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Elmira — the character and personality of the owner of the name, the relationship and fate

Mysterious Elmira — the girl’s personality, fate and relationships

Name interpretation

Elmira - the character and personality of the owner of the name, the relationship and fate

Other forms of the name: Ale, Mira, Elma, Elmi.

The emergence of the name: Tatar, Muslim.

Spanish translation means “princess”, as there are other forms of translation, such as “sovereign of the world”, “honest, honest”. There is another version of the origin, which says that the name is European, and in French it has a paired male Elmir, which translates as “glorious defender”, according to one version, the name is Arabic.

Character and personality

In childhood, the character of the baby is cheerful and sociable, but if strangers are near her, she immediately becomes shy and reserved. She is fairly easy to bring up because of her obedience, and her parents are constantly happy about her success in school.

Already at an early age she has a developed understanding of good and bad things, she does not like risk much and prefers caution, which remains with her in adult life.

The girl is smart, which can be seen in the kindergarten, loves books very much, and this craving for knowledge remains with her forever, often asks to read to her, and in the future she can become the organizer of a whole book club. She enters the university quite easily, and thanks to her innate musical talents she can study at the conservatory, she can also have an excellent predisposition to dance due to her flexibility.

Virtually does not fall under the negative influence of the environment, has a cold calculation.

The girl really appreciates the friendship and can take with her into the adult life one truly true and true friend. Elmira looks more like her father, but her character is from her mother.

She has a very developed intuition, it happens that she feels the need for change in life, can see prophetic dreams more often than others.

Elmira - the character and personality of the owner of the name, the relationship and fate

Having matured, Elmira ceases to trust as much as before, and becomes more closed. She does not like noisy places, but reading an interesting book at home is another matter.

But at the same time she becomes docile, submissive and uncomplaining, than others can often abuse, will never be rude to the authorities.

In general, her character can be called balanced. She does not like to hurry, and always prefers to think seven times before cutting off, but despite this, she can often do not very deliberate acts.

An important part of her character is responsiveness and sympathy for other people’s misfortunes; she is often asked for help, and, unfortunately, such help may be without gratitude, but the girl does it selflessly.

It is necessary to monitor health very well, both in childhood and in adulthood. Constant attention will help to avoid problems with the immune system, allergies, metabolism in adulthood and with poor appetite in childhood.

Work and career

A girl can approach the role of a teacher, a doctor, she can realize her talent in the field of music and dance, becoming a teacher. It can also master the profession of an accountant, engineer and architect.

It is often possible that after the birth of the child she will leave work to become a housewife.

Love and relationships

Elmira - the character and personality of the owner of the name, the relationship and fate

Easy her relationship just can not be called. Because of his modesty, Elma can marry rather late, rarely shows initiative in acquaintance, and does not know how to unfold when she gets to know each other, being cautious and keeping his distance.

She is looking for a lover who is more energetic and bright than herself, but one who would not overshadow her.

The nature of the girl attracts sophisticated men and, but with such a man she will be unkind and even aggressive. She is not inclined to frequent change of partners, as it is difficult for her to adapt, but having opened, she becomes impulsive and sincere, does not hide her emotions, wants games and romance.

Sometimes it can be jealous, but not capricious, has spiritual generosity.

The girl in the relationship gives her husband a lot, in return requires no less, sex is more passive and has little effect on the process itself, but is very well able to be explained in words. It happens that a girl takes the role of head in the family.

It happens to be squeamish, and visits the guests infrequently, although it sometimes comes to them, more than a homebody, an excellent cook.

In children, the woman sees the meaning of life, so the mother will be wonderful from her — she will raise good children. It often happens that Elma gives birth to girls.

Celebration of Elmira’s name day: July 1, March 9, February 10.

Popular carriers named

  • Elmira Abdrazakova, 1994, model, Russia.
  • Elmira Medzhitova, author of many books on cooking.
  • Elmira Zherzdeva, 1936, singer, Russia.
  • Elmira Galeeva, 1962, singer, Russia.
  • Elmira Antonyan, Soviet tennis player, Armenia.
  • Elmira Skripchenko, 1976, French chess player, Moldova.
  • Elmira Kotlyar, 1925 — 2006, translator, poetess, Russia.
  • Elmira Zherzdeva, 1936, singer, Russia.

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