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How to choose a character and fate for a girl — features of the name of Malik

Features of the name Malik — the value and impact on life and destiny

Malika is a very beautiful name that came from the Muslim world. In our country, it is not common, mainly among Muslims.

The meaning of the name varies with the stress. When the stress on the first syllable falls, the name becomes “angel”.

When falling stress on the second or third syllables — «the queen», «mistress».

Name Forms

  • Full — Malika
  • Abbreviated — Malya, Lika.
  • Diminutive pet — Malikushka, Malichka, Lykochka, Lykusha, Mal’nika.

How to choose a character and fate for a girl - features of the name of Malik

In other countries

  • Malika is written in English, Malika is written in French, Malikə is written in Tatar.
  • In the passport is written — MALIKA.
  • The name is absent in Orthodoxy.

Character, temperament and fate

Little Malika is a trustful and kind girl. Sensitively responds to someone else’s grief and feels it subtly. Open for communication and makes new acquaintances easily.

Being a leader, she does not strive, but will not go on about. As she grows older, her social circle will decrease, as she will be more selective.

Malika is diligent and diligent in her studies, but she is unlikely to be an excellent student. She has no mathematical mind, so the exact sciences are not for her. She is a real humanist, she has a subtle creative vein.

She has an excellent ear for music, can feel free to try herself in music, if she likes it.

How to choose a character and fate for a girl - features of the name of Malik

Malika is the personification of modesty, calm and friendliness. But you cannot call her a closed man.

She is able to surround loved ones with her sunny and good-natured smile. There are trusting relationships with parents, especially with mom, feeling her support.

With age, Malik hardens his character, showing his acquired volitional qualities. She becomes more purposeful. Malika is very important opinion of others.

She will never go against everyone, and she is very sensitive to criticism. But this does not mean that she is a man driven and can be manipulated.

If she needs it, she will firmly defend her opinion.

Malikusha — the personification of vitality and optimism. She has no thirst for glory and big ambitions. She is satisfied and enjoys what she already has.

Malik is never convinced of hypocrisy, for which her relatives especially appreciate. Her high quality is considered her highly moral foundations. Malika will never allow immoral behavior and is always focused.

She is always especially polite, and will never answer with rudeness to someone who is rude in communicating with her.

Malika’s physical and mental health is very strong. Malika needs to be careful with injuries, beware of sprains and fractures.

There may be some minor problems with the respiratory organs, so you need to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Be the leader of Malik is not committed. Yes, and she is unlikely to succeed. She is too soft for this mission and will not be able to manage the team.

She likes to perform the functions of an active performer. She is very pleased with her position and does her job conscientiously.

With all the responsibility and hard work improves its performance. She rarely changes her job, because she is friendly with the team. She often has many ideas for increasing the efficiency and success of the enterprise, for which she is greatly appreciated by her management.

Malika successfully brings everything to perfection using non-standard methods.

Family and relationships

To marry a girl in no hurry. She has many admirers, but she is waiting for a real decent man, who will be behind a stone wall. She will be a devoted and loving wife.

The house will be a wonderful hostess and mother, creating a cozy and confidential atmosphere in the family. She is as always balanced and calm, but good relations with the mother-in-law are not always lined up.

Very hospitable, but still does not like unexpected guests, preferring that everything was negotiated.

The main thing in life for her will be the children. She devotes almost all her time to their education.

Astrological characteristics

  • Zodiac sign — Aries.
  • The planet Mars.
  • Stone — Jasper.
  • Totem animal — Rooster.
  • Plant — Mustard.
  • The color of the name is Red.

How to choose a character and fate for a girl - features of the name of Malik

Famous Maliki

Indian film actress Malika Sherawat, French model Malika Menard, People’s Artist of the USSR Malika Kalandarova.

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