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How to properly name a child in the church calendar

Learn how to name your child in the church calendar

The choice of the name of the future baby is a very topical issue for most parents. After all, I want the name to be both sweet, and have a positive characteristic and still be able to protect the child from any trouble.

If you are puzzled in searching for a suitable name for your baby, I recommend that you find out how to name your child on the church calendar from this material. But first, let’s understand what the name is in principle.

How to properly name a child in the church calendar

What is a person’s name

The name appears as a distinctive name, a symbol of the person, which it receives when it comes to the light of God. The name greatly influences the character, as well as the manner of behavior of a person, and accordingly — on his entire subsequent life.

We get so used to the sound of our name, which we hear every day, that we even stop thinking about its true meaning. However, it is very important.

The sages of antiquity were convinced of the presence of a special connection between the name of a person and his temper. And even more — they believed that the name most directly affects human destiny.

And many modern psychology experts say that the name affects not only the character, but the very behavior of the individual in society.

Where does the tradition to call children according to the church calendar come from?

When Prince Vladimir baptized Russia, Orthodox Christians began to carry out the ritual of the baptism of children, during which they were given the names of Orthodox saints officially recognized by the church.

According to old traditions, the baby in Ancient Russia was to receive baptism on the 8th day after its birth. And during this week, the child was chosen a name based on the data of the church calendar.

In the same case, when the day of birth was “empty” day (that is, when no one of the saints was celebrated) or the name on the church calendar was rather inconsequential, clergymen suggested the names of those saints that were relevant for the next three days .

It was also bequeathed by Theophan the Recluse, plus he added the possibility of giving the baby the name of that saint, whose name is celebrated in the period from the physical birth of the baby and his baptism.

The formation of the Orthodox calendars (or the orthodox calendar of names, or how it is also said otherwise, “Svyattsev”) took place during more than one century, and it continues to this day.

The custom to name newborns with the names of saints is popular today in most of the domestic states. Even in the days of atheism, many people still did not renounce spirituality and continued to adhere to ancient traditions.

And why refuse to have your child bore a name-guard? So did our distant ancestors, giving their children the names of Indians, who adhere to the belief that everything is destined to us from above and live in complete harmony with the Universe in the lap of nature.

How to properly name a child in the church calendar

Another positive point is the logic to give the children the names of the saints who appeared with them on the same day (or with a difference of a couple of days). Plus, and at baptism will not have to change the form of a worldly name.

Enumerate the benefits of this method can be very long. However, some manage to find the disadvantages in calling their offspring by analogy with the church calendar. Opponents of this method speak of the monotony of the Orthodox name-writer.

In fact, this version is not entirely correct. It is just that some of the obsolete forms of names are not very acceptable for modern life, since a child bearing such a name may find it strange.

In general, now we can talk about the revival of the custom of naming newborns according to the church calendar. However, not every parent is able to understand its meaning correctly.

In recent years and decades, faith is increasingly exposed to fashionable influences and no longer represents a true feeling.

And then the parents give their child the very “inconsistent” name from the church calendar, so that it stands out from the surrounding mass. And accordingly, the baby gets a name that in ancient times they tried not to use for naming due to certain reasons.

How to name a child on the church calendar?

In the process of choosing a name, it is necessary to take into account the main days when the saints responsible for the birth of a child are honored.

The same calendar provides parents with a name characteristic with an individual name date.

In the same case, when the day of the birth of your baby is absent in the Svjatcie, it is possible to select a suitable name for that saint who is honored in the following days or for 8 days after this date.

Holy calendar — what is it?

A newborn, when baptism is performed, receives the name of that Orthodox saint who was canonized by the church. Thus arose the Sacred.

Saints are the calendar (that is, a list of all the saints).

In addition to the names of the saints with the martyrs in the Svjatsev can be found mention of the date of reverence of their memory, plus a general description of each of the names attached.

The baby gets the name, based on the day according to the Orthodox calendar in which he was born.

How to properly name a child in the church calendar

How to name a girl on the church calendar?

Now I invite you to find out how to give a suitable name for your daughter, based on the church calendar.

If you are worried about the monotony of names, then you may not even worry about it, because more and more new versions of names appear in the church calendar.

Months (another name for the Orthodox calendar) allows you to choose not just a name for your baby, but also deal with the most favorable combination of sounds that can protect a child throughout his life.

After giving your child a name according to the church calendar, afterwards you will not need to engage in changing the worldly form of his name.

How to properly name a child boy in the church calendar?

If you set a goal to name your baby on the church calendar, then you should definitely study the life and biography of the selected saint.

In general, in the Russian Federation, Svyatiyakh offer a church name for almost all days; the only exception is the dates of major church holidays. There are also saints revered by the inhabitants of only one particular region.

In general, all the saints revered in our state can be:

Most of the parents who give their children old church names act on the basis of fashion trends — the ancient names have been at their peak of popularity for several years now. Therefore, there is a rebirth of very many of these names.

At the same time, it is noteworthy that the days when, according to the church month calendar, male saints are revered, are more common than those when women are styled. As a result, choosing a name for boys is usually not a problem.

Often, variants of male names are outdated form of sound, so there is a difference between them and the usual secular names.

The name for the girl on the Holy

As for the name selection for babies, parents often face puzzles, because the number of female names in the church month is much less than the number of men.

Based on this, choosing a church name for a daughter often implies the need for advice from a priest. The Holy Father will be able to recommend how best to act when choosing a name for his child.

Plus, in some cases, the maiden church names are so strongly out of date that parents have to give their daughter two different names at the same time — one according to the church calendar, and the second — the usual secular.

Also in problem situations, sometimes girls are given a female version of male names. For example, the name Olga appeared from the male version of the name Oleg.

In the case when the parents have already named their child, but his (or her) name has no analogy in the Holy Family, then you can find a name that has a similar sound. For example, the boy Yang, proceeding from Svyattsy, will receive the name of John, and the girl Joan — John, and so on.

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