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Kolovrat: description, meaning of the Slavic symbol for men, women

Kolovrat: a history of an origin, value of a charm for men and women

Kolovrat is the oldest Slavic sign, which is depicted as a wheel and symbolizes the endless life movement. The literal translation of this word is "wheel spin". A person who wants to protect himself from negative energy, a magical effect, and also dreams to radically change his life and go from failures and falls to triumphant victories and success in all endeavors, needs this guardian.

Depending on the direction of the sun’s rays, both women and men can wear the charm.

Slavic symbol has several versions of origin and meaning:

  • Combined double swastika;
  • It personifies the sun and the Slavic gods (Dzhdbog, Svarog, Khoros);
  • It symbolizes the cycle of the universe;
  • Description and schematic representation of the constellation.

Some scientists claim that Kolovrat has a secret meaning and is associated with the map of Atlantis.

It is also believed that the Slavs called this symbol in honor of Evpatiy Kolovrat, who was a Russian warrior and, according to legend, helped the Ryazan soldiers to escape in the battle with the Mongols.

Amulet can have from 4 to 8 beams directed clockwise or counterclockwise:

  • 4 — the symbol of fire;
  • 6 — such a talisman symbolizes the Thunder (Perunovo) wheel;
  • 8 — solar power.

Carl Jung mentioned the kolovrat in one of his books. The content of his works indicated that the symbol was depicted in the Stone Age in the form of rock paintings. In ancient Russia, this sign is found on weapons, furniture, clothing, kitchen utensils and other items.

He was painted along with runes, images of birds, animals and other Slavic symbols.

Kolovrat: description, meaning of the Slavic symbol for men, women

The male and female versions of the kolorath are somewhat different and have some different functions.

Kolovrat: description, meaning of the Slavic symbol for men, women

Men need this amulet if:

  • Their work is connected with danger and daily risk;
  • They need the patronage of higher powers and can not find the answer to any question.

The magical properties of kolovrata:

  • Helps achieve goals;
  • Promotes career growth;
  • Gives inner peace and helps determine the purpose in life.

In the man’s guardian, the rays must be directed clockwise. Most often, the talisman for a young man is made of metal.

Kolovrat: description, meaning of the Slavic symbol for men, women

Kolovrat: description, meaning of the Slavic symbol for men, women

The value of the collar for women:

  • Favorable family environment;
  • Protection from interference;
  • Lonely women talisman helps to find spiritual balance and find their love, linking their fate with a good man;
  • Pregnant mascot will help protect your unborn child from damage and the evil eye, as well as facilitate the birth process.

The direction of the rays in the female amulet — in the opposite direction, counterclockwise.

Slavs made a talisman for women from wood.

Kolovrat: description, meaning of the Slavic symbol for men, women

In the modern world, this amulet is made of precious materials and animal bones. The material carries a certain energy for the talisman carrier:

  1. one. Silver. Kolovrat from this metal increases intuition and protects from evil, envy and gossip. It is recommended to wear to young people.
  2. 2 Gold. Golden amulet gives vitality, helps to become more resolute and confident. Suitable for adult women and men.
  3. 3 Tree. For the manufacture of the male talisman, it is preferable to use oak, and for the female — birch. Suitable for both young and adult people.
  4. four. Animal bones. Double the energy of the owner of the talisman. Made from bovine or wolf bones. Suitable for young men.

Different symbols can be displayed in the center of the collar or along its edges:

  • bear give a man strength, courage, wisdom and protect against accidents;
  • wolf personifies freedom, strength of character, independence and self-sufficiency of a person;
  • axes use warriors to intimidate enemies;
  • the sun symbolizes rebirth and an ongoing life cycle.

You can make a tattoo with the image of the Slavic sign, and in the center of it to fill your name. This tattoo will protect the person for life and will never lose its protective properties.

Christians cannot wear Kolovrat, since at the time of the baptism of Russia, many Old Slavonic symbols and various relics were destroyed. Traditional Christian symbols and Slavic signs are incompatible.

Kolovrat, which the person has made independently, bears positive energy. For this you need a tool (cutter) and a wooden board.

During the manufacture of the talisman, you need to clear the mind of the negative and think only about the light.

Step-by-step instructions for the manufacture of wood kolovrata:

  1. 1. Draw this symbol with a pencil. You can use a stencil.
  2. 2. Cut with a chisel mark.
  3. 3. Then you need to charge the amulet, firmly squeezing it in your left palm.

Self-made or purchased amulet must be charged, after clearing from extraneous energy. To do this, rinse the Kolovrat well under running water and dry it under the flame of a wax candle.

It is necessary to carry the amulet with you for three days, so that it absorbs the owner’s energy, thinking only about the good and being in a positive mood. You can turn to the God of the Sun and ask him to protect from evil forces and charge the amulet.

If the hair is made of precious metal, then the chain should be made of the same metal. Wood talisman should be worn on a linen or rubber cord.

If a person has lost his amulet, then Kolovrat has absorbed all the negative energy aimed at its carrier. You should not look for a talisman.

If an amulet made of natural materials is cracked, deformed, or dimmed, it means that it has lost its protective functions and can no longer be used. Wooden kolovrat need to burn, and bone — to bury away from the house, mentally thanking him for his protection.

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