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Feodor Name Day — Dates, Fate, Character and Career

Feodor Name Day — meaning, character, fate and career

The name Fyodor comes from the name of Theodoros, translated from the ancient Greek language as «the gift of the Lord.» In other countries, the name Fedor is pronounced as Theodor, but there are exceptions: in Belarus — Hvedar, in Bulgaria — Todor, in Hungary — Tivadar, in Spain — Teodoro, in Ukraine — Fedir, in Finland — Tevtori.

The diminutive form of the name: Fedya, Fedechka, Fedorushka, Fedka, Fedya.

Before the revolution in Russia, the female name of Fyodor was distributed.

According to the church calendar, Fyodor celebrates the day of the angel 89 times a year.

Feodor Name Day - Dates, Fate, Character and Career

  • Depending on the time of year of birth, the character of Fedor differs:
  • Winter — Strict, demanding, narcissist, selfish.
  • Spring — Purposeful, hardworking, touchy, responsible.
  • Summer — Patient, fast, principled, unyielding.
  • Autumn — Independent, unbalanced, restless, impermanent.

Little Fedechka grows up to be a calm, well-mannered boy, rarely naughty, in everything he obeys adults. Due to the calm nature, he easily meets new guys and merges with a new company without any problems.

From a young age Fedor is well versed in people, able to recognize their hypocrisy. He does not like to open his soul and share his thoughts, even with loved ones.

He takes things neatly, you will not see him in a shirt with a torn off button.

Due to her serious attitude, she studies well and delves into the topic of the lesson. Homework does not always like to do, believing that and so well understood the topic. It is a negative attitude to teachers’ favorites, as it believes that they do not always deserve their high marks.

With classmates friends exactly, without allocating any of them. Does not like to lend them things, because they are often dirty and broken.

As an adult, Fyodor remains serious and calm in any situation. It has an excellent analytical mind, a tenacious memory. To the surprise of many, Fedor is well versed in art, literature, although he tries to hide it from others.

Friends love Fedor for his ability to listen to them carefully, to come to the rescue in difficult times. He likes to tinker with his car, he can repair it, he tries not to break the road rules.

From a young age Fedor is responsible for his health, he regularly exercises, he pours cold water, he likes to play sports, so he practically does not get sick. Annually undergoes medical examinations, all the instructions of the doctor performs impeccably.

Feodor Name Day - Dates, Fate, Character and Career

At work, Fedor is valued for hard work, dedication, the ability to find a way out of a non-standard situation and the ability to keep a cool head at critical moments. Fedor will choose a profession based on its usefulness, his prestige and success of his work are of little concern, it is important for him to benefit society. Well versed in technology, but can become a talented writer.

His work will perform on time and without haste. Does not seek to occupy leadership positions.

Thanks to the knowledge of female psychology, if necessary, Fedor can easily charm the right woman to build a relationship with her. But they are mostly fleeting for fear of losing their freedom, of which he immediately warns the chosen one.

The economic Fyodor will choose an economic woman as his wife, who, in joy, will bring home comfort, delve into the garden and raise children. His tender feelings for his wife persist until the end of life.

Fedor treats children responsibly, loves to spend free time with them and teach them the wisdom of life, supervises their studies, and teaches them to do sports. Fedor does not like to visit and invite them to his home.

Horoscope named Fedor

Aries — Hard-working, talented. He achieves his goals with the help of logic and perseverance, takes into account the opinions of others, will not abandon friends in difficult times

Taurus — Simple, demanding. He has an analytical mindset, he is sentimental, he is easily offended, he keeps himself in tight gloves.

He will make a great family man.

Gemini — Naive, sensitive. Because of the subtle nature of his character, it is easy to hold around his finger, which is why he is often alone.

Does not like to flatter people.

Cancer — Emotional, vulnerable. Criticism perceives hard, can answer it with aggression.

Often behaves rudely and harshly so that people do not notice his gentle nature.

Leo — Manly, strong-willed. Goes to the goal on the head, applying rudeness and aggression, and this repels those around them.

It can only be tolerated by a woman who is compliant and sensitive to criticism.

Virgo — Serious, responsible. It is friends only with useful people from whom it can benefit.

Do not tolerate idle chatter and useless pastime.

Scales — Responsible, active. It grabs at the same time for several cases, which is why not all of them bring to the end.

For yourself is critical.

Scorpio — Independent, selfish. He values ​​his own freedom above all, can spend the rest of his life alone.

It’s not easy to marry yourself.

Sagittarius — Unsure, caring. To bring the case to the end, it must be constantly pushed and controlled, but wonderful fathers come out of them, especially if his wife is powerful.

Capricorn — Imperious, self-confident. He always strives to be in the first roles, he will not give anything to anyone, he will not compromise. Loves a luxurious life and money.

He does not think about creating a family, preferring freedom.

Aquarius — Indifferent, selfish. He puts everyone around him in second place.

All the time requires attention to himself, despite not too good behavior and indifference to others.

Fish — Pessimistic, timid. Independent since early childhood. With distrust refers to everything, can not see good in people.

Afraid of tomorrow.

Feodor Name Day - Dates, Fate, Character and Career

Compatible with female names

  • Planet — Jupiter.
  • Name color — Yellow.
  • Season — Spring.
  • Happy day of the week — Sunday.
  • Lucky number — 4.
  • Metal — Bronze.
  • Zodiac sign — Sagittarius.
  • Element — Air.
  • Totem animal — May beetle.
  • Plant — Peony.
  • Tree nut.
  • Mineral mascot — Fire Opal.

Famous people named Fedor

  • Fedor Konyukhov — Russian traveler.
  • Fedor Biberstein is a German botanist.
  • Theodore Kirensky is an ancient Greek mathematician.
  • Fyodor Lukyanov is a Russian political scientist.
  • Fedor Anchutin is a Russian journalist.

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