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Flower Women’s Happiness (Spathiphyllum): Meaning, Signs and Superstitions

Flower Female happiness: description, folk omens and rituals

Flower Female happiness, or spathiphyllum, is an unpretentious houseplant with a long history and magical possibilities. Many legends are associated with it, will accept and superstitions.

It is believed that the appearance of a flower in the house will bring the owner luck in personal and family life, will open up a lot of prospects and harmonize the atmosphere between the household. The name of the genus consists of two Greek words — spatha and phyllon, which translated means «veil» and «leaves.»

Flower Women's Happiness (Spathiphyllum): Meaning, Signs and Superstitions

Spathiphyllum, which is popularly called Women’s Happiness, is a delicate and exquisite indoor flower. Stems are absent, and the crown consists of oval-pointed green leaves growing from the ground.

Before flowering there are arrows of peduncles with cobs, subsequently forming white flowers.

Not according to all beliefs, the presence of this plant in the house is benevolent. If it dries up, then the happiness leaves the family.

This happens if the relationship between households is not the best. The flower is very sensitive to negative energy: quarrels and constant conflicts can destroy it.

Therefore, owners need to surround the plant with due care and not to conflict with each other.

In order for Women’s Happiness to rejoice with abundant flowering and fulfill its cherished desires, it is necessary to communicate with it as with a living being: share secrets, ask for help, just talk.

It is necessary to care for the plant correctly:

  • Water regularly: abundant in summer than in winter and autumn.
  • Twice a day, wipe the leaves with a damp cloth or spray with infused water.
  • Keep away from drafts and direct sunlight, preferably on southwestern windowsills.
  • Maintain a favorable temperature: in the summer — 22–23 ° C, in the winter and late autumn — 17 ° C.
  • Periodically feed universal fertilizer additives.

With good care spathiphyllum blooms for several months — from March to September or 2 times a year.

If the flower began to fade for no apparent reason, then soon you should wait for trouble in personal terms. Watching the state of culture, you can predict future events.

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