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How can the value of his name affect a person?

What role does the name value play in the naming process?

Ever since the days of distant antiquity, people knew that a name has a serious impact on indicators of character, behavior and even on the fate of its owner. The meaning of a person’s name has been studied by astrologers, numerologists, and psychologists using various research methods.

If you are interested to learn a lot of interesting information about the meaning of a person’s name, what functions the name performs, is it permissible to name a newborn baby after one of his relatives and a lot of other useful information — be sure to read the following article.

How can the value of his name affect a person?

What is the name of a person

The name of a person is one of the main components of his personality. Indeed, it is not for nothing that a name is a basic component of the structure of self-consciousness.

The name is the personal designation of a person that he gets born and even when the physical body dies, the name is able to persist for a very long period of time.

Developing a person «grows together» with his name, it turns into an integral part of his being. A name helps a person to separate himself as a person.

It is from the name of the baby that his parents begin to address him, giving him a reward or, on the contrary, scolding him for unauthorized behavior. A proper name begins for the child the process of communication with the outside world, when he masters the speech sufficiently to express his desires and express his personality.

In the process of naming you need to take into account many circumstances, for example, the national culture, society and family.

The name of a person turns into that very first personal crisis around which the formation of a conscious personality of its being takes place. In this case, the name is combined with the “I”, which is also used for self-designation, as well as for the manifestation of a conscious self and in the surrounding reality.

Contact name with nationality

The name has a significant connection with nationality. Having received the name of his nation, the baby automatically begins to attribute itself to its history and character.

Of course, there is a certain list of international names that give the child more freedom in the matter of national self-determination. Such names have a kind of connecting designation — a person bearing such a name, more easily feels like a “world citizen”.

The historical connection of the name

Each name has its own social style and disposition. When a baby is studying the world history and the history of his state, he will not will to pay special attention to his namesakes.

What were these personalities? What contribution to the development of the country and culture brought?

Why do their grandchildren and great-grandchildren remember and appreciate them?

The child finds in the names of those qualities of character, to which he himself strives and wants to have, and thanks to this he acquires a kind of support from past times. As if ancestors inspire him: “You can become like this!” (For example, brave, great, wise and fair).

How can the value of his name affect a person?

Value Features

Each name has its own meaning. To make it more convenient, people stopped using unique first names, for example, “Morning Dawn” or “Sharp Eye”.

But all names come from words with different designations. Some of them lost their connection with the original essence. For example, if you do not open the directory where it is stated that the name “Alexey” has the meaning of “defender” and “Petr” means “stone”, then with insignificant probability you can guess about it.

Although the other part of the names has no historical significance — for example, Victoria, Faith, Light.

The main functions of the human name

Consider what the main functions of a person’s name are:

  • indicates attitudes towards a particular group of people;
  • performs the function of self-identification;
  • legalizes the person in society;
  • necessary for myth making.

Each of the names has its own specific vibrational movements in space, affecting both the person bearing the name and those around him. In essence, the name is a perfect vibration wave, a sound code given to a person from the moment of birth.

Astrology experts firmly believe that the name has a powerful impact not only on the indicators of the nature and behavior of the individual, as well as on his addiction, but also largely determines the relationship with the opposite sex.

Is it allowed to name babies after someone?

In most cases, the desire to call your baby by someone’s name arises when there is enough known information about a relative, if he is no longer alive.

When the child grows up and grows, in the process of forming his personality, he will be able to unconsciously and consciously absorb this information flow and over time will begin to become more and more similar to the person after whom he was named.

And the presence of specific expectations of parents will only strengthen this process. After all, if the parents decided to give their child the name of a certain famous person, it means that they dreamed that it would acquire some of its positive traits of character and become similar to it.

As a result, growing up, a person risks to go, as if on the path he had previously laid for him, eventually becoming more and more like his predecessor.

In what cases it is impossible to give the baby the name of his deceased native

However, it should be noted that in almost every clan there is a certain percentage of unlucky names. Probably it is possible not to explain that it is impossible to give such a name to your child in any case, because otherwise there are very big risks that the baby will not repeat the most successful fate.

At the same time, the risks increase markedly if the names also coincide. Usually, people perceive it on an intuitive level and are unlikely to decide to give their precious baby the name of a native who was suffering from a serious illness or who tragically died while being young.

Also, for obvious reasons, it is impossible to give the baby the name of that family member who was notorious — he was a bad person and committed various bad offenses about whom there was no positive memory left.

Otherwise, with your own hands, you increase the likelihood that the baby will overcome the negative qualities of the character of that person and his fate will also be unfavorable.

Is it permissible to give the child the name of a healthy mother?

Regarding this issue, there are many different opinions. It is characteristic of the establishment of a powerful energy connection between relatives, having the same names.

On the one hand, this connection helps to find one’s life recognition, to achieve success, and on the other, it is fraught with many difficulties in the life of a maturing person.

For example, if father and son or mother and daughter have the same name, over time, the younger person can instead of support and support turn into a contender for his parent.

On the other hand, it is more likely that the child will repeat the life path of his parent, but he will already be able to go further and improve the achievements of his relative.

How can the value of his name affect a person?

Meaning of male and female names

How to choose the right name for your son?

When choosing a name for their boy, people in most cases focus on the most sweet to the ear. Also, the name is often chosen to patronymic in order to achieve the most melodious sound.

Thus, the parents take care of their child, so that in the future it will not have trouble associated with the discomfort of the name.

In addition, attention should be paid to the fact that each of the male names should be accompanied by its own special sound. This means that boys are best suited to names that personify courage and strength, militancy and leadership.

After all, these qualities are inherent in this man, the breadwinner of his family, the man earner.

In the case of male names, it is much more important than in the case of female names, so that the name fits the family’s lifestyle. Choosing those options that do not cause dissonance with the religion of the family, as well as the customs of the area where she lives, the tribal traditions.

Particular care must be exercised with those variations of non-Russian names that are of foreign origin. It is worth thinking about the combination of such a name with the patronymic, as well as how it will act as a patronymic for your grandchildren.

And, of course, never be lazy and carefully find out the meaning of “not our” name. Otherwise, your baby can get into a very ridiculous situation because of his name.

Choosing the right female name

In the process of choosing for a girl, parents often face disagreements with each other and can not choose for themselves the final version. As a rule, in such situations, the euphonic sound of the name is the main guideline, although here it is possible to argue, because each person has his own ideas on this matter.

Traditionally, sympathy in us is caused by the names belonging to girls that are pleasant for us, women or the fair sex that could surprise or surprise you.

It is these variants of names that cause us inner harmony and seem attractive, although in reality these are all games of our subconscious.

It often happens that we, when we hear one or another version of a foreign name, realize that it is pleasant and attractive to us. Then in the first place is the melodiousness of the sound of the name, while its deep essence often remains incomprehensible to us.

In any case, you should not restrain yourself if you want to give your baby a beautiful and unusual name.

It is important not to be lazy and carefully find out the meaning of the name you like so that your child does not end up in an unpleasant situation in the future, for example, if the name in the translation from the native language symbolizes something not at all poetic.

We hope that now the secrets of the name and the tricks of its proper selection have become more understandable to you.

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