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Constantine: the meaning of the name, origin, fate, character, mystery

Konstantin — the value and mystery of the name, character and fate of the boy

Konstantin is a common name in Russia, whose owners are bright extraordinary personalities with a strong character. A man is patient, balanced and intelligent, he is not afraid of difficulties and is capable of decisive action.

Short forms of the name: Kostya, Kota, Kosya, Kostik, Kostyusha.

There are two popular versions of the origin of the name. According to the first, the name Constantine dates back to ancient times. Some researchers believe that it is derived from the name of Constantius, popular in the period of antiquity.

The meaning of the name in translation from Greek is “stable”, “solid”. According to the second version, it is derived from the Latin word constans.

Decryption — «permanent.»

Famous patrons of the name:

  1. 1. Rev. Konstantin of Sinad. After baptism, Constantine zealously devoted himself to the spiritual life, arranging his life according to the teachings of the holy Apostle Paul.
  2. 2. The Holy Martyr Constantine Ammorean. He was captured by the Saracens in captivity and tortured. He was detained for seven years and persuaded to convert to Islam. The fortitude of the saint could not be shaken, and he was executed.
  3. 3. Martyr Constantine of Argavetsk. From childhood he was raised in the Orthodox faith, was a pious Christian and a brave warlord. During the war he was captured by Muslims and refused to accept Islam. Died for the faith of martyrdom.

According to the church calendar, Constantine celebrates his name day (angel’s day) on one of the following dates:

  • February 27;
  • March 18;
  • May 24;
  • June 3;
  • the 14 th of July;
  • 11th August;
  • 16 of September;
  • October 15;
  • November 23;
  • December 11th.

Constantine: the meaning of the name, origin, fate, character, mystery

The fate of the boy is influenced by the environment in which he is brought up, as well as character traits that determine his worldview. The secret of the name lies in a certain duality and inconsistency of the character of its owner.

Konstantin is firm in his convictions, honest and stubborn, but behind a persistence is a modest and vulnerable nature.

Characteristics of the child: since childhood Kostya is curious and demonstrates a living mind. Parents should help their son direct the energy in the right direction so that he can develop the strengths of his personality. At school, the boy studies diligently.

Teachers and classmates love him for his openness, cheerfulness and kindness. He is interested in the humanities, he also studies foreign languages ​​with great pleasure.

Konstantin is hardworking and determined. He is used to achieving his goals and never escapes responsibility.

In adulthood, a man is proud of his family. He is sociable, intelligent and erudite, making it pleasant to communicate with him. Despite his inherent impulsiveness and temper, he is always courteous and courteous with those around him.

Kostya never openly demonstrates his weaknesses, preferring to cope with problems on his own and not disturb his close people.

Positive traits of the representatives of the name:

  • equilibrium;
  • tact;
  • responsiveness;
  • generosity;
  • honesty.

Negative traits:

  • touchiness;
  • capriciousness;
  • inconstancy;
  • stealth

Constantine: the meaning of the name, origin, fate, character, mystery

Constantine is popular with the fair sex, they like his honesty and dedication. He never lies and does not use the sympathy of a girl to satisfy his own desires.

Appearance is not a determining factor for him when choosing a life partner. In women, he values, first of all, the mind and morality.

Konstantin is in love, his passion is quickly born and just as quickly fades away. But this does not prevent him from believing that one day he will meet the love of his life. A man will sincerely love his spouse and will gently take care of her.

He is not romantic, but he is ready to do much for the sake of his beloved happiness.

In everyday life, Konstantin unpretentious. He financially provides for his family and creates comfortable conditions for his wife and children. In bed, he is a passionate lover, attentive to the wishes of his partner.

The only drawback with which his wife will have to accept is his devotion to work, for which a man can break his daily routine and forget about household chores.

For his children, Constantine will become a loving and caring father. He is very close with them and devotes all his free time to communicating with the household.

Family for him is a safe haven in which he feels truly happy.

Good marriage compatibility with:

Avoiding relationships is recommended with:

Constantine: the meaning of the name, origin, fate, character, mystery

Konstantin has good health, since he has been leading an active lifestyle since childhood and spends a lot of time outdoors. With age, his eyesight may deteriorate due to prolonged computer work.

To avoid the occurrence of health problems, a man should fully relax and regularly undergo a medical examination. In old age, the risk of respiratory diseases, rheumatism and arthritis increases.

Konstantin is a versatile person, so he can build a career in the field of teaching, business, and art. Thanks to his dedication, a man successfully realizes his potential and reaches great heights in his professional activity.

Konstantin can become a successful designer, musician, translator or scientific researcher.

At work, the man is fully laid out and shows diligence and hard work. Wages are not the main factor for him when choosing a profession.

It is important for him to experience job satisfaction and to see the result of his labors.

In business, Konstantin will achieve great success. In the role of chief, he will demonstrate high professionalism and will respect his subordinates.

In childhood, the boy loves to play constructor and do modeling. As he grows older, his childhood hobby can grow into his life’s work if he develops his abilities.

The young man spends his free time from study and work with friends.

Thanks to the ability to adapt to any situation, Konstantin feels comfortable at noisy parties and at scientific conferences.

A man watches new movies and enjoys attending live music concerts. Holidays with family prefers to spend in nature or traveling.

In spite of his many-sided interests, the main hobby and lifework for Konstantin is his work, to which he devotes a lot of time.

The signs and symbols of the name Constantine, as well as their influence on a person’s life, are shown in the table.

Sign, Mascot or SymbolInterpretation
Patron of the planet — MercuryUnder the influence of Mercury, a person acquires the ability to adapt to any situation and easily adapt to changes in the external world. People who are patronized by this planet are endowed with high intelligence, curiosity and dedication. It is interesting to talk with them on various topics, as they are excellent interlocutors, always ready to give useful advice.
Stone Mascot — BerylBeryl protects its owner from the evil eye, damage and envious glances, and also has a beneficial effect on the emotional state of a person. Mineral has a positive effect on the brain and promotes the development of intuition. The Babylonians believed in the healing properties of the stone and used it to reduce the symptoms of headache and toothache.
Green colourGreen is the color of health and wisdom. People with «green names» always have their own opinion, which is sometimes trying to impose on others. They strive for leadership and show determination, therefore they achieve great success in life and inspire close people with their achievements.
Name number — 8People with the number of the name 8 have innate leadership qualities, so they manage to successfully realize themselves as a manager. They are fair and honest with others, have a sense of tact. In the G8 people, sincerity and intelligence are above all appreciated, they do not tolerate lies and hypocrisy.
Animal — lapwingChibis symbolizes cheerfulness and carelessness. The talisman protects the person from accidents, illnesses and life adversities, and also warns against committing rash acts.
Tree — AcaciaAcacia in esotericism embodies the constancy, immutability and the birth of a new life. This tree is a source of vital energy and inspiration. Fumigation with an acacia cleans the house from negative energy and evil spirits
Flower — Forget-me-notForget-me-not symbolizes loyalty, devotion and sincerity. The flower attracts wealth to a person’s life and helps him to find sincere love
Metal — TinTin is the metal of the largest planet in the solar system — Jupiter. Figurines made of tin, protect the owner’s house from fires and thefts. Metal products maintain emotional balance and help a person to find harmony with the outside world.

Charms and talismans can be carried as a decoration or used as decorative objects in the interior. To increase their strength, a person must constantly interact with them.

Among the representatives of the name of many great people, some of them are presented in the table.

Konstantin SimonovWriter, poet and journalist, participant of the Great Patriotic War and author of collections of poems and military works that have received world fame
Konstantin StanislavskyActor, director and teacher, creator of the system of acting art, which bears his name
Konstantin RokossovskyOutstanding commander of the Second World War, twice awarded the title Hero of the Soviet Union. He led the defense of cities near Moscow during the battle for Moscow, participated in the battles of the Kursk Bulge, led the liberation of Belarus

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