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Male and female name day in January

Name Day in January: a list of male and female birthday

To choose a suitable name for a child born in January, you need to contact the calendar, which indicate what saints the church honors on this day. Girls can be called Maria, Natalia, Julia, Anastasia or Irina. Such popular names will suit boys: Vasily, Maxim, Roman, Alexander, Vladimir, Ivan, Dmitry, Nikolay, Daniel, Peter, Mikhail.

There are more rare: Innokenty, Pride, Thaddeus, Terenty.

Experts in astrology and psychology are confident that if the child’s birthday coincides with his birthday, then the fate of such a person will be happy and he will be successful in all life spheres.

If a girl was born on the day when, according to the Orthodox calendar, there are no names for women, then according to church canons you need:

  • Call her name, which is revered on the 8th day after her birth.
  • If parents do not like the names that are presented by the calendar on this date, then you can name the child the name of the patron saint, revered on the 40th day after the birth of a person.

Birthdays of January are purposeful and strong-spirited individuals who never give up and do not act on their own principles.

Male and female name day in January

Since for January 1 and 2 there are no female names in the calendar, a girl born these days in honor of one of the saints who is honored by the church on January 9 and 10 should be named. Thus, the newborn will establish a strong bond with her guardian angel, which helps her throughout her life.

The list of birthdays in January for girls and boys according to the church calendar is presented in the table:

NumberWomen’s name dayMen’s name day
oneIlya, Gregory, Aris, Timofey
2Daniel, Anton, Jan, Ignat, Ivan
3Julia, Juliana, UlianaSergey, Alfred, Nikita, Mikhail, Prokop, Peter, Leonty
fourAnastasiaFedor, Dmitry
fiveIvan, David, Naum, Makar, Pavel, Vasily
6Claudia, EugeneSergey, Innokentiy, Nikolay
eightMaria, AnfisaAlexander, Grigory, Vasily, Dmitry, David, Efim, Joseph, Michael, Konstantin, Nikolay, Leonid
9AntoninaFedor, Tikhon, Stepan, Luke
tenAgathaIgnatius, Efim, Arkady, Alexander, Nicanor, Leonid, Peter, Nikolai, Semyon
elevenNatalia, Efrosinya, Evdokia, Varvara, AnnaMark, Benjamin, Jan, George, Ivan, Yegor, Lawrence, Thaddeus, Laurel
12Irina, Arina, MariaDaniel, David, Anton, Jacob, Leo, Joseph, Osip, Makar
13Peter, Michael
14Bogdan, Alexander, Vasily, Vyacheslav, Nikolai, Ivan, Yakov, Trofim, Plato, Fedot, Peter, Gregory
15Julia, Juliana, UlianaSidor, Sergey, Peter, Mark, Kuzma, Modest, Seraphim
sixteenArina, IrinaBasil, Malachi, Gordey
17Artem, Mark, Denis, Alexander, Philip, Nikolai, Pavel, Aristarkh, Nikanor, Clement, Karl, Semyon, Prokhor, Terenty, Trofim, Timofey, Faddey
18Tatyana, Polina, EvgeniaSergey, Osip, Matvey, Joseph, Semyon, Eugene, Gregory, Lukyan, Roman
nineteenIvan, Feofan
20Jan, Basil, Athanasius, Ivan, Pafnuti
21Dominica, VasilisaVictor, Anton, Dmitry, Vasily, George, Vladimir, Julius, Julian, Mikhail, Ilya, Ivan, Yegor, Yevgeny, Gregory, Emelyan
22AntoninaPavel, Zakhar, Philip, Peter, Nicanor, Panteley, Panteleimon
23Makar, Antip, Pavel, Zinovy, Peter, Gregory, Anatoly
24Fedor, Stepan, Osip, Joseph, Vitaly, Nikolai, Vladimir, Terenty, Mikhail
25TatyanaPeter, Ilya, Pakhom, Makar, Sawa, Galaktion
26Maxim, Athanasius, Jacob, Peter
27Nina, AgniaSergey, Pavel, Mark, Ilya, David, Benjamin, Aristarkh, Andrey, Moses, Makar, Adam, Stepan, Ivan, Joseph
28Elena, AlenaGerasim, Gabriel, Barlaam, Jan, Prokhor, Mikhail, Ivan, Benjamin, Pavel
29NeonillaPeter, Maxim, Ivan, Semyon
thirtyAntoninaGeorge, Jan, Ivan, Egor, Victor, Savely
31Maria, Oksana, XeniaVladimir, Alexander, Mikhail, Eugene, Maxim, Illarion, Emelyan, Sergey, Athanasius, Dmitry, Efrem

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