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How to guess on wax and water: the meaning of figures

Divination on wax: how to guess, the meaning and interpretation of figures

For fortune telling on wax using natural beeswax or paraffin candles. Before the procedure, you need to ask a question that may concern any sphere of life activity: love, finances, career, health, family, etc. You can not take tap water for the ritual, because the interpretation may be incorrect. Received wax figures will tell about the events that await the girl in the future.

If fortune telling has shown the shape of a fetus (embryo), then this does not mean that the divine will soon become pregnant. The germ symbolizes new ideas and initiatives.

During the Christmas holiday divination on wax is forbidden, it is best to do this on Christmas days (Christmas time is the period from the birth of Christ to Baptism).

Before fortune-telling on wax, you need to ponder the question that interests the girl and all the time scroll through her head, representing a favorable outcome of events. It is important to believe in what is happening and start divination with a positive attitude.

Guessing is necessary after sunset. If the girl decided to tell fortunes for the New Year, then it is better to do it after midnight.

It is necessary to remove all jewelry, belts, belts and dissolve hair.

The girl must prepare in advance all the necessary items:

  • Holy water;
  • pure iron bowl for melting wax;
  • clean casting tank;
  • natural wax (if not, then you can take a candle from paraffin);
  • 3–5 church wax candles;
  • mirror.

How to guess on wax and water: the meaning of figures

  1. 1. If a girl uses a candle, then you need to take a wick out of it and crumple it into a ball in order to get more wax during the casting.
  2. 2. Heat the wax on medium heat.
  3. 3. Light the candles in the room, put them around the fortune telling machine and turn off the lights.
  4. 4. Put a mirror in the bowl and pour water (it should be at room temperature).
  5. 5. Molten wax should be slowly and very carefully poured into the container, without making any sudden movements. Pour into one place in the center of the bowl.
  6. 6. When the wax figure hardens, you can get it out of the tank in order to get a better look at it and find out what the fortune telling showed.

To understand the designation of the wax figure, you need to connect the associative thinking and all your imagination.

If the figure in the interpretation foreshadows positive events, then it should be hidden in a secluded place and saved. If fortune telling showed unpleasant symbols that signify sad news or incidents, then the wax figure should be buried away from home and not thinking about the bad.

The tables below give the meanings of wax figures, among which are:

The interpretation of the symbols is given in the table.

AngelThis is a good sign. In a difficult situation, the diviner can rely not only on the help and support of her loved ones, but also on higher powers.
ButterflySymbolizes a series of happy events. This could be a promotion, a birth or another long-awaited event.
RamIt symbolizes a stubborn and uncompromising person who believes that in order to achieve the goal, one can step over moral and ethical norms. This person may be the chosen one of the fortunate girl.
hippopotamusTo heart attachment. Favorite will be a thick-skinned and unemotional person who is not capable of romance.
SquirrelA woman is very economical and thrifty, she saves not only money, but also makes food supplies, like a squirrel
CamelThis image shows that the beloved of the fortunate girl is very hardworking and energetic. He can become a reliable spouse, but family life will be boring and monotonous
LibraAre an indicator of material well-being
NailTo intrigue, conspiracy and gossip
WeightThe girl has a hard character that prevents her from building strong relationships with members of the opposite sex. No need to condemn others and criticize — take a closer look at your behavior and draw the appropriate conclusions
GuitarSymbol of romance and joyful pastime. And also this figure foreshadows the fulfillment of the cherished desire
EyeThe girl does not notice the obvious things: someone uses her for their own selfish purposes. It is necessary to be able to refuse people in some situations and think more about their own interests.
globeFor an exciting trip to another country
DoveSymbolizes inner peace. A fortunate girl will be able to restore relationships that seemed hopelessly spoiled, or she will be able to resolve the maturing conflict in the family
MushroomTo a pleasant surprise or gift from a loved one
CoffinTo the great tragedy
PearTo baseless suspicions and accusations of infidelity on the part of a loved one
LipsFor sensual and exquisite pleasures
DolphinThe girl will be able to overcome all the obstacles to the desired goal, but some person will offer her her help and protection.
TreeTo the difficulties and the series of difficult tests
The DragonIt is necessary to show strength and will and patience in this situation.

The designation of a woman can have a multitude of meanings and depends on the question of the divining girl and the resulting figure.

  • The question of a love relationship is the appearance of a rival or rival.
  • The general question about the future — to the solemn event.
  • The head of a woman with fortune telling on wax — the girl’s worldview will soon change dramatically.
  • If there are several women, girlfriends are very jealous of a fortunate girl and wish to disturb her well-being.
  • The hands of the woman on the chest are crossed — the girl is very close with her mother and considers the parent to be her best friend, trusting her with all the secrets and secrets
GiraffeTestifies to the illusory perception of realityHareYou need to pay attention to your health and be careful in dealing with others. Bad foreboding can come trueSnakeTo the appearance of an insidious foeWhaleThe girl is surrounded by loyal and loyal friends, so do not doubt their reliability.RingSymbol of marriage that will happen soonCrownTo a prosperous and luxurious life. Guessing girl will be assigned a huge responsibility associated with the improvement of social statusCat or catTo perfidyRabbitA similar symbol falls soft-bodied and notorious individualsHenThis bird foreshadows joyful events that will happen very soon.Swan
  • For a married woman: you need to change the situation and take a break from your other half to renew passion and past feelings.
  • For single girls: the right time to meet a man who will become the love of a lifetime
a lionSymbolizes confidence, reliability and strength, both physical and spiritual.FaceThis symbol means a happy and fulfilling life and a complete idyll in your personal life.HorseTo positive change. For the changes to bring noticeable improvements you will have to work hardFrogTo external changes. A new haircut or a complete change of wardrobe is possible due to getting rid of extra pounds.
BearAdverse sign, promising failure in professional activities. This beast foreshadows the fatal mistake that a girl will make in the heat of passion.
Sea HorseTo personal growth and implementation of new projects
MouseTo a series of material problems and huge financial losses, which can lead to complete ruin and bankruptcy
A monkeyThe enemy is hiding under the mask of a close friend. You need to carefully look to a friend to expose the cheater
CockBulletin of good news and happiness in family life
PenisTo dissolute behavior and frivolity that will lead to love adventures and short-term intimate relationships

It is a favorable symbol and personifies the answer to your question.

  • Flying — to the news of a positive nature.
  • If a girl wonders on love — to a fateful meeting with her chosen one.
  • Many birds — to a solid profit (inheritance or winning the lottery)
CrayfishTo serious personal issuesShell
  • To temporary difficulties in relationships with the opposite sex
  • To wealth and abundance, creative inspiration and new ideas
ChildTo the successful implementation of the planned plansthe RoseSymbolizes pure and great love.MermaidCaution about temptation and possible deceptionA fishSymbolizes a comfortable and carefree lifeBootTo a long journey — a business trip abroad or a trip with a cognitive purposePigThe girl will reach great heights in her career, but her high position in society will have a negative impact on her perception of the world and she will become an arrogant and arrogant person.A heartSign of love. The interpretation of the heart depends on its shape. Clear contours — to a happy relationship with a partner. Distorted form — to parting with a sweetheart or a major scandalScorpioEnemies are plotting against a girl, you need to be more vigilant and stop communicating with people who cause negative emotions.ElephantSymbol of wisdom and accumulated knowledgeDogSymbolizes strong friendshipsOwlTo health problems, troubles at work and in personal life
TigerCompetitors and enemies are determined and intend to drag a woman into an unpleasant story, which will have dire consequences for a guessing
SnailTo stagnation in business and the collapse of bright dreams and hopes. Things never come true
DuckTo incredible luck in love affairs and at work

This figure symbolizes life harmony, trust in relationships with a loved one and mutual understanding. For an unmarried girl many flowers — This is the prediction of a quick wedding. Same sign dFor a married woman — to family well-being and a stable financial situation

ChickSymbolizes a new life. The girl soon learns about pregnancy, but not necessarily about her (close friend or relative)Embryo (fetus)In the life of a fortunate girl, there comes a new stage — a change of job or place of residence, moving to another country, breaking a love affair or a new hobby. The umbilical cord foreshadows success in all undertakings.Anchor
  • Reflects high position in society.
  • The girl constantly neglects her life principles, so you need to decide on priorities and strengthen your life position.
  • The right time to resolve the accumulated problems. If a girl takes timely actions and steps, then everything will end safely
LizardTo the meeting with the unpleasant person

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