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How can you change the fate of a person — the influence of the name Nicole on her future life

The mystery of the emergence and influence of the name Nicole on the fate of its owner

Where did the name Nicole appear in our language? The name itself originated in Scandinavia, and came to us from France, where it is very popular, entering the top three most popular names in the last century.

The name Nicole translates as «winner», being the male form of the name Nicolas.

Nominal forms

  • Nicole — full form
  • Abbreviated — Nick, Nikola, Kohl, Niko, Nina.
  • Affectionately — Nikki, Nikolayasha, Nikusya, Pine, Nishka, Kolechka.

How can you change the fate of a person - the influence of the name Nicole on her future life

In other countries

The name is common in the Christian countries of Europe, but everywhere it sounds differently — Nicoletta in Germany, Nicholas in the Czech Republic, Nicholas in Spain, Nikulin in Romania, Nicolas in Poland.

In the passport — NIKOL.

Fate and characterization

Little girl Nikolayash grows mobile and active. She is a sociable and cheerful child, easily finds a common language with everyone.

She can easily make friends with her peers and attracts her with her spontaneity and openness. Since childhood, she is independent and wants to be respected.

Achieves success in school and university, learns well, thanks to memory and logical thinking. Nicole has great skills for creativity. Will try different directions until she finds something she likes.

And as determined, will achieve considerable heights.

Outwardly attractive, it has a good figure, although it does not fit on diets. Can achieve high results in sports.

All the owners of this beautiful name are very friendly and sociable. Nicole will be able to attract and hold the attention of people, it is pleasant to communicate with her. She is well versed in people and can approach everyone.

For friends will be a good adviser and «vest» for girlfriends.

Nicole is very sensual, although only close people know about it. Sometimes it is very sentimental and empathizes with the person.

How can you change the fate of a person - the influence of the name Nicole on her future life

Nicole is very dependent on people’s opinions and wants to be always the center of attention. She wants her to always be admired. Tries to be ahead of all competitors.

Nicole is envious and capable of minor dirty tricks.

At first glance, Nicole causes mixed feelings. At first it is striking in its spontaneity. And at the same time, it is full of seriousness.

She is constantly cultivating, learning something new. But in the evening she may feel sad and even cry.

In general, Nicole is a balanced and adequate woman. In the conflict is not involved, but if it happens, then try to get out of it with the world.

Due to this character of Nicole, she will always be surrounded by faithful friends whom she immensely loves and respects, because friendship is not an empty sound for her.

Nicole has average health, but you cannot call him strong, although he doesn’t get sick often. Nature has rewarded her with a good appearance and figure, so she does not spend evenings in the gym and does not sit on carbon-free diets in pursuit of harmony.

It is necessary to monitor your eyesight from childhood, as it can deteriorate with age.

In her work, Nicole is responsible and diplomatic. Able to find an approach to anyone. She strives to climb the career ladder and take a management position, which she succeeds with.

It will be successful in business, thanks to the ability to get what people want from people. But she does it unobtrusively. The main criterion for the selection of partners and employees will be reliability.

With colleagues, she is courteous and polite. Seeks to benefit and create a good impression of himself.

She is not ready to go to her goals and clearly follows her honest principles.

Achieves success in advertising and marketing. It is important for her to understand that she is in her place and assess her according to her merits.

Family and relationships

Reaching a certain height in his career, Nicole begins to think about the family. Creating a family, gives all the family itself.

Becoming his wife, she turns into a true woman. She will be a good rear and reliable support for her husband, inspiring him to accomplish. For her, loyalty is not an empty word.

She herself will never be unfaithful, and demands the same from her husband. She is a caring mother, but the mistress of her is not very, despite all the efforts.

In children will bring up the intellect, not forgetting the moral qualities.

How can you change the fate of a person - the influence of the name Nicole on her future life

Astrological characteristics

  • Zodiac sign — Leo.
  • Planet — Pluto and Venus.
  • Stone — Turquoise and Emerald
  • Plant — Begonia.
  • The color of the name is White and Turquoise.

Famous women named Nicole

Australian actress Kidman, American singer Scherzinger.

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