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John — the meaning and characteristics of the name, interpretation, character and fate

Versatile John — features of character and the person of the person

Name interpretation

John - the meaning and characteristics of the name, interpretation, character and fate

Other forms of the name: Ivan, Vanya, Roly, John, John, Jack.

The emergence of the name: Orthodox, Russian.

The name John has an ancient Judaic translation, which means «God pardoned.» Probably, this name is really the most Russian.

The name has many analogues all over the world; The German version sounds like Johann or Johann, Italian Ivan will be called Giovanni, in Georgia he will be called Vano.

Character and personality

As a boy, he really needs parental love, attention and affection, but at first glance you can’t say it, because it may seem that he is quite capable of taking care of himself on his own. But even at that age he may show some inconsistency, which then remains with him for the rest of his life.

So, he can be both a bully and a very good boy.

At school, Vanya doesn’t particularly boast of good performance, often because of restlessness, but don’t dwell too much on this, so as not to later develop an inferiority complex. All due to the fact that he needs to carefully weigh all the arguments, and therefore he may seem a little slow.

But this does not prevent him from persevering towards his goal, and, no matter what, striving for it.

Ivan’s character combines such qualities of character as kindheartedness and anger, honesty and deceit, patience and impetuosity. All his life he will have the desire to assert himself, and this will definitely help him in life.

He will not forgive offenders, and will wait for the right moment for a retaliatory strike.

As a teenager, he may already have such qualities as reliability and seriousness, but due to his frequent reliance on others, he may become aware of some disappointments. Friends, whom he has a little, are really good, whom he appreciates, respects, and is always ready to come to their call for help.

At this age, he already loses his childish rancor, because he accepts the idea that life itself will do everything, and everyone will get what he deserves; instead, he can focus on gaining respect and authority in the team.

John - the meaning and characteristics of the name, interpretation, character and fate

John is really the man about whom you can say «on his own mind.» He will not claim to be a leader in society, but will always strive to occupy his own cell.

Outwardly, he may seem cheerful and joyful, and will behave in the same way, but what you have in your mind you most likely will not recognize.

When Vanya becomes a man, he gains assertiveness, ambition and sometimes even self-confidence. To tell the truth, power is not the road for him, it is enough for him to feel his own significance in society.

Thanks to his perseverance, he will bring the case to the end only if he is completely fascinated by him, otherwise he will simply abandon it.

He is practical, and possesses a perfectly formed sense of rightness and justice. It is better not to be ironic in his direction, since you risk acquiring a very serious opponent for yourself, because he will accept such jokes as an insult.

In general, the owner of the name is a moral person, and compromises are rare for him.

Being small can often hurt. But with age, he gains good stamina, endurance and strength of the body.

The only thing he needs to pay attention to is the nervous system.

Work and career

Vanya can become successful in almost any profession, as he doesn’t take diligence and diligence, and in the team he is well treated, because he is alien to hypocrisy and envy. The main thing that needs to be done when reaching the goal is not to turn off the path to it.

But, undoubtedly, the best work will be for him that requires physical strength and endurance.

As for business, his business will be successful only if his partner is a person who can take on the decision and organization of certain issues and questions, since Vanya himself does not always cope with the problems that may arise when organizing, managing and maintaining your own business.

Love and relationships

Due to his sociability, he is popular with the female, but by nature he is more than one-lover. He will not deceive his girlfriend, his feelings are deep and sincere, and if they fade away, she will immediately know about it.

He needs a faithful, decent, economic woman, caring and kind, who will understand and warm him.

John - the meaning and characteristics of the name, interpretation, character and fate

In the first place in the relationship he seeks consistency and certainty, windy girls in this regard do not attract him. It often happens that the first marriage can go badly, and therefore the desire to marry a second time for him for a long time may disappear.

If the relationship collapses, then he will hold onto the marriage until the last, but he will not forgive betrayal — he will leave himself, leaving behind a loud bang of the door.

In general, marriage for Ivan is very holy. He will not allow anyone to interfere in their personal relationships.

You can’t call him jealous, but flirting with your darling will be regarded as an insult, although he will never show it outwardly.

Vanya will be an exemplary family man. He is perfectly engaged in the arrangement of home life, and his wife will be helped, if necessary, and he will do dinner, and he will bring the children to a walk, he has generosity and will not demand a report on the funds that his beloved spent.

He loves children, for which they respond to him with the same sincerity.

The main cause of clashes and conflicts with the beloved is usually that Vanya himself does not know how to give in and find compromises. Nevertheless, he is affectionate and gentle, and seeks first of all to take care of his companion, and only then about himself.

Celebration of the name day of John: January 11, February 9, February 28, March 6, March 25, April 10, April 21, May 2, May 12, June 7, June 26, July 3, July 14, August 17, September 5, 15 September 3, October 3, October 16, October 29, November 2, November 22, December 8, December 26.

Popular carriers named

  • Ivan Ufimtsev, 1928 — 2010, film director, Russia.
  • Ivan Okhlobystin, 1966, film and television actor, Russia.
  • Ivan Zatevakhin, 1959, TV and radio host, Russia.
  • Ivan Stebunov, 1981, theater and film actor, Russia.
  • Ivan Nikolaev, 1983, actor, Russia.
  • Ivan Maximov, 1958, artist, animator-director, Russia.
  • Ivan Travkin, 1908 — 1985, military leader, Russia.
  • Ivan Dubasov, 1897 — 1988, artist and engraver, Russia.
  • Ivan Taranov, 1986, football player, Russia.
  • Ivan Starkov, 1986, football player, Russia.
  • Ivan Nechui-Levitsky, 1838 — 1918, writer and publicist, Ukraine.
  • Ivan Leonov, 1923, military pilot, Russia.
  • Ivan Goncharov, 1812 — 1891, writer, literary critic, Russia.
  • Ivan Fedorov, 1525-1583, book printer (one of the first), Russia.
  • Vano Mikoyan, 1927 — 2016, aircraft designer, Russia.

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