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Larisa: the meaning of the name, fate, character, mystery, marriage

Larisa: the origin and meaning of the name, the nature and fate of the girl

Larisa is a beautiful female name, endowing her possessor with strong character and will to win. On the surrounding girl makes a dual impression.

When she first met, she seemed arrogant special with a complex character, but it is worth getting to know her better how her soft feminine nature immediately opens up.

In Russia, the name Larisa appeared only in the 19th century, it appeared in the nobility environment, but it was very rare. The peak of his popularity came in the 1960s. In modern Russia, parents rarely call girls Larissa.

According to the rating compiled by E. Vasilyev, it occupies the 85th place in the list of female names.

There are three versions of the origin of the name:

  1. 1. From the Latin word "laris"that translated into Russian means "guardian spirit".
  2. 2. From the Latin word "larus"that translates as "gull".
  3. 3. From the Greek word "laros". Meaning of the name — "nice", "sweet".

Full name: Larisa.

Short forms of the name: Lara, Larusya, Larulya, Laura, Lesya, Laria, Risa.

Larisa: the meaning of the name, fate, character, mystery, marriage

According to the Orthodox church calendar, Larisa celebrates the name day on April 8.

The patroness of the name is the holy martyr Larisa Gotfskaya. The icon with the image of the saint protects people from disappointment in life and warns against committing rash acts.

Larisa: the meaning of the name, fate, character, mystery, marriage

Holy Martyr Larisa Gotfskaya

Larisa: the meaning of the name, fate, character, mystery, marriage

The table contains amulets, symbols and talismans of the name:

Sign, Mascot or SymbolInterpretation
Patron of the Planet — MarsIn astrology, the planet Mars symbolizes energy, optimism, moving forward despite all obstacles. People who are patronized by the planet achieve their goals, no matter how much effort it may cost them. They love bright emotions and impressions, so there are many fans of extreme sports among them. The negative influence of the planet is manifested in such qualities of personality as sharpness and rudeness
Stones-mascots — aventurine and jadeAventurine enhances intuition and develops the leadership qualities of a person, gives him vigor and faith in his strength. Jewelery and amulets from this mineral attract good luck and prosperity to the life of their owner, bring harmony and stability to his family life. Jade symbolizes human virtues: goodness, modesty and wisdom. The stone protects a person from evil and helps him to find harmony with his inner world, and also eliminates the imperfections of character
Name number — eightPeople-eight — born leaders with an analytical mind and wit. Thanks to hard work, responsibility and dedication, they reach great heights in life. Flattery and hypocrisy are alien to eights. In total in life, they are accustomed to seek honest way. For them it is important that achievements bring them moral satisfaction and inspire respect from others.
Colors — orange, green and blueOrange color symbolizes purity of thoughts, optimism and creative energy. Emotionality sometimes prevents people with "orange" names to make informed decisions, but loved ones willingly forgive them for their vitality and cheerful disposition. Green is the color of wise and sympathetic people who are indifferent to material benefits. Blue is a symbol of wisdom and creation. People with "blue" names are demanding of themselves and others, therefore, it is not easy to earn their respect
Plant — hawthornHawthorn since ancient times is a symbol of chastity. The plant strengthens family ties, and also protects its owner from negative energy and the actions of black magic. In order to protect the magic properties of a plant, a hawthorn should be planted near the house and carefully looked after it. It is not recommended to keep the plant in the house, as it is considered a harbinger of death.
Metal — AluminumAluminum represents love and devotion. Metal products bring their owner good luck and instill in him confidence in their abilities, helping to achieve their goals in life. Aluminum is associated in esoterics with such qualities of character as stability, reliability and perseverance.

Larisa: the meaning of the name, fate, character, mystery, marriage

As a child, Larisa is a modest and obedient girl with a calm character. She does not like noisy companies, preferring to spend time alone. In the quietness of the cozy room, she reads, watches her favorite movies and dreams.

She grows up as a quiet and shy girl, so she doesn’t stand out among her peers. At school, she studies well thanks to her excellent memory, quick mind and ingenuity.

Her studies are easy for her, so she doesn’t have any difficulties later in choosing a future profession and entering a prestigious educational institution to continue her education.

Larisa is honest, straightforward and benevolent. It is very easy to communicate with her, so she has many friends. But in the circle of her close friends she lets in a few.

Deserving her trust is not easy, as she is shrewd and well-versed in people. She does not tolerate lies, hypocrisy, and boasting.

It is important for her to know that her friends truly love and appreciate her, and not use their acquaintance with her for their own selfish purposes.

With age, a woman becomes wiser and more tolerant. She is sweet and friendly in communication, but it is worthwhile for someone to offend her, as she immediately gives a sharp rebuff to the person who has wounded her feelings.

Larissa is a property owner by nature, so she doesn’t like sharing her things. She is self-critical in relation to herself, therefore she is hard going through failures and disappointments in life.

On the way to your dream is ready to do much. Nothing can stop her from reaching her goal.

Positive featuresNegative traits
  • Goodwill;
  • devotion;
  • good sense of humour;
  • honesty;
  • justice
  • Excessive demanding of self;
  • restraint;
  • touchiness;
  • inconstancy;
  • short temper

To learn about the character of Larisa, you must consider the time of year in which she was born:

Winter"Winter" Larisa is a calm and balanced nature. When making decisions, she is guided solely by reason. She tries to hide her emotions from others, fearing betrayal on their part. Only in the presence of close people is her kind, sincere nature revealed, by which deception and hypocrisy are alien. She finds her happiness in marriage with a strong confident man, next to which she can feel like a fragile and tender girl
SpringThe woman who was born in the spring is vulnerable and melancholic. She has a changeable mood, so it can be hard for people to understand her complex nature. Larisa lives in her own world, loneliness is a familiar state for her. Alone with herself, she feels comfort and peace that no one can disturb. The ideal of a man for her is a person who leads an ascetic lifestyle and seeks to know the world around her.
SummerLarisa, born in the summer, is an active, energetic and cheerful, sincerely loving life in all its manifestations. She has an extraordinary mind and a good sense of humor, so she can easily find a common language with others. For her, it is important that a man be intelligent and share all her hobbies and hobbies. Together, lovers will be able to realize their wildest dreams and build a happy and strong family.
Autumn"Autumn" Larisa is a sensible and pragmatic woman. She by her own efforts achieves goals in life, not counting on anyone’s help. Larisa always keeps this word and never throws words to the wind. Sometimes in her life there comes a period when she loses faith in herself and begins to have doubts about the correctness of her actions. At this moment, she is particularly in need of a sincere man with a positive mindset who would save her from doubts.

Larisa is born a strong baby with good health. Those close to her take care of the girl, so in childhood she rarely gets sick.

If Larissa leads an active lifestyle and monitors her diet, then she can forget about visiting doctors for a long time.

Special attention should be paid to the state of the nervous system. Due to inner feelings and containing emotions, a girl may have problems with nerves.

She needs to monitor her emotional state and take care of mental health.

Since childhood, Larisa spends a lot of time reading. She likes to retire in a quiet place with an interesting book and dive into the world invented by the author, full of risky adventures. Thanks to this hobby, she grows up an intelligent and erudite girl with a wide outlook.

Another hobby of Larisa is sport. She likes swimming, athletics, fitness and other forms of physical activity, developing endurance and strength of mind.

Sports activities strengthen the health of the girl and help her to keep a slim figure.

In adulthood, a woman loves traveling and outdoor activities. The best pastime for her is a trip with the whole family to a beautiful picturesque place with a rich culture and history.

Traveling helps her to know the world and inspire her to conquer new heights in life.

Larisa hides her personal life from others, because she does not like to show off her feelings. With men, a girl usually has an uneasy relationship, as she has a changeable character, which is difficult for others to understand. She can not be called a girl in love.

She dreams of meeting a man destined for her by Destiny, so she is in no hurry to start a serious relationship. Marriage, as a rule, is late, as the girl is too demanding on her chosen one.

In marriage, she needs to learn to be tolerant of her spouse so that their union will be happy.

In bed, she is a gentle and sensitive lover, who seeks to please her partner.

Larisa is a faithful wife and caring mother. She respectfully treats her spouse and always consults with him, before making any decision, she has no secrets from him. A woman pays a lot of attention to children, because she wants them to have a happy childhood and have no need for anything.

Larisa is a sensitive and emotional woman, so it is important for her to see reciprocal care from her family. She cherishes the attention of native people and appreciates their love above all else in life.

Favorable compatibility with:

Avoiding relationships is recommended with:

Larisa will perfectly cope with both the role of the boss and the role of the subordinate. She is hardworking and responsible, thanks to which she achieves great success in the profession. It is important for her to feel a sense of satisfaction from what she does, so her boring routine work does not attract her.

She also needs a certain freedom of action, which would allow her to show her abilities.

Larisa will be a successful teacher, scientist, programmer, journalist or administrator.

A woman can successfully open her own business, as her character has strong leadership qualities. She treats her subordinates fairly and demandingly, so people are happy to work under her guidance.

At work, Larisa surrounds herself with professionals who perfectly fulfill their duties and completely devote themselves to work.

Famous representatives of the name Larissa:

  • Larisa Stepanovna Ratushnaya is a Soviet underground worker, distinguished by her ability to fake German stamps and documents. Her activities saved many people from death and exile in the German camps, and also allowed the underground workers to conduct their activities effectively. In 1965 she was posthumously awarded the title Hero of the Soviet Union.
  • Larisa Rubalskaya — Soviet and Russian poet, songwriter, Honored Art Worker of the Russian Federation. Her songs were performed by renowned performers A. Pugachev, F. Kirkorov, I. Allegrova, I. Kobzon, J. Yevdokimov. The verses of Larisa Rubalskaya are collected in collections and issued under the names “Ring of hot hands”, “Declaration of love”, “Such a card went to me”, “Early night”, etc.
  • Larisa Dmitrievna Ilchenko — Russian swimmer, recognized as the best athlete of the first decade of the XXI century in open water. Larisa Ilchenko is the only 8-time world champion in the history of Russian women’s swimming. In 2006, the athlete was awarded the honorary title of Honored Master of Sports of Russia.

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I considered myself a failure, problems at work and in my personal life haunted me. However, I decided that I still needed personal help.

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