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Dmitry’s Name Day in the Orthodox Church Calendar

Dmitry’s Name Day in the Orthodox Church Calendar

You can celebrate Dmitry’s birthday on the church calendar several times, as there are many saints with this name.

  • January: 04, 08, 21, 31.
  • February: 07, 09, 11, 17, 19, 24.
  • March: 04, 22, 25, 31.
  • April: 01, 23, 26.
  • May: 05, 22, 28.
  • June: 01, 10, 15, 16, 26.
  • July: 03, 17.
  • August: 01, 14, 17, 20, 22, 25, 30.
  • September: 09, 13, 19, 22, 24, 28.
  • October: 04, 09, 10, 17, 21, 28.
  • November: 01, 03, 08, 10, 14, 22, 25, 27, 28, 29.
  • December: 02, 10, 14, 15, 17.

Dmitry's Name Day in the Orthodox Church Calendar

About the origin

Dmitry — came to the European languages ​​from Greek. If translated literally, it would mean «the goddess of the land belonging to Demeter.» Demeter among the ancient gods was considered one of the most revered, so the Greeks largely depended on the harvest.

Associated with fertility, vitality. Choosing the right name for a child can greatly influence his fate and character.

Various forms of the word

Russians, Ukrainians, Bulgarians, Greeks, Belarusians often name their children with this name. It has not lost its popularity in the 21.

  • Church — Dmitry
  • Common: Dmitry, Dima.
  • Affectionate: Dima.
  • Brief, vocative: Dim.
  • Conversation: Dimych, Diman, Dimok, Mitya, Mitek, Mityukha.
  • Old: Dimitri, Mitri (Ustar).

In almost all countries where Christianity exists, this name is very common.

a brief description of

Dmitry's Name Day in the Orthodox Church Calendar

The boy Dima — swinger. Sociability, patience and perseverance are characteristic of him from an early age. He knows how to set the right goals, which he successfully achieves.

Does not like to look back at the past. Always goes strictly on the chosen path.

If something does not work out, do not regret, but move on.

Studying well, especially good at math, physics. Like a friend is perfect. Communication with him is always easy, without tricks.

May show courage, if the situation requires. Under certain circumstances, it is unnecessarily cruel. A keen personality, but this sometimes prevents him from really looking at things.

Fortune to Dmitry favorably.

Do not be deceived, although he himself can deceive, for the sake of his business. Growing up, it becomes rational, stricter to yourself.

Selfishness and exactingness are companions for life. Outwardly attractive, loved by women.

In a relationship is easy, but can change even a loved one. He sees nothing wrong with that.

Often changes chosen ones. Always striving for something new, still unexplored.

As a man in life is reliable, beautiful father.

He loves his children, but he can change wives repeatedly. It adapts itself to any team and can play one of the leading roles in it. Often has several higher education, as he likes to comprehend science, to develop mentally and spiritually.

To ask for help from God Dimitri is better in one of his days an angel, then the prayer will be heard faster.

The history of the Saints named Dmitry

Dmitry's Name Day in the Orthodox Church Calendar

As it was said, Dmitry’s birthday is at any time of the year. Depending on the day of the memory of the martyr, whom the boyfriend chooses himself, you can celebrate them not only with a pleasant feast, but also with a trip to the temple.

Dimitri Solunsky, Great Martyr

Once one of the very first holy warriors revered in Russia.

He lived in 3 in n. er in the city of Thessaloniki. Born in a family of secret Christians. There is a version that they were Slavs.

The pagans in Rome continued their fiercest struggle with faith. In childhood, the boy was baptized, and after the death of his father, he was appointed to the place of the proconsul.

The main task was to protect citizens from barbaric attacks. He also had to destroy Christians.

The emperor did not know about the baptism of his protege. When he returned to his city, he immediately began to praise Jesus in the open.

He wanted the pagan customs to be forgotten, and the population began to live like a Christian. Maximian was reported about it, and she was furious.

After one of the trips, he turned in the Thessalonian region, wanting to punish the inhabitants. Upon learning of this, the proconsul distributed his wealth to the poor.

After being questioned by the emperor, Dmitry was thrown into a dungeon, and the sovereign was amused at this time by gladiatorial battles. In front of him, his pet Leah was setting up on the spears of Christians.

One young man visited a prisoner, asking for blessings in a battle with a barbarian. After that, the young man Nestor himself threw the mighty gladiator on the spears.

The pagan ruler was angry. Ordered to kill sv. Much.

Nestor, as well as Dimitri, who prayed for the brave man.

10.26.306 The saint was killed by the guards. From the dead, a servant by the name of Lupp removed the ring and sprinkled it with the blood of the saint, and also collected the blood of Dimitri in the fabric. With the help of the available shrines he began to successfully treat patients.

By order, he was also slain by soldiers of the emperor.

They got rid of the body, throwing it out to wild predators, but people picked it up and buried it. Later on, a temple of God was built on this site.

After he had decayed, found imperishable power. They tried to take out repeatedly, but every time they all came back.

From 7th c. Dimitri called Mirotochivym.
Interesting! When the barbarians attacked Solun, they saw a formidable fair-haired young man walking around the city on the fortress wall. They were afraid of him, believing that it was St.

Dimitri went to watch.
Among the ancient Greeks, it was considered a Slavic saint by chance. He began to be honored among pagans, including immigrants from Russia.

After her baptism in Kiev Dimitrievsky Monastery is founded. Preserved relics:

  • Mosaic icon (Tretyakov Gallery).
  • Dimitrievsky Cathedral 12th c. in the city of Vladimir.
  • The miraculous icon on the sepulcher’s board of the saint (Tretyakov).

Since antiquity in the Russian state the name of St.. Dimitri Solunsky was associated with the feats of the defenders of the Motherland.

Dmitry Donskoy

Another saint named Dmitry is deeply revered in Russia. He himself considered his patron saint Dimitri of Solunsky and became worthy of him in everything.

Having lived a short life, only 39 years old (+1389), he left in the hearts of people an excellent memory of himself. Oderzhal Dimitri Moscow a number of important victories for Russia:

  • reflection of the onslaught on the Lithuanian capital (1368,1373),
  • defeat of the Tatars on the river. Voge (1378),
  • the rout of the Horde in Kulikovo field (1380).

Canonized in the year of the 1000th anniversary of the Baptism of Russia. Going to the enemy, always asked for favors in the temple. Established two church traditions:

  1. Dimitry parental Saturday.
  2. The day of finding the relics of wealth. Prince Alexander Nevsky.

He remained in history not only as a pious Christian, a brave warrior, but also an exemplary family man. His wife, Evdokia, presented him with 12 children, and shortly before her death, she became a nun.

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