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How does the name affect the character and fate of a person?

The secret of the female name Ustinya — what it means and how it affects the fate

Ustinha — female version of the Roman name Justus — Ustin. Translated from Latin — «fair.»

In other languages

  • In Belarus — Justyna, in Bulgaria — Justina, in Hungary — Jusztina, in Greece — σουστίνη, in Denmark — Justine, in Spain — Justina, in Italy — Giustina, in Germany — Justina, in Norway — Justine, in Poland — Justyna, in Portugal — Justina, in Romania — Iustina, in Ukraine — Ustin or Justin, in France — Justine, in Sweden — Justina
  • Justina is written in English, and Justin is the pronunciation.
  • In the passport is written USTINIA

How does the name affect the character and fate of a person?

Transformation of the name of Ustinha

· Full name — Ustinha

· Diminutive form — Ustinochka, Ustyushka, Ustinyushka, Ustyusha, Ustina, Ustyunya

· Abbreviated: Ustinka, Ustya, Ustyuha, Tina.

· According to Orthodoxy — Justin.

Traits and fate

Girl Ustinya inquisitive and cheerful child. Having a good ability to school subjects, suffers from poor academic performance due to inattention and restlessness.

Fair, responsive and very sociable, always ready to help his many friends.

Adult Ustinya proud and straightforward, different unrestrained and eccentric character. Surviving a transitional age often goes into conflict with parents and sometimes can escape from home.

Due to his ardent temperament, Ustinochka strives to be a leader in communication.

Ustinia, born in the winter months — the owner of a complex nature.

She has independence and emotionality. Born in spring — the girl is passionate and energetic, loves art and sport.

Ustinka, born in summer, is less active, unlike the rest of Ustin, often shy. Born in the fall — just a miss charm, achieves a high position in society and is practical in all matters.

Ustinyushka — a unique combination of justice, ambition and sociability on the one hand, and jealousy, hot-tempered and disorganized.

How does the name affect the character and fate of a person?

The secret to communicate

Ustinya is a true lover and a true believer. Hates intrigue and gossip behind his back, he expresses everything right in the face, he will not tolerate envy and lies.

Her environment is of great importance to her. Will not lead a friendship with insidious and deceitful people. She prefers honesty and openness.

Because of the conflict or bad deed, the girlfriend will probably refuse to be friends.

In childhood, Ustyusha often suffers from colds and bronchitis. In order to improve her health, she needs to practice sports and hardening.

In adulthood, poor health is practically not observed.

Ustigny’s work is a matter of life, an activity for the soul, not for earnings, although it tries to achieve material well-being. She is engaged in business by vocation and achieves great success in it.

She is endowed with hard work and talent in her field. Thanks to his dedication and talent, Ustinia quickly reaches career heights. Relations with the team are good, although there are those who envy her.

Often Ustinh successful in medicine, education and financial sphere. Autumn Ustiny successful in business.

Love and family

At a young age is surrounded by an infinite number of fans, until the man of his life meets her path. In relations, Ustinya is jealous, hot-tempered and temperamental.

The husband should be with a similar character, but leadership in the family is not inferior to him. Her chosen one should be strong and successful, but at home a little «henpecked». Ustinya is an attentive and caring mother, a devoted and loving spouse.

Controversial situations used to smooth out a compromise. The house creates coziness and comfort.

It will be a good marriage with Boris, Pavel, Igor, Nikita, Kirill, Matvey. Relations with Andrey, Sergey, Valeriy, Vyacheslav, Konstantin, and Denis are better off.

Astrological characteristics

  • Zodiac: Aries, Scorpio
  • Patron of the planet: Mars
  • Color: red
  • Plant: onions, asparagus
  • Animal: Vulture
  • Stone Mascot: Jasper
  • Auspicious Day: Tuesday

Name day and patron

The holy martyr Deva Ustinia preached the word of God, performed prayer miracles. Many pagans guided on the path of God. For this was subjected to persecution and ridicule.

In 268, after brutal torture, she was killed and deprived of her head.

Name Day October 15th.

Famous Ustigny

  • Justina Zagvozdkina — Soviet theater actress;
  • Justina Stechkovska — Polish singer;
  • Justina Kruzenshtern-Perets — Russian journalist, translator, poetess;
  • Justina Kowalczyk — Polish skier;
  • Ustinya Artemyevna — the mother of Marshal Zhukov.

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