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How to guess the lines on the hand, their meaning: palmistry with explanations for beginners

How to guess the lines on the hand: tips for beginner palmists

Palmistry — the ancient art of divination about the fate and future of man. Term itself "palmistry" originated in Greece and is derived from two Greek words, meaning translated "arm" and "prophecy". Its sources are even more ancient and date back to Babylon and Sumerian civilization.

Modern science divination by the lines on the hand is not recognized and is considered pseudo-learning. But esoteric experts claim that the bands on the palms can tell not only about the character and individual characteristics of a person, but also determine the experienced and future events.

Anyone can independently master this ancient art of fortune-telling, making efforts to study a large amount of knowledge and technical skills.

Palmistry refers to one of the sections of the science of allegiance. It highlights 4 main areas:

  1. 1. Chirognomia — the study of palm forms.
  2. 2. Palmistria — the study of special symbols on the hands.
  3. 3. Chirology — the study of the connection lines and signs on the palm with the physical and mental properties of man.
  4. 4. Palmistry — the ability to predict the future along the lines, hills and special signs in the palm.

For beginners to learn the basics of this science, it is important to learn the interpretation of all the properties of the palm in the complex. The basic principle of divination along the lines of the hand is to evaluate what is seen as a predisposition to certain actions or events.

A palmist who sees a bad sign during the process of divination must not panic and perplex the client with this news, but analyze the symbol, compare it with others and then voice the prediction.

Do not take the result of fortune telling as something already accomplished. The words of the palmist need only to take note and try to prepare for the coming events.

How to guess the lines on the hand, their meaning: palmistry with explanations for beginners

Before the beginning of divination, it is necessary to conduct a primary inspection of the client’s hands and find out the main features: the shape of the palms and fingers, the presence and size of the hills. These parameters will help the palmist to more fully disclose the character and personality traits of the person.

A newcomer should conduct an analysis very carefully, since for the first time it is difficult to correctly determine certain quantities and characteristics of hands.

You should study two palms together at once to make sure that they have the same signs. It is required to pay attention to some features:

  1. one. You need to start divination from the main hand — for most people it is the right one. If a sign is present only on it, this indicates a certain direction in destiny.
  2. 2 If during the inspection both hands were completely identical, it means that the heritage with which nature endowed man remained unchanged. That is, he did not have any development in relation to the starting point, which was given to him from birth.

How to guess the lines on the hand, their meaning: palmistry with explanations for beginners

In fortune telling, several types of palms are distinguished along the lines of the hand. Some palmists take as a basis 4 key elements of the elements (earth, air, fire, water), others prefer to determine the shape of hands according to the types of temperament (sanguine, choleric, phlegmatic, melancholic). But most experts use a classification that highlights 7 types of palms:

Hand type Characteristic Picture
ElementaryA wide, thick palm that has stiff, clumsy, fleshy fingers. A person with such a type of arms is hard to lift, practically has no imagination and does not want to develop his spiritual qualities. He is pleased with what he has, does not have ambitions and special requirements for life
How to guess the lines on the hand, their meaning: palmistry with explanations for beginners
SpadeThe owner of such hands is purposeful and decisive. He is ambitious and places high demands on life. Prone to mental work, physical effort rarely appeals to him
How to guess the lines on the hand, their meaning: palmistry with explanations for beginners
ConicThis type of hand is also called artistic. Sensitive, emotional and creative natures have a narrow palm with pointed fingers. They are distinguished by highly developed intuition and a tendency to affectation (increased excitability). They do not hold back pleasures and do not burden themselves with moral principles.
How to guess the lines on the hand, their meaning: palmistry with explanations for beginners
PracticalThe knotted palm, having wide stupid fingers. The owner of the practical type of hand is characterized by such qualities as increased self-control, pedantry and perseverance in achieving the goal. In his actions, he is primarily guided by duty. To give in to emotions means to show your weakness.
How to guess the lines on the hand, their meaning: palmistry with explanations for beginners
PhilosophicalA person who has such a shape of hands is cautious, prone to excessive thinking and analysis of his own actions. He puts truth above all other indicators and never takes anything for granted before analyzing his experience and knowledge.
How to guess the lines on the hand, their meaning: palmistry with explanations for beginners
SpiritualThe owner of a long and refined palm is a man cut off from reality and prone to reverie. In everyday situations, impractical, which often suffers. He has high ideals and is engaged in the development of his spiritual qualities.
How to guess the lines on the hand, their meaning: palmistry with explanations for beginners
MixedThe most common type of palms found in most people. Combines the signs of the previous 6 types of hands
How to guess the lines on the hand, their meaning: palmistry with explanations for beginners

The shape of the hands focuses on the qualities possessed by their owner. So, if the lines on the palm speak about the nobility of human nature, the shape of the palm will emphasize this sign.

How to guess the lines on the hand, their meaning: palmistry with explanations for beginners

The study of fingers will help to learn more about the character, intentions and desires of a person:

  1. 1. Indicative will tell about ambitions and predisposition to dictatorship. The longer this finger, the more pronounced these qualities.
  2. 2. The middle finger of a straight and regular shape indicates that a person has a severe and principled character. A finger with a pronounced curvature indicates the predestination of fate. This is considered a bad sign, warning that everything in life will go awry.
  3. 3. The ring finger of extraordinary length indicates the desire to be known and recognizable in society by a person.
  4. 4. The little finger, whose length exceeds the second phalanx of the nameless, speaks of the speaker’s talent. A short finger indicates the opposite — a person is hard to express his thoughts.
  5. 5. The equal length of the index and ring fingers indicates a balance of emotions and reason, but this feature is almost never encountered.

The length of the fingers is also important for a more complete explanation of personal qualities. For example, owners of long fingers tend to hesitate in making decisions.

Those with short fingers, on the contrary, take them quickly and impulsively.

Hillocks on the palms are present on both the left and right hand. They indicate the presence or absence of certain signs, and also reinforce the qualities expressed by other symbols present in the palm.

How to guess the lines on the hand, their meaning: palmistry with explanations for beginners

Each hill reflects certain traits of a person’s character:

  1. 1. Mars — responsible for vitality and fearlessness. The pronounced bump speaks of a belligerent and resolute disposition.
  2. 2. Jupiter — indicates the desire for power and big ambitions. A big bump indicates leadership qualities, a desire to stand out and rise above other people.
  3. 3. Saturn — draws attention to such character traits as seriousness, prudence, thriftiness. Clearly visible bulge means calm and thoughtfulness of nature.
  4. 4. The sun (also called the hill of Apollo) — helps to understand that a person has a tendency towards the arts. The more pronounced the hillock, the more a person becomes to the beauty in all its manifestations.
  5. 5. Mercury — responsible for the ability to learn and trade. Able to enhance the negative qualities of the human character in the presence of ambiguous symbols on the palm.
  6. 6. Moon — indicates the presence of a developed imagination, lightheadedness of nature. He is also responsible for everything related to romance, travel and favorable changes in destiny.
  7. 7. Venus — indicates a desire for love and communication. Most pronounced in creative individuals — artists, musicians, etc.

The bands on the palms, the interpretation of which people have been studying since time immemorial, not only reveal the character, potential and makings of a person, but also allow you to look into the past and the future of the object of divination.

How to guess the lines on the hand, their meaning: palmistry with explanations for beginners

It is believed that the right hand is responsible for social activities, as well as family ties and work. Left is responsible for the heredity and human emotions.

Often beginner palmists, so-called "kettles", while reading the lines begin to make distinctions between male and female hands. In fact, there are no differences between the palms of men, women and children.

Attention should be paid only to the length of the lines, their color, shape, and other important signs, making no distinction by sex or age.

The table below provides a breakdown of all the main lines:

LifeIt takes its origin between the thumb and index finger and, bending around the hill of Venus, goes down to the base of the palm. A favorable sign is considered if there are no breaks and defects on the life line: it means that fate will be happy. An intermittent strip indicates serious life shocks. The short line predicts a short life.
Head (mind)It starts next to the line of life, sometimes it connects with it. It stretches towards the Mars hill. Displays a person’s mindset. A clear, clearly visible strip indicates a bright and inquisitive mind. Split on the line predicts mental illness, insanity
HeartsIt stretches from the little finger to the index finger. Responsible for emotions and feelings. A long line means loyalty and strength to family ties. If there is a fork at its end, the person has a highly developed ability to express his feelings.
Of fateVertical stripe running almost in the middle of the palm. Helps determine the effect of destination on a person’s life. A well-defined strip of fate is rare
MarsAlso has a name "Line guardian angel". Occurs in extremely rare cases, if a person was granted a chance for a second life (after an accident, clinical death)
Family beltThe belt of the family is called bracelets on the wrist. There should be exactly three of them: the first is responsible for the family and children, the second is for income, the third is for love
Saturn’s RingLocated at the base of the middle finger and is a negative omen. People who have such a mark in the palm of their hand are unhappy in marriage and often remain lonely for the rest of their lives.
Apollo RingIt is located at the base of the ring finger. Fame and success are destined for the one who has found a similar symbol.
Ring of Solomon (Jupiter)It bends around the hill of Jupiter at the base of the index finger. Rare, means having magical abilities. People with this band tend to be the center of attention.
Belt of venusGirdles middle finger. The presence of such a ring on the hand indicates a large amount of sexual energy. Interrupted strip indicates problems in the sexual sphere
MarriageLocated on the side of the palm, under the little finger. Double bar means cheating. The vertical line crossing the marriage line is an unhappy marriage and divorce. Branches from this line indicate the number of children.
The sunIt is also called the line of happiness or talent. It starts from the hill of the moon and goes towards the ring finger. The presence of such a strip on the hand promises a person success and good luck in all his endeavors.
IntuitionLocated in the lower part of the palm, next to the line of the sun. It is quite rare. This is a sign of people with foresight.
TravelingOne or more short bands at the base of the palm. Indicate cardinal changes in life — moving to another city, country
HealthIt originates from the hill of Mercury and stretches towards the line of life. The most changeable line of all, as it reflects the state of health. If the strip is missing, it means good health.
LoveIt is located under the line of marriage, on the right hand. A clear lane without branches indicates that a man is one-lover, branched — that he will have a lot of relationships
WealthLocated between the lines of life and the heart, connects them together. Means well-being and prosperity
Of deathContrary to popular belief, the line of death does not exist. Its signs are determined using indirect data.
CursesIt is located on the hill of Venus. A pronounced strip speaks about the negative impact of unauthorized persons — damage, curse, evil eye
LustIt starts from the hill of the moon and stretches towards the hill of venus. Appears when promiscuous men or women in relationships

The shape and color of the lines are important. Normal, clearly defined stripes of average thickness are considered the norm.

Color should be in tone to the skin. Thin faded lines mean a lack of vital energy, too bright and thickened — an overabundance.

Most often, the symbols on or near the lines are a negative sign. They mean obstacles in life, troubles and troubles in the family and at work.

But there are also auspicious symbols testifying to the patronage of higher powers.

How to guess the lines on the hand, their meaning: palmistry with explanations for beginners

There are the following signs on the palm:

  • square — a happy sign, meaning a way out of a difficult situation, problem solving;
  • the cross is a symbol of cardinal changes, which can be both favorable and negative;
  • a triangle is a rare sign indicating the power of the mind;
  • lattice (grid) — a sign denoting obstacles in business, failure and misfortune;
  • islands — round marks on the lines, talking about the loss of energy, emotional devastation.

Experienced palmists are advised to begin the interpretation of the lines in the same sequence. This will help beginners not to get lost in their thoughts and not to confuse anything.

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