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How to find out the meaning of the name Vladimir and the interpretation of fate for this name

What does the name Vladimir mean and how is the fate

The Slavic name Vladimir is based on two roots — “to own” and “peace”. The general meaning of the name — the lord of the world, consent.

The word peace included the concept of not only territories, but also a peaceful, non-military state, diplomacy, administration, and court. Vladimir is a man who rules the world, establishes his own world.

The name is pre-Christian, therefore it does not carry a negative biblical coloring. On the contrary, Prince Vladimir was added to the church calendar, and after him many sovereign princes of the same name.

Female version of the name — Vladmira.

How to find out the meaning of the name Vladimir and the interpretation of fate for this name

Name options

  • Vlad, Volodya, Vladik, Vova, Vovochka, Vovchik, Vovan
  • Foreign options: Vladmir, Vladomir, Valdomir, Valdemar, Waldemar, Velodi.
  • Planet — Sun, Venus
  • Colors — yellow, white, gold, red, green, lilac, blue
  • Zodiac sign — Libra, Aquarius
  • Animals — hawk, falcon, deer
  • Plant — heather, maple, hop
  • Talisman — green jasper
  • Metals — white gold, platinum, steel, silver
  • The green jasper talisman in gold or silver helps to increase insight, strengthens intuition, drives away evil thoughts and helps in the fight against insomnia.

Name Compatibility

  • The most gentle and gentle female names are most suited to the willful and resolute Vlad: Svetlana, Elena, Taisiya, Anastasia, Natalia, Tatyana.
  • Pulls him to women bright, with a complex and feminine character: Alla, Inna, Inga, Anna.
  • Relations with strong names, with hard consonants and rigidly snarling or sizzling in the name should be avoided because of the inevitable conflicts: Marina, Farida, Dasha, Lyudmila, Lida, Tamara.

How to find out the meaning of the name Vladimir and the interpretation of fate for this name

The main traits of Vladimir’s character are purposefulness, loyalty to the idea, ability to make difficult decisions, diplomacy, secrecy, sincerity. Usually he sees the situation from a wider angle than the interlocutors, because his frank and direct answers can be misunderstood. As a true ruler, he does not prevent opponents from misleading themselves and giving unnecessary additional explanations.

He saves his time, if mu really had to give detailed answers, including all considerations, it would take several hours, without the slightest benefit to both interlocutors.

He considers devotion the best feature, but he interprets this concept broadly, in the meaning of “do no harm”. Tolerant of the weaknesses of people and skillfully uses them, turning them into their strengths.

He does not forgive betrayal, lies, deceit, duplicity, although in relation to close people he is infinitely loyal and ready to forgive more than is permissible by any norms.

Character is revealed as it grows up. In childhood and in a subordinate position, it is ineffective, it may seem limited, too modest and unassuming.

The meticulousness, attention to detail, full and excessive possession of the subject, along with the reluctance to move independently, make it indispensable.

In adulthood, having gained autonomy, he reveals his best traits and gains influence.

The weak point of any Vladimir become women and amorousness. It is too much to give yourself only one, even the best woman of all. And every time he falls in love forever, headlong, sincerely and seriously, even realizing that this is not for long, just half a day.

Every fleeting affair is serious.

His women also retain sincere feelings, can know about others, negotiate among themselves how they can better help their beloved. The holy Equal-to-the-Apostles had about 1,000 wives, and Vysotsky officially had 4, but an unofficial purely sincere and loving girlfriend — no less than a hundred.

Mayakovsky, Nabokov — everyone loved a lot, sincerely, ardently and suffered greatly from their own violent feelings. Loyalty to a single partner with a powerful charisma and breadth of nature is almost impossible.

As a child, Vovchik is the same boy from anecdotes that no one takes seriously. Hooligan, mischievous, mischievous, pugnacious and keen on his tongue, he questions absolutely everything. In his youth, he fully tries his charm and influence on women.

To his surprise, the most impregnable beauties show incredible feelings for him, ready for everything for him.

Thanks to the advanced logic, Vladimir does not become a lovelace, does not cease to appreciate women. He just becomes more discriminating and attentive. Having dealt with the personal and picking up his wife, he focuses on a career.

If he fails to deal with loving and passion, pushing them into the background — the likelihood of a tragic outcome of life is great. Strong passions can tear apart even a strong personality.

Gradually developed softness, detachment, the ability to control their feelings and avoid violent passions.

Money, power, influence and knowledge attract him equally. Gradually formed a range of interests with maximum priority.

Vladimir is thrifty and practical, he always has a backup plan, often unknown even to the closest people. He prefers land and real estate to any savings.

Old age is usually denied completely, it retains working capacity at any age and does not seek to retire. This concerns the established destinies that have found their vocation and place. The hearth, the ability to travel, spend time with the family strongly beckon when available at intervals, in between business and in the windows of busy schedules.

But to devote the rest of the days to rocking on a chair or lying on the beach, reading fairy tales to grandchildren, plunging into a routine is a frightening prospect.


The name is widespread, because there are a lot of outstanding people named Vladimir. This includes politicians, artists, writers, scientists, researchers.

  • Mayakovsky — singer of the revolution, one of the pillars of the Russian silver age
  • Vysotsky — actor, musician, poet
  • Ulyanov-Lenin — the leader of the 1917 revolution, the economist, the ruler
  • Nabokov — writer
  • Posner — Journalist
  • Durov — trainer, circus performer
  • Bekhterev — doctor, psychiatrist
  • Spivakov — musician, conductor
  • Putin is the president of Russia
  • Zhirinovsky — politician

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