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Cyril: the mystery of the name, origin, meaning, character and fate of the boy

Parents who decide to name their son Cyril begin to study various sources about the origin and characteristics of the name. After all, the fate of the child and the adult man will depend on him.

The name Kirill has several meanings, talismans, secrets, it defines the hobbies, interests, possibilities and behavior of the guy. The nature of the child will depend on the time of year and month of birth.

Scientists have carefully studied the origin and meaning of the name Cyril and came to the conclusion that it has Greek roots. Most often it is called a diminutive from the word «Cyrus» — Lord.

Therefore, in translation from Greek, the name stands for “little lord,” “barchuk.” But there is one more decoding.

She refers the interpretation of the name to the Persian kingdom and translates as «the sun.» Therefore, the person named Cyril, you can observe the features of a high-born, but mundane ruler, who will never offend the weak and always come to his defense.

Such traits are determined by the history of the name and its noble origin.

The most famous saint, who was named by this name, is the brother of Methodius, who took part in the creation of the Slavic alphabet. Therefore, in their honor at the Orthodox and state level, this day was perpetuated as a celebration of memory.

It falls on May 24th.

All those who bear the name of Cyril, celebrate their birthday in the church calendar several times a year:

  • May 24 and February 17 — in honor of the philosopher and teacher Cyril Moravsky;
  • January 31 and October 1 — in memory of the monk Cyril of Radonezh.

Today, many girls are called Kira, which is derived from a full male naming. But affectionately boy mothers and close relatives can magnify Kiryusha, Kirya.

Cyril: the mystery of the name, origin, meaning, character and fate of the boy

The main amulet is a yellow or blue sapphire. These stones will help reveal all the positive features and strengthen them.

Planet patron is Saturn, which gives confidence in itself, but at the same time and secrecy. But Air, which is considered to be the element of the name, gives Kirill inconstancy, the ability to put any idea into practice, but to cool down very quickly and lose interest in the work.

The talisman is the seal and the deer. They can be worn on clothing in the form of buttons or you can buy a figure of animals that will always be with you.

Favorable day can be called Saturday. It is on this day that all the wildest dreams will come true and even the most complex cases will be successfully formed.

Cyril: the mystery of the name, origin, meaning, character and fate of the boy

Cyril will never show its strength. He is always calm and collected, but when internal stress begins to increase, he can become angry and irritable.

Cyril is very gallant and educated man, but it is very difficult to call him a highly moral person. He lives, guided by the principles of morality, but has the ability to customize any principles under him.

Cyril is able to turn them so that they will always be beneficial only to him.

Cyril: the mystery of the name, origin, meaning, character and fate of the boy

Little Cyril for the people around them is a mysterious and incomprehensible person. But he is a very kind, responsive and obedient child. To close people he will be attentive, understanding and benevolent.

But the rest of his character will be influenced by the planet patron and the sign of the zodiac. Already from childhood, he showed arrogance and stubbornness.

This child is very curious, and therefore others will have to answer many questions. The boy begins to read very early, so parents need to fully support him in this endeavor and observe how the child perceives information. He will need to ask questions about what he read and try to replenish his knowledge.

Cyril perfectly remembers everything that hears, and actively uses it in life.

Parents can be proud of their son. He does not cause trouble, does not play pranks. Rather, he can be called an intelligent and assiduous boy who, even in moments of weakness, will show restraint and strength of character.

But Kirill since childhood is a very insecure person. He acutely carries the slightest criticism to his address, so parents will have to pay special attention to this particular trait of character.

Otherwise, in the future he will have a lot of problems.

At school, he studies very well and is a favorite of teachers. But parents need to ensure that selfishness does not develop in him.

Too frequent praises can make him arrogant and turn his head.

In adolescence, Cyril becomes very secretive and incredulous. He does not know how to trust people, but because the guy has very few friends, but there are more than enough friends to claim his attention. The young man develops the following features:

  • hard work;
  • purposefulness;
  • self-criticism;
  • loving;
  • punctuality.

But the guy may seem very boring to others, because his life is painted a day ahead. He has a very tight schedule.

But he is not ready to take risks and change his plans. Kirill is fond of many things and always brings them to the end, but if he is not interested in a lesson, then there will not be much enthusiasm.

In all matters and games, he tries to be in the first place. Therefore, in school he is an excellent student and an athlete who has many medals.

This young man wants everything at once, and therefore strictly strives for his cherished goal.

Cyril understands people perfectly, therefore it is extremely difficult to deceive him. He will never be rude or hurt a person.

He equates everyone and everyone on his own, believes that everyone has the right to make mistakes.

An adult Kirill can become a real careerist and egoist, who for the sake of his goal will go over the heads. His colleagues for this do not like, but it does not upset a man.

However, the older Kirill becomes, the better he understands that such behavior may cause his personal loneliness.

With age, Kirill reconsiders his attitude towards friendship. In the circle of true friends, he becomes real, cheerful and sincere, ready for any crazy things.

But even the closest comrades should be careful in their statements and remember that the man is not able to perceive criticism or do work on "mistakes" in their own behavior.

Cyril is very reasonable and intelligent. He will never make decisions, guided by his heart and emotions.

To do this, there is a solid mind and a clear arrangement of plans.

The health of the owner of this name is great since childhood. The older he will become, the more attention will be paid to his body and his beauty. On what he eats, Cyril should pay special attention.

The man has serious problems with the digestive system, which may not manifest until a certain point.

Most often the owners of the name Cyril choleric. They are very impulsive, but closed, touchy and capricious.

A man will never forgive and forget the insults or mistakes of another person. He will take revenge if the opportunity presents itself.

It is better for friends and acquaintances to constantly be on my guard and keep their criticism with you.

In people he appreciates honesty and purposefulness. It is these features that are fundamental to the character of Cyril himself and are an excellent description of his requirements for people.

Slabina he will never show, because this trait despises both in himself and in other people.

The main hobby of Kirill can be philosophy and reading. After all, he loves to argue, and for this you need to have a wide outlook.

Only in books you can find information and get answers to all your questions.

The intuition of the man is very developed. But Cyril hides this ability from everyone, because in life he seeks to be guided by common sense, and not by feelings.

A man is waiting for a rich and interesting life. He can be a great actor, singer or composer.

Also, he is able to achieve excellent results in the field of jurisprudence and architecture. In total, in his life, Kirill will achieve thanks to his dedication and efficiency.

But his intuition also plays an important role in the choice of a profession and promotion along the career ladder.

But do not forget and that power is very important to Cyril. He perfectly commands and gives orders, and therefore he makes an excellent leader who can manage a huge team.

The most famous people named Kirill of the Russian and Soviet periods can be called:

  • Patriarch of All Russia Cyril;
  • famous director — Kirill Serebrennikov;
  • singer — Cyril Tolmatsky, or Decl;
  • actor Cyril Lavrov.

Kirill reaches heights in any business thanks to his inquisitive mind and ability to quickly process information and customize it for himself. It is these features that make it possible to become an excellent accountant, economist, lawyer or doctor.

But in the creative professions a man will be successful, because he has an internal eccentricity, which is so necessary in this area. But whatever profession Kirill chooses, he should show restraint and perseverance, to be firm in achieving his goal.

Otherwise, the man will not take place in any profession and will look like a loser.

Cyril will never be scattered over trifles. He is very amorous, but will not enter into a marriage of convenience. This is sickening to a man, he does not accept falsehoods in a relationship.

He will enter into marriage only when he is fully confident in his feelings for the chosen one.

The man has a calm and sweet temper. It becomes a real torture for him if quarrels and scandals begin in the family.

He himself will never provoke a conflict. If the problem begins to form, the man will try to avoid it with all his might.

Raising children, he will try to shift on the shoulders of his wife. He himself will remain a bystander and will not take part in this. The ideal spouses for men will be Helen, Rimma.

But with Catherine and Marina to build a serious relationship will not work.

For his beloved, Kirill will create all conditions for happiness. He will carry her in his arms and will be able to make her a real queen if a woman does not mind.

Kirill will have a wonderful marriage with Anna, Elena, Yulia and Irina. But you shouldn’t enter into an alliance with Olga, Anastasia or Marina — such a marriage will very quickly fall apart, leaving a lot of pain and bitterness.

An adult man clearly distinguishes between love and sex. In the latter, he not only seeks sensual pleasure and satisfaction of his own desires, but strives to gain inner comfort and emotional balance. His sexual life is full of erotica and fantasies.

He can turn into a game every night, and his partner will always see a new and interesting man nearby.

Cyril loves the prelude very much, and therefore spontaneous sex is not for him. To give pleasure to any partner — this is his main goal in sex.

Therefore, before the meeting, he will prepare everything with great care.

In sex, Cyril is used to being a leader. A man will never tolerate his partner leading the sexual side of life.

Each person is influenced by the sign of the zodiac under which he was born. It is he who determines the nature and main manifestations of negative and positive qualities:

Zodiac signCharacteristic
AriesThis man is used to doing everything in his life perfectly. He is very demanding, energetic and responsible. He plans his future very carefully, so there is no place for chance in his life. As a wife, he is looking for the perfect woman, so he marries very late until he finds the very
TaurusCyril Taurus is very vulnerable, timid and unsure of himself. He hides all his feelings and emotions behind the mask of complete indifference. But in a difficult situation, it shows firmness, self-reliance and the ability to move mountains in its path. In love, he will be faithful to only one woman and all his life
TwinsPassions are constantly seething in this man. They calm down and then flare up with a new force. But these features only interfere with Cyril. He can not find peace in life, neither in love nor in his career. Therefore, he often tries to establish himself at the expense of his companion, with whom he can turn violently and arbitrarily
CrayfishThis man is kind and charming. He loves his loved ones very much and is ready for them to do anything. Women like it for their gallantry and ability to be courteous
a lionCyril, born under this sign, was accustomed to achieve everything himself. None of his decisions will be made under the influence of emotions or passions. Even in relationships with women, he will never make spontaneous decisions. A man will keep an eye on his beloved for a long time before he takes a crucial step.
VirgoThis man is prudent and likes order in everything. At the first meeting makes the impression of a smart and friendly companion. But his excessive scrupulousness is perceived by many women as coldness. Therefore, personal life is very difficult
LibraRepresentatives of this sign do not like to be in the center of attention. This man is well versed in music, film and literature. Therefore, only a clever and well-read woman can become his lover.
ScorpioThis nature is very closed and focused. He will never change his plans and goals. Friendship, work and live with this man is very difficult. The wife of Cyril-Scorpio should be prepared for the fact that soon her whole life will be completely subordinate to his life and routine.
SagittariusThe immediacy and inconsistency of the character of Cyril-Sagittarius at the same time attract people to him and repel. The gift of conviction and eloquence help him climb the career ladder and seek the attention of women. However, you should not trust him — he is very inconstant in his feelings
CapricornThis is a secretive man living in his own little world, who obeys only his laws. He hides all his feelings behind an impenetrable mask of calm and indifference. This is how a man behaves in relationships with women, but he himself becomes a faithful and faithful partner for life.
AquariusIt combines strength, intelligence and courage, but it doesn’t trust people, prefers to live like a lone wolf. This man knows how to love sincerely and ardently, but at the same time it is very difficult for him to entrust his life to a woman and part with his bachelor life.
FishThis person has a sober mind and perfectly understands what and when to say or do. He is sincere and open, which makes him a favorite with all his acquaintances. However, he himself will never miss a benefit, and therefore he should not be trusted. In love, he is also used to receiving more than giving away.

Cyril’s character will largely depend on the time of year in which he was born.

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