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Kind and responsible Apollinaria — when she has Angel Day

The feminine name of Apollinaria — when the day of the angel

In women, girls and girls named Apollinaria, birthdays are celebrated three times a year. The church name coincides with the worldly — Apollinaria.

  • 01/18 — Rev. Apollinaria;
  • 04.04 — martyr Apollinaria;
  • 13.10 — martyr Apollinarius Tupitsyn.

Characteristics and meaning of the name

The female name of Apollinaria came to us from ancient Rome. It was formed from the male name Apollinaris (Apollinaris in Latin), which in turn was formed on behalf of the god Apollo, the god of the arts, light and divination.

Hence, the female name means «belonging to Apollo,» «dedicated to Apollo.» Along with this version there is an opinion that the name could have been formed from the words polyusis (“liberated”) or polis (“urban”).

Kind and responsible Apollinaria - when she has Angel Day

Apollinaria is an interesting personality characterized by responsiveness, care and kindness. Her personality traits are formed at an early age and do not change with age. Apollinaria is very vulnerable and sensitive nature.

She is keenly reacting to criticism and comments addressed to herself, believing that she has been reproached and insulted. He does everything diligently and diligently, expecting those around him to appreciate it.

Apollinaria cannot be called “white and fluffy”. If anyone dares to hurt her or her loved ones, she will intervene without hesitation. In this situation, it can be tough and cruel.

Polina is a very vindictive person and hardly comes to reconciliation. She is quite capricious; she cannot achieve anything by pressure from her. But there is one secret.

In order for her to go forward, you need to be gentle and kind with her. She feels inspired when she feels warmth and care from others.

Apollinaria always comes with its inherent impulsiveness. Her decisions always depend on her mood. However, it has a special discipline and thoroughness.

It can be described as mandatory and organized. Communication with her at times can be very difficult.

For her pedantry, excessive decency and punctuality, some consider her a bore.

Apollinaria has a large number of friends to whom she treats anxiously and carefully. She will always offer her help.

She perceives the problems of her friends as her own and, with all her inherent responsibility, tries to solve them.

Polina is an excellent performer in her work. The bosses appreciate such a reliable employee for compulsion and responsibility.

It will make a good and competent specialist — a psychologist, teacher, social worker.

Family for Apollinaria has a special place in life, although it is not ready to sacrifice work for the sake of the family. She perfectly manages to combine both family and profession.

For a spouse, she will be a wife, a mistress, and a friend, provided that they trust each other completely. If he finds out about her husband’s infidelity, he will be divorced without regrets.

Polina is a caring mother, even too much. The life of children, even adults, she will keep under control. At home she is a wonderful hostess, who has everything in its place.

In her house reigns atmosphere of comfort, warmth and trust.

Patrons name

One of the three patrons of the name was Saint Apollinaria (Dorotheus), the daughter of King Anfelius. The girl flatly refused to marry because she wanted to devote her life to God. At first my father was against it, but in the end he accepted his daughter’s choice and wanted to send her to a monastery.

Before that, she went to Jerusalem, wanted to visit the holy places. All the gold and silver that her parents gave her with them, she distributed to those in need. All the slaves accompanying her she set free.

On the way to the monastery, her retinue stopped for the night. At night, she changed into monastic robes and hid in a swamp where she lived a hermit for the next 7 years. The Lord guarded Apollinaria and helped her.

Once, an angel came to her and told her to go to the skete under the male name Dorotheus. Apollinaria unquestioningly obeyed. In the monastery, the monk Dorofey was noted for the severity of fasting and prayer.

For this, she began to have the gift of healing. In the form of Dorotheus, she even came to her home and healed her sister. The parents recognized the daughter, but did not say a word.

They understood the fate and the feat that Apollinaria committed them. Only after death did everyone realize that Dorofey was actually a woman.

Kind and responsible Apollinaria - when she has Angel Day

In the Russian history the martyr Apollinaria Tupitsyn (1878 — 1937) is known. Until 1917 she lived in the Volgograd region and served as a nurse. Then she began to wander around the country, spent a lot of time on services in various temples.

She earned her living by washing, cleaning, looking after children. In 1937, she was slandered and arrested.

She was considered a counterrevolutionary and shot.

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