Christians.

Margarita of Antioch was the daughter of the heathen Edessa. Her father drove her out of her parents’ house for believing in Christ and preaching.

The poor girl with her nurse lived in the open air in the field.

She was very beautiful, so the Roman prefect Olimvry wanted to see her as his spouse, but set the condition that she must renounce Jesus Christ once and for all. Virgo refused to despotic Olympus, for which she was thrown into a dungeon and subjected to cruel torture.

But no torture forced Margarita to renounce Christianity, so she was executed in 304.

Saint Margaret of Antioch helps suffering, weak, poor and sick people. Prayers for this saint will help establish justice and avoid lawlessness.

The patron saint of heaven protects against gossip, slander, evil spirits and evil spirits.

Margarita: the origin, meaning and mystery of the name, character and fate of the girl

The girl Rita is very capricious, but cheerful and sociable. She gives her parents a lot of problems, because her whims and desires must always be fulfilled. Otherwise, the girl will get hysterical and stomping with her legs, which can last for several hours in a row.

She used to achieve the desired tears, so the mother needs to find the right approach to her daughter and calmly explain that this behavior is unacceptable.

It is impossible to raise voices to a little Margarita, especially to punish and put her into a corner, since she is very vindictive and will never forget children’s grievances.

Rita, despite her difficult temper, grows as her mother’s assistant and loves to help wash dishes, dust and cook food. However, the girl will not unconditionally carry out home tasks if she is in a bad mood, and all requests, orders and notations of the parents will be ignored.

Margaret’s girl is a real fashionista. She considers herself a little princess and chooses beautiful pink outfits and bright dresses, uses her mother’s makeup and tries on beads and jewelry. Rita loves to play not only dolls, but also boyish games.

She has many friends, she spends time in the yard, preferring "Cossack-robbers" and other mobile entertainment.

The girl Rita has angelic appearance: curly blond hair, blue eyes, small snub nose. Therefore, the impression from others about this child is often deceptive, because with strangers Margarita is calm and smiling.

The girl loves cats very much, so she asks her parents to have a pet, for which she will look after her with pleasure. She is independent, persistent and manipulates people from an early age. Rita has brilliant acting skills and good plastic, so parents need to develop the talents of the child, putting her in choreography or in the school of acting.

The girl sings well, loves to draw and loves to listen to fairy tales.

At school, Margarita learns well only in those subjects that she likes. Most often it is foreign languages, mathematics, literature.

Rita cannot be called a diligent student because she often breaks her lessons and her parents’ trips to the principal become commonplace. In the extracurricular life of the school, Margarita takes an active part and wins first places in sports competitions and creative competitions.

The young Margaret is a beauty and conqueror of hearts. She falls in love at an early age and her first love often becomes a real tragedy for parents, because the girl completely forgets about her studies and may not appear at home for several days without warning the mother about her whereabouts.

Rita with great pleasure attends fashion shows, nightclubs and becomes a star at any noisy party, attracting attention with her extravagant outfits and cheeky behavior. This girl lives one day and does not want to plan her life.

Understanding that you need to learn and set long-term goals will come to Margarita at the age of majority.

Margot’s girl is an ambitious and arrogant person who loves to show off and does not tolerate criticism and comments in her own way. She is insightful and will easily expose hypocritical and deceitful people, so there are no traitors and deceivers among her surroundings.

Margarita has a good sense of humor, but does not know how to lose, and therefore she experiences extremely painful failures, relying in herself.

Margarita is not afraid to express everything that she thinks about a person, and she does not select soft words and expressions for this. She is often rude and likes to scoff.

Margo tries to control herself, but she rarely does that.

Depending on the season in which Margot was born, the character traits of this woman also change:

  1. one. Summer. At first glance, the girl is soft and submissive, but only until someone disagrees with her. She is inconstant, very emotional and uncompromising, has an enviable patience, but when she gets angry, she can do a lot of stupid things. Summer Rita is a sensual and gentle nature, but she will not allow anyone to manipulate herself.
  2. 2 Autumn. This is a cynical and mercantile, intelligent, cunning and rational person. Autumn Margarita weaves intrigue behind her colleagues and goes to any measures to eliminate competitors not only in business, but also in her personal life.
  3. 3 Winter. Strict, serious and despotic nature loves order in everything and does not tolerate objections. It puts power above all else, is not capable of sacrificing its freedom for the sake of loved ones, therefore it often remains alone, but it does not feel unhappy.
  4. four. Spring. The girl is charming, modest and cheerful, but at the same time cruel and merciless. Spring Margarita with a smile on her face can betray a loved one, not regretting the deed. She knows her worth and does not want to overwork herself, spending a lot of time at work. Therefore, a woman prefers easy money and often gets involved in adventures.

Characteristics of the carrier named Margaret presented in the table:

Type of characterThe carrier of this name — phlegmatic
Main character traitsMargarita is characterized by prudence, interpersonal skills, stubbornness, moodiness
Positive sidesIt is responsiveness, kindness, insight, charm, artistry, charisma, cheerfulness, activity, dedication
Negative sidesThese include laziness, selfishness, arrogance, touchiness, greed, categorical
HealthMargarita often suffers from viral and infectious diseases. She does not adhere to proper nutrition, but due to the accelerated metabolism she always remains slim and does not gain extra pounds. The owner of this name can have heart problems and nervous disorders.
friendshipRita has few friends, but there are enough male friends. It is easier for her to find a common language with guys than with girls. Margo will always give wise advice, but will never act in the interests of others.
MindMargarita is used to leading in everything and does not allow herself to show weakness in the presence of strangers. She is too proud to admit her own mistakes and ask for help from anyone. Rita is annoyed over trifles and is capable of making a real tragedy out of a small turmoil, considering that fate is often unfair to her.
ProfessionsMargarita will make a successful model, TV presenter, writer, artist, photographer, teacher, lawyer, accountant, actress, singer, choreographer, athlete, doctor, scientific adviser.
Hobbies and passionsThese are literature, theater, fashion, extreme sports, dancing, painting, cooking, cars, traveling
SexualityThis woman has a fiery temperament and is able to charm any guy, depriving him of the ability to think reasonably after a jointly spent night. Margarita is absolutely not shy of her body, she is a skillful lover and loves variety in sex, often changes partners and is not afraid to tell men about her erotic fantasies
Mental capacityMargarita makes decisions quickly, she has an excellent memory and logic, a sharp analytical mind, a high degree of concentration and the ability to notice the details.
IntuitionThe sixth sense of the bearer of this name is quite developed. Some women named Margaret with age open unique abilities to see and predict future events, the tendency to extrasensory perception and magic
MoralA woman named Margarita cannot be called a highly moral person, because this woman was accustomed to act solely in her own interests and nothing could stop her on the way to her intended goals.

Margarita is spoiled by male attention, so she chooses the most worthy and wealthy young man who is not without romanticism and takes care of all the problems. Margo needs constant confirmation of love in the form of beautiful words, flowers and valuable gifts.

She will never choose a mean and inattentive man for her husband, and if the spouse will pay little attention to her person, then Rita will find what she is missing in marriage, on the side.

Margarita for a man is a mysterious woman who cannot be solved. In love, Rita can be tremulous, fragile, defenseless.

But more often it is a woman who knows the right words and tricks to incline a man to her feet.

The owner of this name gets married at an early age or mature. Repeated marriages are possible.

Margarita will never forgive betrayal and betrayal, brutally revenge a man for the pain.

Margarita regularly gives her husband a reason for jealousy, because she believes that a man cools off without any passions. The family of this woman is similar to the Italian — everyday showdown, interrogations, and then rapid reconciliation, hugs and hot kisses.

Marriage compatibility:

  1. one. High: Alexander, Andrei, Vladimir, Alexey, Maxim, Victor, Artem, Roman.
  2. 2 Average: Ignat, Igor, Oleg, Yuri, Nikolai, Sergey, Svyatoslav, Arkady, Stanislav.
  3. 3 Low: George, Vlad, Boris, Vasily, Fedor, Gleb, Ivan, Kirill, Leonid.

Children Margarita loves the most. For their sake she is ready for almost everything.

Rita often behaves unrestrainedly and screams at her children, but quickly calms down and asks for forgiveness for her screams, buying toys and pampering various sweets. She brings up the girl in severity, and the boy teaches discipline from an early age.

Rita does not like to do routine tasks. She is tired of cleaning, cooking and other domestic duties, so the woman hires a housekeeper.

The owner of this name sometimes arranges solemn dinners for its members, standing at the stove all day, but this happens quite rarely.

Leisure of this family is varied. Margarita likes to visit new countries and learn the culture of other nationalities with her spouse and children. The woman does not stint on gifts and souvenirs for friends.

She spends a lot of money on clothes, cosmetics and women’s accessories, but does not forget about the needs of her family.

Margarita can achieve heights both in a creative field, and in the sphere of finance, services, commerce, medicine and science.

It is created to be a leader. The bearer of this name is a lady who can command, but is completely incapable of submission.

Margarita will not be able to work under someone else’s control for a long time, so she is rapidly moving up the career ladder, sometimes using dishonest methods. This woman will destroy anyone who stands in her way.

She is able to have an affair with a boss to get promoted, and uses her male colleagues for her own selfish purposes.

Rita can start her own business with "zero" and develop it to a grand scale.

The secret of the name Margarita is connected with its astrological symbolism and numerology. The table shows patrons, talismans and happy symbols for its owner:

Zodiac signVirgo, Aries
ColourScarlet, lemon, dark red, light green, yellow, sky blue, mauve
PlanetVenus, Mars
A rockPearl, lapis lazuli, jade
Significant years of life6, 16, 20, 36, 40
AnimalShellfish Pearl Oyster
FlowerDaisy, lily
Day of the weekSunday

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