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Klim — the designation of the name, traits and characteristics of the character

Klim — features of the owner of the name, character traits, career and love

Name interpretation

Klim - the designation of the name, traits and characteristics of the character

Other forms of name: Klimka, Clementino, Clement, Clement.

The emergence of the name: Orthodox, Russian, Catholic.

The ancient Greek translation means «merciful», «soft». Previously, the name had an appointment and was used as a personal nickname, sometimes generic, but now it has its use as an independent and full name.

Even in the times of Ancient Russia, the name Klimyat was formed thanks to the prefix of the suffix «-yat.»

Character and personality

As a child, Kim is distinguished by tranquility and kindness; he does not bring any particular trouble to his father and mother. Possesses curiosity and seeks to know everything on sensations, so that parents should carefully monitor their child.

It is important at such an early age to develop an adequate perception of danger in him, so that in the future there would be less reason for the soon appearance of gray hair.

The boy loves big and noisy companies of the same peers. Although not among them strives for absolute leadership, but sometimes he gets such a role.

Friends with whom he can spend time with him quite a lot, and they spend it with pleasure.

Klim - the designation of the name, traits and characteristics of the character

There are not enough stars in the studies from the sky, but they are studying quite diligently, and in general it can be said well. But if necessary, he has a lot of plodding, and you can envy his attention.

It is also worth noting his creative potential and developed imagination, which can serve as a good start in the exact sciences.

Becoming a teenager, he may already get some temper, incontinence and stubbornness, but from a different angle these traits sometimes help him in difficult and serious matters where a more persistent attitude is needed. It has a lively and quick-witted mind.

He does not have a penchant for idle talk, can quickly assess the situation, and can find a way out even from seemingly hopelessness.

Adult Klim attracts people with his vivid temperament and ardor. In life, he is more fortunate than the other way around, but if fortune no longer smiles at him, he does not know despair; instead, he begins to create his own destiny.

Often he is cunning and acts solely in his own interests, dealing with his conscience is a common thing for him. He knows how to be quite tolerant of others, but to protect his own interests, he agrees to do anything, even a stronger opponent.

Often, the owner of the name is emotionally trusting, but will hardly have strong feelings towards anyone, and in general many strong emotional experiences are alien to him.

It happens that he seems quite superficial to those around him. This can affect many areas of his life, including relationships.

It is sometimes difficult to say that Klim may have at least some strong feelings.

Thanks to sports activities, Klima has good health — he rarely gets sick, and he simply avoids many of the “necessary” diseases. However, it is worth paying attention to the heightened emotional sensitivity in childhood, which with severe fluctuations can have its consequences.

In the future, he may be addicted to alcohol, if at home he often saw his parents drink.

Work and career

From his youth, the guy tries to find for himself that interesting niche that would really be his, and in these searches he tries himself in different jobs and in various fields. Due to its success in sports can be a good coach.

Maybe an engineer because of his mathematical thinking, or an agronomist, perhaps even a breeder because of his craving to tinker with various animals since childhood.

Klim - the designation of the name, traits and characteristics of the character

Despite his desire to work more in manual mode, one cannot say that he cannot think. In his work, he applies imagination as the main force that moves him forward.

Congenital rationalism, like hard work, brings its fruits to its working days, and a sense of its own indispensability will help to take an active position in the team.

His desire to get everything at once can be a serious obstacle for him in achieving financial well-being. Even if he can earn big money in a short period of time, he is unlikely to be able to save these funds.

Therefore, the best option for Klima will be the work of a slow but sure progress towards the intended result.

Love and relationships

Start a family Klim, as a rule, is in no hurry. He is willing to persistently and patiently seek for himself the one and only.

To the institution of marriage, his attitude is rather skeptical.

She is looking for a meek, kind and economic woman. If he finds one, then you can guarantee a strong, happy marriage and a good family.

Having entered into marriage, Clement manifests his best qualities.

He becomes a kind and caring husband, but he demands enough from a woman. If anything can change it, it’s the birth of children.

When this happens, he can gain gentleness and titanic patience, loves spending time with children, although this often happens gradually.

Klim by nature can love only one, the bride’s parents are always happy with him, and the children rejoice in him. He likes to receive guests at home, which he has a lot, although he himself doesn’t like to visit very much.

I must say that it is marriage that can save him from a lot of trouble.

Excellent compatibility: Maria, Alice, Catherine, Alina, Yana, Vladislav.

Celebration of the birthday of Klima: September 10, January 23, December 16, June 30, May 5, December 8, March 22, March 28, May 17, January 5, November 21.

Popular carriers named

  • Klim Smolyatich, 1164, church writer, medieval thinker, Metropolitan of Kiev and All Russia.
  • Kliment Timiryazev, 1843 — 1920, naturalist, Russia.
  • Clement Voroshilov, 1881 — 1969, state party leader, Russia.
  • Klim Lyovychkin, 1907 — 1984, Soviet diplomat.
  • Clement Kvitka, 1880-1953, musicologist, folklorist, Russia, Ukraine.
  • Klimentiy Gankevich, 1842 — 1924, philologist, writer, linguist, Ukraine.
  • Klimentiy Korchmarev, 1899-1958, composer, Russia.
  • Clement Dydorov, 1885-1938, officer, member of the white movement, Russia.
  • Clement Redko, 1897 — 1956, avant-garde artist of Polish origin, Russia.

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