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How will the name of Tamerlane on the character and temperament of its owner

The mystery of the name Tamerlane: how fate and temperament can change

The history of the origin of the name Tamerlane is very complex. It is believed that this name came from the Muslim world of Central Asia and has the meaning of «iron lion».

Thus, Tamerlane does not have a hefty endurance and strength of body and soul.

The name Tamerlane is the addition of two whole words, which Muslims mean «lion» and «iron.» A related name is Timur.

In other countries

In English-speaking countries the name is translated Tamerlan, in France — Tamerlan, in Italy — Tamerlano, in Spain — Tamerlán, in Turkey — Timur, in Germany — Tamerlan, in China — 季 穆尔 (jìmì’ěr), 帖木儿 (tièmèér) , in Japan — 鉄 (Tettsu) — Iron.

In the international passport — TAMERLAN.

Nominal forms

Full name — Tamerlan

Abbreviated form — There, Tammi, Tamik.

Affectionate form — Tamerlanushka, Tamerlanchik, Tamochka, Tamushka.

How will the name of Tamerlane on the character and temperament of its owner

Fate and character traits

Little Tamerlanchik is brave and serious. He grows up a wonderful little boy and does not argue with his elders, provided that they respect him.

He can be persuaded, but he will desperately resist any pressure.

Studying is easy for Tamerlan. He likes being praised and doing everything he can for this. Tamerlane has the good makings of becoming a great athlete, and his willpower simply delights.

Since childhood, he sets goals and stubbornly moves towards them.

The temperament of an adult Tamerlane is almost the same as little Tamika. He, as before, with all his seriousness and courage goes to achieve his goals.

At the same time, he does not go ahead, but carefully considers all his actions and decisions. Of course, this does not protect him from mistakes, but he does them all the same less than other people.

Tamerlane is never discouraged and does not give up.

Little things for him are of great importance. A person like Tamerlane always likes people and is an authority among friends and acquaintances. But not everyone can become his friend, as he carefully selects friends and looks at them, relying on their inner world.

He always reasons soberly, especially in unusual situations. He has inherent acumen and insight.

Always come to the rescue, even if you do not expect it.

He has developed a creative beginning and not a bad taste. Appearance is not the main thing for him, although he always looks good and can not tolerate carelessness and untidiness.

Tamerlane is very punctual and does not waste time, always adheres to his routine. He never gives in to provocations, preferring to resolve conflicts calmly and without emotions.

The name Tamerlan gives its owner good health. If he is sick, it is easy, and he does not lie in bed with dull eyes.

Does not like to be ill and does not pay attention to ailments.

Tamerlane from his youth tends to be financially independent. Often combines study and work. If he opens his own business, then he is guaranteed success.

Tamerlan is not afraid of work, but rather on the contrary, he is ready to give everything to work. This workaholic still need to look.

He will make a great manager.

He is very important positive evaluation and praise, even for a small order. The praise for him is an incentive to work even better and harder.

He will bring all affairs to the end and does everything on time and conscientiously. Every little thing is important to him.

He acts carefully and carefully, avoiding reckless actions.

How will the name of Tamerlane on the character and temperament of its owner

Family and relationships

By choosing a life partner, he approaches seriously and chooses very carefully. The relationship Tamerlane does not stint on emotions.

His bride will be amazed at the flight of his fantasy, what surprises and gifts he makes for her. Having become a spouse, he will be a reliable “stone wall” and will do everything for his family.

She wants to feel comfort and cosiness at home, so the spouse must provide it for him. Everywhere should be the perfect order, and on the table a hot dinner.

Loves to receive guests.

With all relatives on friendly terms. He loves his children, especially daughters.

Tamerlane is a good dad, although her husband is mainly engaged in raising children.

Astrological characteristics

  • Planet — Mercury
  • The color of the name Tamerlane — mixed
  • Tamerlane’s Zodiac — Virgo, Gemini
  • Stone-talisman Tamerlane — agate, porphyry
  • Patron of the name Tamerlane — weasel, stork
  • Tamerlane’s cherished plant is parsley
  • Auspicious tree — walnut

Famous Tamerlanes

The most famous carriers of the name: commander and conqueror Tamerlan ibnTaragay Barlas, Ossetian writer — publicist Tadtaev, judo player Tmenov.

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