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Interesting facts that reveal the meaning of the name Lilia

The meaning of the name Lily — how is fate?

I want to know everything about my name: the history of its occurrence, what it means, its influence on character and fate. To obtain this knowledge, it is necessary to become familiar with several sciences: psychology, astrology, numerology, Chinese doctrines and to perceive them as a single whole.

Let us reveal all the secrets about the meaning of the name of Lily.

Interesting facts that reveal the meaning of the name Lilia

History of

Translated from the Latin Lily means «white flower» or «lily.»

Common options: Lilith, Liliana, Lily. Different countries have their own peculiarities in sound. The French call her Lily, the British — Leela.

Jews turn to her — Lilach. Short versions: Lilechka, Lilyusha, Lilyunya.

There are several versions associated with the occurrence of the name:

  • Latin origin, consonant with the same flower;
  • in the biblical parables found the name Sosanna, meaning «lotus», «white lily»;
  • has Hebrew sources, Lilith in translation sounds «night, spirit, darkness»;
  • associated with the Tatar name Leila.

From the legend of the famous Hercules, we learn about his mother Alkmena. To protect the newborn baby from the persecution of Juno, she hid him in a thick bush.

Having learned about its location, Juno approached the indicated place, saw a defenseless child and decided to feed him. Hungry Hercules bit her chest hard.

The goddess pushed the baby away. The splashed milk spread throughout the sky, and some drops fell to the ground and turned into flowers — lilies.


The name influences the formation of characteristic features in a person. But to assert that their presence is an indisputable fact is wrong.

At certain periods of life, different character strokes appear.

Children and youth

Interesting facts that reveal the meaning of the name Lilia

Lilya is growing up as an inquisitive, cheerful child. She loves to dream, since childhood has a dream that allows her to stand out in society.

She is easily in contact with others, has a cheerful, cheerful character.

The girl is admired, they give her a lot of attention. The beauty and softness of the sound of the name contribute to the appearance of pampered, capriciousness. The first signs of selfishness and narcissism begin to appear.

To achieve the goal, Lily sets in motion tears.

During her school years, Lily turns into a single-minded girl. She comes to classes prepared, she performs all the tasks carefully.

It may be noted positive features:

  • optimism;
  • decency;
  • purposefulness;
  • having a sense of humor;
  • dreaminess;
  • unselfishness;
  • interpersonal skills;
  • great memory;
  • friendliness;
  • ability to listen to someone else’s opinion.

Character of an adult woman

In the period of maturity, Lily acquires independence. Seeks to gain new knowledge.

She is interested in new projects. She manifests organizational skills.

She is always ready to help a loved one, leaving her own affairs, patiently listen to him, give useful advice.

If a woman gives preference to the name Liliana, then she gradually manifests imperiousness. This concerns either family life or channeling efforts towards achieving career growth.

Lily is unforgiving, does not save up in herself insults, quickly forgets them.

  • sociability;
  • kindness, caring;
  • tenderness;
  • diligence;
  • stubbornness;
  • diplomacy;
  • the ability to fascinate;
  • sentimentality (she likes to watch TV shows and read books about long-suffering love);
  • the pursuit of goals.

But the adult woman in the soul remains a child. She will throw a scandal if something does not suit her.

To achieve its goal, apply the standard methods: pretend to be sick or offended.

How is the fate of Lily?

In her life there are all sorts of problem situations. But having a strong will, inventiveness, flexibility of mind and charm helps her overcome obstacles.

Career, business

Lilia in some cases, waiting for disappointment in the received specialty, she has to change her profession. If there are prospects for career growth, she will show her qualities of discipline, thoroughness, will try to achieve the desired.

A woman does not like responsibility in her work, appreciates punctuality, and shows leadership in leadership positions. But more she likes to work in a team.

She is suitable creative profession or with elements of analysis. Possible options:

  • actor;
  • designer;
  • make-up artist, hairdresser, stylist;
  • photographer;
  • lawyer;
  • Accountant;
  • manager.

Doing what you love is an important factor in discovering her talent. The material side for it is not the main point in the choice of profession.

Love, family, marriage

At the beginning of her way, treachery, deception, and lack of reciprocal feeling are found in her relations with men. With maturity, she will learn to choose her mate.

Honesty and loyalty — the desired quality for her chosen one.

In the family, strives for leadership, excessive independence, but prefers to shift the solution of everyday problems to a spouse. Lily — clean.

Marriages are successful when the husband is older. She likes smart, wealthy companions of life.

He meets her wishes, takes care, gives gifts, and is ready to endure the whims.

Gradually, she turns from a selfish, narcissistic, spoiled woman into an economic wife-loving husband.

Low probability of a happy marriage with Cyril, Pavel, Nikolai, Denis, Anton, Oleg, Edward. Relationship does not develop.

Lilian has good health. She is active and fresh.

Possible problems are kidney disease.

What else you need to know about Lilies

  • Jasper (gives positive energy, attracts good luck, well-being, wealth);
  • emerald (adds wisdom, composure);
  • rhodonite (awakens feelings, promotes the development of talents);

In the house it is recommended to have items made of jasper. They will protect from envious people and gossip, will bring consent and understanding to the family.

Lila patronizes the planet — Mercury. Women have the ability to foreign languages. They often become translators, journalists, marketers.

But you should not share your secrets with them, they love to gossip.

Brown colour. The explosive nature of these people leads to difficulties in their lives.

They do not always listen to someone else’s advice, they are sure that they are right.

Favorable signs — Virgo, Aquarius.

There are no Orthodox saints named Lilia. Women celebrate their names in the days of the saints with the name Susanna:

  • May 15;
  • June 2, 19, 20;
  • 24 August;
  • 10 September;
  • December 28th.

The date close to the birthday is selected.

Famous carriers named

Interesting facts that reveal the meaning of the name Lilia

  • Let’s remember famous people named Lily.
  • Ethel Lilian Voinich is a famous English writer.
  • Lilia Lebedeva — Russian artist.
  • Lilia Tolmacheva — actress.
  • Lilia Shevtsova is a Russian political analyst.
  • Liliya Podkopayeva — gymnast.
  • Professions correspond to the characteristics of their name.

Conclusion: the value of the name affects the fate of a person. Having studied the relationship of all factors, you can influence the development of character.

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